Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why Mamta Banerjee is behaving the way she is behaving?

Mamta Banerjee has been the target of the critics now for good long time for her past incidents which openly flout the democratic character of our Nation. Media, opposition and people have openly come out against what seems to be her arrogant behaviour. Whether it be the park street rape case where she pressed it as malice played by the leftists or be it a simple question asked by a student at the Presidency college where she walked away in the middle of a TV interview claiming it being planned action against her, be it a cartoonist whose simpleton cartoon brought him to jail or be it a question asked by a lame farmer on whom she openly pressed charges of being a maoist and whose family is still crying for justice. In all of these cases one trait that was seen by all was her arrogancy , non compliance and dominant behaviour.

When a human being displays traits of non adjustment or non acceptance towards others. It becomes quiet easy for others to pin point blame on that person. We don’t even try to look at what is the reason for these traits. Mamta Banerjee is quiet a good example to explain this. Mamta Banerjee had been struggling for long in her state against lots of things , hurt and upset by many things, probably dreaming to change many many things, she had long pressed desires and expectations from her ownself for ages. Imagine her state of mind on the 1st day after being the CM , she must have thought to hit bull’s eye in a single day wishing some magical wand was in her hand. But after an year when she started realizing working on field is not that fast and her pressure and expection from Self started detoriting she had to forcibly pull her strings to keep her self respect alive which seemed like open arrogance to others.

I am not endorsing what she does , behaves or whatever she believes in, I am only trying to understand why she is being the way she is. Let’s take an example to understand it better… imagine a student who is trying to get into say IIT or IIM for like 3-4 years, putting all his hard work , keeping aside all his happiness , pushing all good for the sake of a dreamy future and then one fine day he gets into that college but later after an year he realizes I am not made for this study , he keeps failing no matter how hard he tries, his peer pressure increases they make fun of him, his parents blame him , his teachers rebuke him, he has slowed down. Imagine his state of mind. His image of his own self, his Self respect has shattered. For someone who is weak minded would go to the extend of committing suicide and one a liitle stronger would get aggressive to hide his weakness and failure. This has happened with Mamta ji I believe. I could be wrong in my assesment the real reason can also be something else. But when I put myself into shoes of someone who has been madly struggling for people for 25 years or more , I can only imagine the tremendous hurt and pain the person must have created on her own Self Respect.

The constanst fear of failure and embarrasement of making mistakes when she promised to bringing a new dawn for the state is immense thus defiance and blaming everything on other becomes easier than taking responsibility. When a person is strong from within not afraid of being critised or rejection then it becomes easier to accept mistakes and work towards changing it. But for this it is very important to become independent from external influences “chatukars” and “critics”. Family and friends play a crucial role with a person like this. I always believe If I love my loved ones my friends or family then I must face them with what I feel truth is. If I know something is not right with their attitude behaviour or anything that is being constantly criticised by others then it must be confronted by them , only that my love and acceptance towards them would help them to change it and make it easy to be worked upon. “Chatukar- buttering” and “Critical” attitude will only worsen the condition of the person. Anyways I only wish Mamta di gets an honest, strong and motivating friend who helps her to judge herself in the right context and gives her little more will power to face people and truth around her.


Happy Independence Day to everyone :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Liitle Appreciation please !!

Appreciation is the need of time today. We live in a world hungry for appreciation. Everytime you see a relationship you'd find that at least one of them is hungry for appreciation. To be thanked for, to be given importance in cash or kind, time or love, words or looks anyway or any form but appreciation is important it is like our trigger for happiness.

A wife expects appreciationfrom husband, a mother from her family, an employee from boss, children from parents, parents from society and society from the powerful. I guess that is why there is so much foul play in the name of God, because he's all powerful and those who claim being appreciated by im are never questioned by the society. And thus there is never ending pretence of "log kya kahenge" (what will people say/think.)

So what is this appreciation and why do we need it all the time. Most of us honestly memorise words without even knowing their real meaning in the behavioural world and then comes the world of misunderstanding my favourite eg for this is "love" one word serveral meanings. Anyways so appreciation is one such word , to me it is an acknowledgement of what you have done is right at some point or some situation. It is an acceptance recognised by time/people/society (whichever is more powerful). Ofcourse there are no hard written rules and this keeps changing.

Appreciation / Acknowledgement by others thrives on the fundemental rule of survival, the one who wants to survive without making things hard for oneself does what is accepted as NORMAL by others to get appreciated, thus making his life without resistance. It is like the law of electricity where current flows through path of least or no resistance. Fortunately in law of survival human beings are the only species which is capable of making exceptions and goes against the world dejected, rejected, alone yet coming out stronger and truer.

All of us are blessed with a sense of power inside us that we create in the journey of life which helps us face situations when people/society goes against us, we weep in dark but glow in day. This power is a result of our image we create with positive affirmations. Appreciation is like a pat on the back for us. A sense of positive energy and power offered externally to us that we lack from within. In my opinion every person has at least 1 out of 100 things that can be appreciated. We all make mistakes big or small a little appreciation from time to time then ofcourse an advice, suggestion or rectifing our mistake would be easier to understand than simply cynical criticism. That is why it gets even more essential for parents to make sure they keep appreciating their children then ofcourse you can sit back to rectify his mistake. Build the power inside then correcting mistakes gets easy.

No negative energy can create a positive environment. No criticism, insult or comparision can ever serve as motivation even though it appears to work for one thing it becomes harmful in the long run. On the other hand appreciation reminds us of that goodness inside the other and helps them to mould themselves over the time.

Adios :)

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