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She,He and a LOVE STORY- worth 1read

It's a long story but I can assure you that it's worth reading.So, just chill out & enjoy!!!!

She, He... And a love story . Presume a backdrop of some metro city. And the ***** indicate after few days.

Friend: Happy birthday!

She : Haan...tha.. ....nk yo....u...was just getting up from the bed.

Friend : Oh! matlab I am the first to wish you!She : Naa! He has already wished me at 12 in the night.

Friend : Who???
She : Come on, who else, Raj.

Friend : Oh, ok. So, aaj kya plan hai????
She : Raj told me that he has a surprise gift for me for myBirthday.

Friend : Oh Ok…Hey!!!!You went to see Srk’s Charity show last night na????dint tell me huh!!....Sarika told me. .......You went alone????
She : Sorry yaar but it was a date. It was his idea. Raj tha na you think I’m crazy to go alone??who’s gonna drop me back home?


Friend : Hey you had an interview 2 days back na ?? went on till 8pm in thenight…. then?? You returned alone?? or was he there?

She : Haan wo office se mujhe lene aaya then Dropped me at my home ….he did not even have his dinner …..maine bola to wait n have dinner with me but he had his work pending at office.Poor Raj....

Friend : hmm…. So when are you going back home?Next week?
She : nahi tomorrow evening…Parents are missing me.

Friend : what about the reservation?main kuch karun???
She: nahi Raj said he would manage all.

************ ********* ********* *****

Friend : Then, what did you do on Sunday?
She : We had gone to see "Aashiyan". He doesn't see Hindi movies. Butmera mood off tha, so he took mefor movie. I was very happy, and he was very happy that I enjoyed the movie.And you know what we had dinner in Pizza hut. It was his belated B'daytreat!

Friend : And, tune kya Gift diya usko???
She : Gift!! Arey sahi bataoon to I was busy and tired with some work
so I slept before 12 n FORGOT his bday …it was only in eve jab uska miss call dekhkar yaad aaya its his bday never the less I gifted him a shirt. Pata what he isn’t very sure of the colour pink on him but phir bhi usne pehna.N he looked really cute in that.

She : Listen, I will call you later. Raj is calling bye.

************ ********* ********* *****

Friend : Hey! What happened? You seem to be very happy today.
She : Why not? You know today is one of the happiest days forme. Raj got an assignment in UK, for 6 months!!!! He had been waiting for this opportunity since long. He'll be leaving next month.

Friend : You will miss him.
She : Badly yaar . I guess bahut dependent ho gayi hoon uspe. I must Thank Sanju, through him only I got to know Raj. Bina Raj ke it would have been very difficult for me to stay in this alien city with nofriends, relatives and on top of all, no job. He has been so caringfriend all through my tough times in this city, he is so mature, sounderstanding, so trustworthy. …...a True friend.

Friend : He LOVES you yaar.
She : I know.

Friend : And you? Don't you love him?

Friend : Don't tell me. Tu bhi feel karti hai na uske liye?????What do you Mean Y-O-U DON’T WANT TO????

She : I know yaar. He has everything that I expect in my dream-life-partner. I know I can never get a true life partner like him. BUT I DON’T WANNA COMMIT.

Friend : What is STOPPING you? I really don't understand. Jab Miya-beevi are razi kya karega kazi?

She : Please...don' t say like that. MAINE USSE KAHBI NAHI KAHA I LOVE HIM………I like him really i can be with him all the time but yaar IT FEELS SO MUCH BURDEN TO KNOW KI HE LOVES ME

Friend : Is he a fool not to understand your feelings which are so CLEAR FROM OUTSIDE?????? Poor fellow, don't leave him alone.

She : I have told him everything about my family. He knows how orthodox my parents are. They can never expect me marrying a guyfrom a different caste. They trust me. Kuch bhi ho jaye, I will nothurt my parent's feelings. Infact I cant even think this way. They are already searching bride for me.

Friend : Hmm, I don't understand at all.

************ ********* ********* *****

She : This Saturday I have to go home, a guy is coming to see me.
Friend : Oh! wow? Good news yaar. Pehla interview!!!!All the best.

Friend : kaun hai yaar ??? how does he look???
She : Please yaar. I am least bothered and least interested.I have agreed to this just because of my parents.

************ ********* ********* *****

After the whole interview n meeting with the Arranged guy!!!!

Friend : What about the interview, ladka kaisa tha????
She : Nothing so special. I didn't like the guy's attitude. I toldmy parents clearly. Mujhe nahi pasand. My parents understand me. They wont go ahead with this.

Friend : Raj ….i mean usko kuch pata hai.
She : I shared my views with Raj. He had called me the next day. Kuch bola nahi. Na "yes"nor "no", he didn't preach what is right or what is wrong. But after talking to him I felt good that what I did was right.

Friend : Kal tera cell try kar rahi thi was engaged for so long ki I slept….around 11.
She : Yeah, I was talking to Raj. He is very much worried about my marriage. Kept saying if I would get a guy of my choice or not, whether I would be happy with him or not. Its very sad toknow this. But I am helpless. Maine samjhaya ki my parents would decide the best for me .But useless.

Friend : How would he feel after your marriage??Will he not beupset all the time?

She : TIME WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING( at times human beings cant be more sarcastic than this.............). He will start living again. Was he not leading a normal life before I came into his life????? Time sab thik kar dega yaar….ab I cannot help it and he understands (oh hell she still expects him to Understand???).
************ ********* ********* *****

Finally " She" got engaged with a guy of her parent's choice (withher "yes" of course). She is in touch with both Raj and thenew "him" regularly infact she expected him to attend her marriage (height hai yaar!!!!) why arey because he is her “True Friend”.

Finally " She" got happily married to "him", very soon convertingRaj into memories, but DELETING “her” from the Memories was SLOW AND PAINFUL for Raj.

************ ********* ********* *****

She needs him when she is new to the city.
She needs his help in finding out a PG or hostel for her.

She want him to wish her 1st on her bday even though she forgets his bday.

She wants him to accompany her when she visits some place just because she needs a guy around.

She wants him to do even her reservations.
She wants him to accompany her to Movies he doesn’t like.

She needs his help in identifying HER strengths and weakness!
She asks his opinions on importance of marriage.

She wants him to be a shoulder to cry when her parents force her formarriage.
She needs his help in preparing her mind for the first interviewwith an Arranged Guy.

She needs his help in deciding about the marriage proposal.
She loves to share her happiness with him when she gets engaged.
Infact she even expects him to attend her marriage…

About the Guy::::::::

The guy does all this honestly, without saying a single "No".He loves her.
He cares for her.
Even though nothing is visible to the girl.

He treats her as his life. She changed him.
It is only because of her, he is smiling.

He threw the cigarette in the dust-bin because of her.
He has cultivated a positive attitude towards Love,marriage and family because of her.
She is the perfect Indian woman he wants to be with.

He gives time to her dreams sacrificing his own desires.

************ ********* ********* *****

The girl depends on the guy as if she never lived and can never live without him. Guy behaves as if he believes she is her soul mate.
She treats him as a shoulder to cry. She loves to depend and he loves to take care, finally they fall in so called "LOVE", Ultimately ADDING TRAUMA TO THEIR LIFE.

The Girl wants a perfect life partner but does not want to hurt her parents' feelings, the Guy knows that he can't get her but still wants to care for her(because they want her to be happy wherever she is and with whoever she is ohh how filmy!!!!). Isn’t it so visible to her even when she herself has feelings for him and vice versa??? Even though she loved him she left him????

Great! Or shall I say crap! Or I think no need to be so serious about it.

She gets engaged, life goes on...

Long lasting phone calls become short and sweet, life goes on...
A heart which was used to "Good morning" SMSs learns to be happywith just the "Happy weekend" SMSs, life goes on...

He starts smoking again, life goes on...
He is still living in flashback, and knows there is no looking back for her, butlife goes on...

He gets promoted, he is a manager, she is mother of two kids, and life goes on...

He is in his late twenties, happily married to a beautiful,understanding, mature, caring, broad minded wife! Even though he hasnt forgotten her he believes he would do enough justice to his wife.Anyway life goes on...

And There are dumb spectators like " THE FRIENDS" like us who are puzzled to see the whole episode between "She" and “He” and just ask themselves " WHAT IT IS???" . Yes who would deny many of us have heard our friends narrating some very similar story. And we are the spectator “Friends”.

Rest....Leave you to realise which role are we playing ;)

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