Monday, May 24, 2010


There is this huge fascination that I share with ants. :-) ever since I was a kid I was fond of using all my boring summer afternoons either in deep naps :P or watching ants their lines, the way they walk talk with their little antennas. Aww…all my afternoon I would get those small bits of sugar for them and lie them on their way :-) . Some people like feeding fishes some like feeding dogs some feed cows BUT I Love feeding ANTS :-)

I never hurt them but there’s something that fascinates me about them. I keep wondering how the world would be for them how they see the world do they ever realize how much hard work they put in for such a little distance of food. No they don’t. They travel with twist and turns of 50-60 cms what can be directly reached in 10 cms.

They would perhaps travel the periphery of our drawing room and presume it to be the whole world…what might be just 10 steps for you and me. We are so huge in comparison to them that we can twist them, kill them, hit them, sway them away from their lines, we can presume to be (at least) their God yet irrespective of whatever happens in their lines they keep working…

I remember listening to the story of grasshopper and an ant. And as a grown up today find such startling similarities between a Bhogi person who is attached to the deepest level to his life and a person who performs Nishkaam karma…
Ants might be a part of our jokes with elephants, rats, hares etc yet they seem to picture a sense of dignity when I think about them…
They are small really small some ants might even be deadly and dangerous (those found in forests) yet they command a sense of respect when I think about them…
Small humble and someone who performs his duties irrespective of how many problems one faces is a person who can command a sense of respect and dignity from all of us and yet ants do not care what we think of them. It still continues to work.

Today as an aware science student I know about many characteristics of ants. Their categories, their behavioral pattern, mothers ants, their hierarchical system, family pattern etc yet I chose to view them as a Pattern of Dedicated workers whose work is tons of time more important than any competition..
more important than any jealousy…
above any greed to get first (rather once a food is found an ant collects all others to share)…
outdoes any results at end…

An Ant is someone or a collective group of someone we should learn from or at least remember when in times of trouble. Well back to square one I think I better get up and feed the ants I can see one line round my room… let me see what they are up to now :-) or where they are up by now :-)…


P.S Feed ants at your risk ... i don not risk feeding red ants or fire ants :P I am happy feeding them from safe distance. So keep safe and do not blame it on me :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Romantic Poem

I feel your hands turn cold
When you try being bold

Under the star studded sky
You smile dry

I hold your hands
Look into your eyes
Trying to hold your tears for a while

I know it does not mean any end
But it is not a beginning trend

I gather my courage to say your words “what’s next”
And snuggle like mere birds in a nest

We breathe in and say together
“I will always love you may come what ever”

And then we smile again
Something is holding us avoiding us to drain
We feel the pain
Yet we know our love hasn’t gone vain

We have promised
Promised to stay happy and blessed

You rub your face against my face
And we realize we are now out of every race

A race that could have divided our contact
Has lost to our love that’s forever intact...

 - Forever Love
Adios :-)

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