Sunday, July 29, 2007

Attitude in Life

UFF….a tough stuff to deal with …..different people have different theories about life so also I have :D nothing new I guess….

Its all about being for family and loved ones for me esp.I believe life is very very Beautiful I am very +ve about everything.As uptill now I have been blessed by GOD with everything a child can have for good upbringing. I personally feel God cant help me with the rest I mean not how I deal with people and how I do in my work ……so in these matter I take life as it comes ……I am different things to different people as according to how they need me I feel happy when they (my family my friends) are happy….thats why I always believe in having a flexible bent of mind (mind u that doesn’t mean I don’t hold to my stand).

I wont have to say this to those who know me personally because they know how blunt I can be and at times it does hurt them …but honestly I don’t close my eyes to deal with something, If I have my honest opinions about something I can speak it loud out(though add some diplomacy with it).

In short I love being with my loved ones my life has always been for them and would always be for them…forever.


wonder32 said...

Developing a positive attitude will make life more beautiful and worth living.

greymater said...

ya ...i agrree to tat...u hav been quite the being positive makes u humbler n calmer....being blunt or inconsiderate is foolin urself fr being +ve....hey its jst my assumption of pple whom i hav seen been very stubborn n inert jst bein +ve,,,.... +ve ness gives u the e nergy to absrb negativeness...n the mre +ve u r...the mre humbler u bcome....jst my way of thinkin...u can bash me fr tat

Shreya said...

hmm...well being humble is really true.but now abt those who r very stubborn and inert..
i think its not right to say them +ve in real sense i have read some stuff in psychology and have come to a very honest conclusion its like - those who really are stubborn or are egotist truly have a Hollow EGO i mean they are insecure that some other person would ruin their dreams/ideas by CRITICIZING it.......where as a really +ve person would alwz welcome criticism and fight it out wid LOGIC n even if they cant they would REVALUATE their THOUGHTS.
so i would nvr BASH u for the ques rather thank u for bringing it to my notice
tk cr..
n keep posting ur tell me what else what kinda topics do u expect in the BLOG.

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