Sunday, November 27, 2011

Self and Balance

Most often i agree with people who say there is no right or wrong. It is culmination of action and reactions , past and present. There cannot be a society where everything will turn perfect ....there cannot be because the very reason of creation of this universe is imperfectness and dynamism. Yet we human beings suffer from indispensable liking of perfectness and righteousness.

So if there is no right or wrong then given two choices how do you know what to choose ? Where does this righteousness come from and how do we know always what is right?

Before we answer this I want to you to ask yourself a simple question, given a relationship how do you what are the best qualities to keep it good for long run? Love affection ? Understanding ? Commitment ? etc did you answer these ... why not force , hatred, jealousy , anger ?

It came from inside, something inside you tells you that relations irrespective of them being with humans , animals , trees cannot run on negative values. How ? and who inside you tells you ?

It is an " Instinct " or your "Soul" or your "in groomed Sanskars/Values"? For ease now say I.

Let us decode before we learn more.
What is this I ? The 1st thought that comes to your mind or inborn stimuli that does not come from rational consciousness.

Ever wondered why this teaches you a more universal value over a personal one. How does this "I" know what to do?.To understand this on a personal level we need to 1st look at the larger picture Universally.

Do you know stars are formed through processes like nuclear fusion where hydrogen combines to form helium and helium combine to form carbon and the star keeps growing bigger and bigger. There comes a time when Iron starts forming due to same process but , suddenly Iron does something different from what other elements had been doing it starts absorbing energy . As soon as it starts doing that star is doomed to collapse.

Universally anything that absorbs energy for a long time is doomed to burst for eg. food is energy eat more than you require .. your body will throw it out through illness. Every energy needs balance a certain source for an input a certain for output. Too much absorption will push it out. Like Negativity is nothing but absorption of too much energy at a certain point that leaves everything else vacuum. Like darkness is absence of light.

Universe thrives on balance and it is best balanced as a "giver" than "taker". Because universal dis balance makes sure that when everyone is a giver then automatically a taker would be found to be nourished. But when everyone becomes a taker to nourish self no giver is found. Actions , decisions , choices intend to do the same. When too much is absorbed by I ego everyone stops giving you and you live in vacuum.

It is impossible to create a world where everything would survive on it own for full life time without being consumed but it is possible to survive minus the vacuum. Lets say plants , animals all know someone somewhere will consume them. Can you save them , can we say that their killing each other is a crime , can we ask them to survive without doing this consumption? So they consume only and hence they are innate towards growth civilization understanding and living for a higher meaning.
Why cannot human beings live like this ? ....Because human beings have a quality that echos universal values inside them and that is "Restrain" .

Human beings can make choices based on restrain, control. Hence over ages have preserved the inner voice inside us the "I". The more you restrain from consumption of energy for self gratification and self satisfaction the more this inner voice I will grow stronger. The more and better giver you become the more nourished taker universe will make you. It is like DNA you have a better I inside you because of hundreds of your forefathers who exercised this restrain and control over generations. It is this that is teaching you when to act as a giver and when be a taker, even in this from the most oldest universal value you know being the perfect giver is the best state. It is the stage of Self Renunciation. Since that is not possible by me and you we survive on a thin line called Balance.

The best teacher is The Self and the best friend to learn it with is Balance. Since there can never be the most perfect world it is only possible to strike balance with your inside out while survival.


P.S - Honestly I don't know how many of you could make some sense out of this but in short I can help you by saying that Soul is a combination of values we have earned through generations and when ever heard it never takes us on wrong way. I am leaving the topic half way because there is much to say and explain and everything cannot be put together in an article. To need and know more the greatest hunger of mankind must work i.e inquisitiveness.

Monday, November 14, 2011

I almost had a bad day :( but I am happy now :)

Uff today morning i opened up my dashboard only to find my blog missing :( I got hell scared HEART ATTACK :P both my blogs GONE :O . In panic i changed my passwords i thought it got hacked and someone deleted all my accounts :(. Almost my whole world resides in here and that got deleted :O ... worst of it the solutions from blogger help wasn't helping :( it asked my to click on " show all " button which isn't there on my dashboard at all . I almost made my mind set to make a whole new blog all over again.
But Luck worked after many hits and trials just now when i relogged in :D I found my both blogs :) yay !! me happy happy again :)

(Update on request from Suruchi)
Just a note of steps I took while all this happened:

1) I didn't get any error. It was just when I opened my dashboard it displayed nothing it asked me to CREATE A BLOG as according to it I did not have a single blog.

2) I logged in logged out several times in different browsers firefox , chrome and internet explorer... to check if i had logged in with some other password or id or some different browser could help but to no avial. Then I went to google help which suggested articles like
"I can't find my blog "

No help again. I changed my password to make sure there has been no hacking.

3) Obviously I serached google for my problem and came to these links
mysteriously vanishing blogs and restore deleted blog
which asked me to click on "Show all" button on dashboard but as you can see in the below pic I couldn't locate a show all button ?? anywhere? So again no help there too.

4) Last I posted my query on "help forum" which received no answer :P.

5) Finally i made my mind to make up a whole new blog. I just felt may be either there has been a technical goof up or there must have been a hacker who deleted all my stuff and i logged out everything.

6) After about 30 mins when i tried opening my blog again ... Voila everything came back :D yipee it was like finding a lost one :P

So well this was it may be it was sheer bad luck or good luck later that everything got restored by itself :D.

If in case you have trouble try your luck like mine. :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Diwali and some sharing :)

Most often i write up about serious stuff , so i guess it is this little time i'd let my fellow bloggers see a bit of my world :). All rangolis made by me this diwali :) had a dozen pics but uploaded a few only :P and the house is my sweet home. And the last one is me and my pretty pretty diwali dress. :D

Happy Diwali to all of you . May the coming year be peaceful and prosperous for all of you :).

Friday, October 21, 2011

Forgive Yourself

Life is a journey we all participate in and follow an infallible path of learning. Learning cannot be separated as right or wrong it is mere absorbing knowledge and knowledge is completeness. So if knowledge is complete it cannot be good or bad. it is human virtues which resurrect them according to their usefulness with time.

Human beings grasp and absorb hundreds of things from the time we are born, we are expected to judge or be judged according to our actions. So strong is the capacity of these actions or karma that they make us eligible for heaven and hell. Right or wrong rules , following or not following them can make us good or bad.

We live daily through hundreds of actions through our thoughts. Every thought we create forces us to actions and delivers results. Sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly we make mistakes , we participate in wrong doings, we create ill feelings basically we go against the inherent nature of social being that is love and peace.

Whether you speak harshly with your mother or you steal something or you kill somebody etc all these actions are devoid of love and peace therefore somewhere inside us we create a feeling called Guilt. It is quiet debatable whether somebody who commits a heinous crime should be forgiven or not by the society if it would keep or destroy social life , but today we would talk only about "self guilt" and learning to forgive oneself.

Apart from what society sees as crime we keep doing actions that create a sense of guilt or helplessness inside us. For example being rude to someone, being angry at someone, not appreciating somebody's affection, etc. We try to ignore them or find reasons , explanations and try to justify ourselves for the wrong doing and yet we do not feel like letting it go. And each day you add on a new pile of guilt.

When you are free from guilt , you feel peace inside. The most important thing is realizing , realizing is good it is a base for a positive change. It tells you to take action of your responsibility and makes you a better person. Yes there may be mistakes for which you cannot even go back and say sorry , no matter how much you try you cannot mend the heart you have broken. But you can promise you won't break another heart and this is a good change.

Yesterday has already passed and you cannot change what has happened, you don't even know if life will give you another opportunity to overcome that guilt but accepting your mistake makes you aware of the good inside you. It reminds you that your consciousness is alive and is ready to protect you. On creating guilt it warns us that we have broken a rule of our code of beliefs, values or behaviors. It alerts us to the fact that we are acting against something important of ourselves. At those moments it helps us to observe and question what is real, true, important and even sacred in our life and for us.
Let go , some mistakes have happened because others were meant to receive their end of karma for which you had to add on a karma. You cannot have a control on others emotions but can at least take responsibility of your actions. Punishment will only make things bitter for us it would be like living with a dead body. Isn't it better to live with the memory of the gone than hold on to a decaying body??

It is necessary to learn to respect our self therefore being clear inside gets very important. Let the essence of learning stay and let pain go. Let the guilt go and learn to forgive yourself.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Health within

Health is not just about being physically healthy, sometimes without us knowing some things creep up inside us with our thoughts they stay , create loops of similar patterns and then we realize this only when people tell us "you have changed".

Here is a list of few questions that will help you determine if you are healthy from within.

1. Are you always worrying?

2. Are you unable to concentrate because of unrecognized reasons?

3. Are you continuously unhappy without any particular reason?

4. Do you lose your temper easily and often?

5. Do you have wide fluctuations in your moods from depression to happiness, back to

depression, which weaken you?

6. Are you troubled by regular insomnia (sleeplessness)?

7. Do you continuously dislike being with people?

8. Are you upset if the routine of your life is disturbed?

9. Do your children consistently get on your nerves?

10. Are you irritable quite often and constantly bitter?

11. Are you afraid without any particular reason?

12. Do you feel that you are always right and other people always wrong?

13. Do you have numerous physical aches and pains for which no doctor can find a physical cause?

If answers to any of these questions if definitely "yes". May be then it is time to renew and cleanse your thought pattern.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remember 9/11 for Swami Vivekananda

WELCOME ADDRESS - Chicago, Sept 11, 1893

Sisters and Brothers of America,

It fills my heart with joy unspeakable to rise in response to the warm and cordial welcome which you have given us. I thank you in the name of the most ancient order of monks in the world; I thank you in the name of the mother of religions, and I thank you in the name of millions and millions of Hindu people of all classes and sects.

My thanks, also, to some of the speakers on this platform who, referring to the delegates from the Orient, have told you that these men from far-off nations may well claim the honor of bearing to different lands the idea of toleration. I am proud to belong to a religion which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance. We believe not only in universal toleration, but we accept all religions as true. I am proud to belong to a nation which has sheltered the persecuted and the refugees of all religions and all nations of the earth. I am proud to tell you that we have gathered in our bosom the purest remnant of the Israelites, who came to Southern India and took refuge with us in the very year in which their holy temple was shattered to pieces by Roman tyranny. I am proud to belong to the religion which has sheltered and is still fostering the remnant of the grand Zoroastrian nation. I will quote to you, brethren, a few lines from a hymn which I remember to have repeated from my earliest boyhood, which is every day repeated by millions of human beings: "As the different streams having their sources in different paths which men take through different tendencies, various though they appear, crooked or straight, all lead to Thee."

The present convention, which is one of the most august assemblies ever held, is in itself a vindication, a declaration to the world of the wonderful doctrine preached in the Gita: "Whosoever comes to Me, through whatsoever form, I reach him; all men are struggling through paths which in the end lead to me." Sectarianism, bigotry, and its horrible descendant, fanaticism, have long possessed this beautiful earth. They have filled the earth with violence, drenched it often and often with human blood, destroyed civilization and sent whole nations to despair. Had it not been for these horrible demons, human society would be far more advanced than it is now. But their time is come; and I fervently hope that the bell that tolled this morning in honor of this convention may be the death-knell of all fanaticism, of all persecutions with the sword or with the pen, and of all uncharitable feelings between persons wending their way to the same goal.

The World's Parliament of Religions has become an accomplished fact, and the merciful Father has helped those who labored to bring it into existence, and crowned with success their most unselfish labor.

My thanks to those noble souls whose large hearts and love of truth first dreamed this wonderful dream and then realized it. My thanks to the shower of liberal sentiments that has overflowed this platform. My thanks to this enlightened audience for their uniform kindness to me and for their appreciation of every thought that tends to smooth the friction of religions. A few jarring notes were heard from time to time in this harmony. My special thanks to them, for they have, by their striking contrast, made general harmony the sweeter.

Much has been said of the common ground of religious unity. I am not going just now to venture my own theory. But if any one here hopes that this unity will come by the triumph of any one of the religions and the destruction of the others, to him I say, "Brother, yours is an impossible hope." Do I wish that the Christian would become Hindu? God forbid. Do I wish that the Hindu or Buddhist would become Christian? God forbid.

The seed is put in the ground, and earth and air and water are placed around it. Does the seed become the earth, or the air, or the water? No. It becomes a plant. It develops after the law of its own growth, assimilates the air, the earth, and the water, converts them into plant substance, and grows into a plant.
Similar is the case with religion. The Christian is not to become a Hindu or a Buddhist, nor a Hindu or a Buddhist to become a Christian. But each must assimilate the spirit of the others and yet preserve his individuality and grow according to his own law of growth.

If the Parliament of Religions has shown anything to the world, it is this: It has proved to the world that holiness, purity and charity are not the exclusive possessions of any church in the world, and that every system has produced men and women of the most exalted character. In the face of this evidence, if anybody dreams of the exclusive survival of his own religion and the destruction of the others, I pity him from the bottom of my heart, and point out to him that upon the banner of every religion will soon be written in spite of resistance: "Help and not fight," "Assimilation and not Destruction," "Harmony and Peace and not Dissension."

By Swami Vivekananda

(Lets remember Swami Vivekananda once again in a world where every hand of each man is needed to make the world a better place to live in)

Courtesy :image

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jan Lokpal death in Government hands

Here is something we all should educate ourselves with about the Lokpal Bill. It is an answer to those who feel Anna should have waited and waited.
Today I heard a news that in Mumbai crowd shoved back members of political parties carrying their respective flags, crowd peacefully stressed it is time for only INDIAN flag to show up and no other political flags. We don't need cheaters against cheaters we need India against cheaters.

Please educate yourself about the stress India against Corruption had to go before they hit the roads. Click on the picture.

Minutes of meeting as of 30th May 2011


Saturday, July 23, 2011

TIME - My Healer ???

They say time is a self healer to many things. I sometimes sit back and think why does time has so much power to heal something and why do we have to wait for the time to cross by for our healing?
I never understood the exact meaning because i always thought each individual is different and has different needs depending on what they perceive the world to be, their healing periods can vary too from a few days to a few months to a few years or forever. Then how come people say each other time will heal everything. Let time pass by and everything will settle.

It is true that every action in nature is subject to certain laws which explains that its disturbance period will settle within a certain period of time. So yes partially true that every disturbance does settle after a certain time period. But the problem is to bring that time period within a human lifespan frame. For eg. disturbance caused by a pebble in water lasts for a few seconds , disturbance of a big boulder in water lasts up to few minutes , disturbances like volcanoes fire etc can last up to few days and disturbances in universe last up to many light years. All these are disturbances of different nature dependent on few laws which are explicable of time of settlement.

But human emotions ? they are not subjected to natural laws , they are subjected to treatment. Healing through any hurt, pain or sadness is through the memories of an individual. When an individual has nothing else to do than to repent on the same loss over and over again the period of healing extends, it is like RELIVING the same pain every time you think of it.

Time is nothing but a collection of memories over a human lifespan. Memories over one another overshadow older memories and bring live colours to the newer one's and that is how the healing process works faster. Time cannot be subjected to someone's healing untill the person is interested in overcoming the pain. Time cannot heal me, my thoughts will. The more i let my senses grasp things different from the older pain , more the healing time will reduce. May be that is why God has given us a living machine(body) for whose needs we need to keep working and keep forgetting our past.
Time is merely an ageing process physically but it cannot be my healer untill i want it to be.

So next time someone tells me Time will heal me ... I'd say no I WOULD.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Please call for Jan Lokpal Bill

Yesterday i got a message on cell :

"Ek zaroori suchna

Bharat Sarkar ne 1 sharat rakhi he ke 25 CRORES logo ka support ho to hi hum LOKPAL BILL pass karenge.

(And for this)

Please niche likhe no. pe CALL kare

022-61550789 (TOLL FREE)
call apne aap 1 ring ke baad kat jayega aur aapko thank you msg ayega.

1 Jagruk Bhartiya hone ka parichay de & friends ko 4rwd kare "

Honestly on 1st look i thought it was some hoax but when i searched on net and went to and saw that indeed the Lokpal bill needs support.

I did call the number and resgistered my support. It did not cost me anything. Also made my parents do the same even with landlines. And a Thank you message did come.

It is not a HOAX please support the mission. It could be your way of doing a bit for this and Being answerable to next generation.

Thank you

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ball of Failure

Failure is an intricate part of all our lives and irrespective of who we are and where we stand we all have experienced some or other kinds of failures or per say faced with a situation where we stood helpless and could not do what we should have. Personally i don't believe in failures or success that again takes a long route of believes and disbelieves that you may have about these but the point is that failures to an average man in indispensable.

Considering failure as a BALL, what comes after one has been through failure is the game to pass it to another person weak and helpless who keeps the ball and suffers through its pain. Sometimes amazingly the Ball is held by the same person and sometimes is passes through many people like chain.

This game is really interesting and the ball is super powerful it starts being unwanted and at the end of the chain is accepted willingly. It reminds me of a law of physics of electricity -- Electricity or electrical energy always flows through the path that provides lower resistance than compared to the path which provides it higher resistance (Please bend the words accordingly i by word do not remember the law it essence is important to me). This law of energy flow tells me how from a person who resists the idea of being the defaulter (higher resistance) passes the ball of failure to a person who meekly resists the same idea (lower resistance) , as it is no one wants to accept this ball but at the end of every chain there would be someone or the other meek and weak who without any actual responsibility would end up taking the charge of this ball and keep sulking through their life as "His Failure".

Take this small eg. Imagine a group of kids in school or a gang who dislike one particular kid who according to their standards achieves something special or some special attention he is not ought to. They sulk in their feeling of failure and then find a way to push their failure towards him tease him, hit him , hurt him , insult him and keep on trying these things till the other kid actually feels weak and accepts failure.

Ball of failure is a dangerous game for weak hearted it leads to anger , depression and even suicides. However everytime a ball of failure is started it swerves around strong minds. People who know that every act of failure is self created and actually honestly someone else's failure can never be thrust on anyone else. And when people like this accept this ball they end the game, they store the ball as their treasured object in their Armoire of Experiences. That is how the game ends.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You have a CHOICE

Life is a powerful journey an empowering journey that is woven around us by our choices. Every second when we do something (or don't do anything) is dictated by the choice we make. People make choices based on various things around them ask a little child what you want to be in 90% cases he chooses to do what his parents do and those 10% who choose to do something different also choose to strengthen themselves during their own adventurous journey. But the point is all Choose.

We have a choice. From birth ..a baby chooses his time of birth grows and pushes his way out, baby chooses to cry for his food, baby chooses to find a way to crawl and walk. I have encountered people who had the worst of situations from the time of their birth but they have chosen not to regret not to cry not to loose , it took them time and struggle ....their share of hardships but they overcame everything with their courage. Every time they chose courage over fear they radiated success.

Sometimes i wonder how to define success. Many home makers time and again create a fact for themselves that they are unsuccessful, they have failed in what they wanted to achieve that they have no identity for themselves. Once again it is matter of choice, when they were getting married they chose to coyly follow their husbands irrespective of the bad treatment meted to them so they chose fear. When they repeated the thoughts of hopelessness and unappreciated thoughts about self they chose negativeness and self deterioration now they question why am i not valued ??

Success should create and aura of happiness around yourself , make you feel appreciated valued and loved. Now if at every step we let others decide whether I am happy valued or loved or not would i be successful ? We made a choice again of giving every one the right to prove us wrong.
Our choices make every bit of life that we want to create for ourselves, over the time i have understood one thing the power of belief that every self guru author talks about is nothing but making a choice. Belief can never work wonders with anyone if only you thing and not make choices according to it.
Let us say you want everyone to love you. You work on the belief of it and create thoughts of every one being happy with you.But when you see yourself in front of mirror you ridicule your body, your face, your complexion etc . Which belief should work you think ? Can thoughts work if you do not put them to practice ?

Yes choices may go right or wrong. They can make us happy or upset us. But at the end of the day you know you have done the right thing and are ready to take the responsibility of your actions because it was your choice no one pushed you into it. Facing life or running away is again a choice in your life.

adios :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grandparents past and present

I love chatting with my Grandpa(naanaji) he has always been a very scientific man and talking with him at any point of time is very much a pleasure :) we discuss anything under the sun from physics to genetics, from history to huts, from food to fatigue anything. Many young men and women of todays generation are deprived of this feeling may be because they donot find a platform to talk or discuss things or may be because when they sit down to talk they dont have a common topic on which their opinions are same.

Its not always that easy to talk to him without bringing the past and present comparision. Just today i had a chat with my Grandfather who felt sad on the thought that today no one cares about old things , new generation does not value a thing of the past and that religious things which were done for a particular meaning in the past are now done in ostentate & meaningless fashion. I knew where the track was going and i knew within a few seconds he'd recall everything of the past and be upset about it for another 1 hr after the phone call. This is something that frightens us or disturbs us while talking to elders because we know we want to explain and we do have an explaination but someho cannot convince them. So to avoid this we avoid interacting at all.

Every man and woman in this world has a right to have different opinions. Comparision of the past and present is inevitable. Neither past nor present is completely correct, we live in a frame of time where past merges with present every second. As the concept of time machine in physics said to view the past you have to catch the reflected light of the present that spreads into the universe and replay it.. similarly every action that we do now Right NOW is as much past as actions done a day ago or 100 days ago because they cannot be repeated in exact fashion in that exact frame of time. :) So there is no difference between past and present it is the same only the duration shorter or longer makes us say its past and its presnt. (oops !! That was too much physics & philosophy :P i'd come back to some normal language)

What i wanted to say is we cannot push our grandparents to understanding that they were past and we are present. Instead we should accept the difference that they are stateing and expand our vision to see why they hold that difference. In my case i asked him a number of questions as to why he felt reading religious books and saving the past was important. His actions directed me to the feeling that "the old has knowledge and experience that is capable of keeping the young safe and happy, the old wants to save us and the young avoids that". This non transfer of valuable knowledge perturbed him & not the non following of rituals which intially seemed to be the situation . :) So calmly i was able to explain him my way, which did not get into the hussels and bussels of rituals rather it was good talk about knowledge transfer from old to young. He calmed down and i knew he wont think about it later on.

Avoiding this situation could have been easier to avoid the friction but it would have also kept me unaware of the feelings that an elderly goes through that even i would go through sometime later on, it would have kept me unaware of the happiness that i felt after solving his thoughts and it would have kept me unaware from a Learning today that past and present is lovely there honestly is no difference in them but only in our thoughts.

Please dont ignore Grandparents they are a lovely blessing to us. You need not heed to every word they say but you can slowly learn to explain things to them if you really see why and for whom they say things.

adios :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Why we do things unknowingly

Sometimes quiet unaware we pick up traits of many things around us and keep pretending to act like that till long. Most often the trouble comes when we out trait hinders or hurts anyone else. I stumbled upon this topic because last week i had been watching too many of english movies and before i could realise i started saying "oh shit" and "what the f***" in everything almost every sentence and suddenly i was like why am i doing this ??

Everything around us affects us i mean everything. From words to wisdom , from cry to courage , from movies to motive and from love to lust. I know we dont chose everything that surrounds us but being human beings we do have the courage and understanding to control our minds that subconciously sets our behavioural pattern to adapting surroundings. Nature and behaviour of a man is set and defined by himself and himself only, sometimes we hear our inner voice saying "why am i doing this ..i know its wrong" but we dont stop.

Some people find it easier to categorise one behaviour as good and bad to prevent themselves from repeating the same like if you consider violence bad then you would prevent yourself from repeating the same but if you somewhere in your heart hold gallore for violence or the person who conducts violence you are bound to repeat it at some point or other... no matter what you do to stop it.

Even in a positive frame of mind one can sway away but it returns back to place when you know its wrong. I think there are a few traits a positive mind always follows and once you drift away from these you'd know something is not so correct inside you.

With +ve mindset...

• You are more creative.
• You think more clearly.
• You strengthen your ability to concentrate on quality thoughts that in turn produce good feelings.
• You acquire more self-respect and respect towards others.
• You generate the ability of self-control and strength in difficult situations.
• You overcome pressures and worries more easily.
• You experience peace, calm, serenity and happiness.

I have taken a break from movie watching for now and feeling better being back to myself. For next time i have decided to use an advice of a friend whenever you are tempted for something you know is wrong keep saying yourself "what is wrong is wrong".

I am not trying to decide for anyone else but me so i'd use this idea.

adios :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Can Love and Freedom co exist ?

When we think of love .. do we think of freedom? Yes we do. It is why today's generation has found various forms of loving that can help them preserve their freedom. But yet somewhere down the line they know when you are in a relationship be it live in or open or marriage or whatever you are bounded to an extend and your freedom is compromised and more so if you are really committed.

So Can love and freedom not co exist ? Yes. To reach this state in a relationship great wisdom is required. Most people love one another and tie one another down. Often when we look for love we see it as a means of self recognition of our inner values our belief system. This requirement motivates us to praise and appreciate the other person who comes close to the picture of perfection.
But we forget the other person is not perfect. :) He or she are also part of the same journey the same search as you are.

We all have an emotional need for love and we are afraid of being left unsatisfied. In our search to fill our need we compromise and deceive ourselves with unsuitable partners.
Many people allow the love of another person to define their personality to such a point that, if they are rejected, they lose any sense of who they are and of the purpose they have in life. Often the relationship is colored, through one of the partners or both, by fear.

To Free ourselves and to true make your love meaningful we need to overcome our fear or rejection. We need to have a strong heart, a selfless and self contented heart , a heart that love his ownself with a meaning, a heart that is capable of keeping his surroundings happy, a heart that can accept rejection. A heart that has given up old beliefs and negative thoughts, that has overcome bitterness of past , free from grudges , free from heart breaks ....... A heart that is at peace with itself let your heart feel light only then can you reap FAITH. And where Faith and Peace survive there's no place for fear. Your love and freedom will flourish in a stronger and happier heart.

adios :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why Fear ?

Board exams have started and they sure are a stressed time for students they feel everything of their life would be decided in these few hours and partially the world has created a notion that it true. I sometimes wonder if each and everyone's life has changed completely after this one exam ? Rather it wasn't the first time we were told life depends on this or that, our lives changed several times it did not depend on only how we fared in the 12 th. Each of our action has the capacity of changing things around us few of them have been exaggerated by man kind and few of them have been demeaned.

What causes us the fear of some life changing experience is within us. Subconsciously feeded into our minds. Subconscious is a vague word for many so i would rather like to call it my " belief system ". It is easier and simpler to understand. My beliefs they tell me what i like ? what i hate ? from colours to charateristics, from tv to trauma & from life to love , my mind registers my likes and dislikes my reasons of why they are my likes and dislikes. Slowly and steadily as we grow up we stand to support and strengthen it as our belief.

Like I have a belief that i believe in souls. You might not , which means we have seperate "BELIEF SYSTEMS" one that works for you so you defend that and the one that works for me i defend that. Here comes the clash or difference or fear. Our Belief systems are our identity and when we over burden ourselves with it, it becomes our ego :)

Anyways I will always have lots to say. Here is where i felt Fear comes from :

  • The desire to be recognized, appreciated and valued.

  • Experiences of the past that have produced disappointment, insecurity, worry or emotional or mental exhaustion.

  • Attachments and dependencies generate fear.

  • The habit of seeing situations and people in a negative way.

  • Dishonesty - When you have done things that you know are not right, you know there will be negative after effects, and this provokes fear within.

  • The ego being afraid to 'die'. It justifies itself and resists. We wear masks that cover our true identity. We become selfish.

  • adios :)

    Monday, January 10, 2011

    A happy day for me :)

    :) a Happy day for me :) Its a day that reminds me how lucky I am and how lucky i am to be surrounded by such sweet people :) Touch wood :)

    Just a small prayer to God .. help me be kind and loving to my family and friends, keep them safe and let me be with them forever . Guide me at every path of my life, protect me from being and doing evil . Be with me always :)

    Tua :)

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