Sunday, July 29, 2007

Is Sushmita the issue here?

Hmmm……so how many of you did wonder of why I put Sushmita here...sure a simple reason is I ADMIRE HER( don’t even dare compare my height with her for her eyes I’m literally invisible)…..but is she the issue here?

Look at the picture and that is what I’m talking about here….

Sushmita - "WOmen of substance"

I believe this pic depicts a persona which is a beautiful combination of Simplicity with Grace, gives you a Feeling of how beautiful of a Woman can be with Peace and Tranquility residing in her. With White Purity in Soul is so visible….she is Firm and Strong has her own opinions but with all this and much more you would still find her HUMBLE and PATIENT enough to bear pains and sacrifice her whole life for YOUR sake.

Poetic that was? ahh….no not me….cant be poetic (they always constrict you under infi continuous LOOP) all I wanted to stress was i wonder how many people see this beauty in a woman.....for them Beauty is so external that the Feelings often stay buried within… might (STRESSing MIGHT) be understood after probably some 30 to 40 years of their life when their life enters into so called "stability". Too late do they realize that every woman has a Beautiful Heart that goes through several ups and downs of emotions within which lies a kid who wants to be pampered….so don’t wonder the next time of why your girl friend loves teddies one day and the very next day she can act extremely practical all these are some beautiful shades of her beauty Admire and Respect them.

To say more would really be unjust to "HER" its now on your conscience to think.

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