Tuesday, January 15, 2008


YOU know what is the most beautiful thing about the sky?
Is that it lights up when its dark,
And the stars shine more brightly when its darkest.

They say not a word and yet seem to smile
and they steal your heart though for a while
And you wonder if that blanket has been kept by someone to keep you warm
The warmth of the sky falls softly on your face even when its chill
As if you lie overt to love touched and embraced by its breath........

Glory of the vast sky sung by many poets,
Nutured by their fertile imagination.
I explore to draw out a story of my own,
I feel the romance to visualize the dawn sky,
where the stars that all night have befriended the soft shining moon depart
Letting sunrays evolve a different moon.

While the sky is still the witness to see this
I wonder how many such stories has the sky been witness to?
Being so distant it shows us an ultimate drama of life
Distance doesnt kill them neither ends their love
for Ages they meet on the same sky everyday
Yet they Never Meet
Is it just something that poets imagine...
Or are they able to do it because they are celestial.

The sky is witness to all
as large it is ......more mysterious and enchanting it seems to me.....

shreya :)

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