Sunday, November 25, 2012


When I was young, I used to keep wondering how cave men would have thought when they had absolutely no language to talk to themselves. One of the most important things that we keep doing all day long is talk with our own self inside our mind and it would fascinate me to think how helpless would someone feel if they cannot talk with themselves. I probably then thought cave men were as intelligent as we are today so they should have much to share inside themselves it was only later I realized they were closer to animals hunting and eating all day long. Nevertheless they still had many things around themselves to wonder about and failing to comprehend them was such a helpless feeling.

Man being a social animal has varied needs apart from the physical needs there are certain emotional needs and a lot of that depends on how man interacts with others. Contrary in nature every animal has mostly certain physical needs for which it uses understanding with another animal, which it expresses in the form of “Gestures”. Inside community example a fish changing it color to indicate its mate, outside community example monkeys shouting indicates a deer arrival of a lion etc. The primary essence of Gesture is to communicate a piece of information. And it is not necessarily limited to living beings Nature itself communicates various information before a certain event to safeguard life on earth example animals and birds are sensitive towards natural calamities and can pick up its information before it strikes down. A lot in nature depends on the perfect tuning between various life forms and over the time I have realized it necessarily does not need language, no words to explain to self it works on something else you can say that as an instinct? Or perhaps feelings? Or else how would you explain a soldier bee dying for the cause to save bee hive, when it stung a man and the needle bleeds out it dies without any recognition from anybody.

But man has evolved a little differently as I said he has more emotional needs to answer. Wonders around him and unsolved nature created his craving for knowledge. For which his 1st need became to communicate with his own self and it was not answerable on a feeling or instinct basis it needed words. So came our inside flight towards sounds and images. Certain sounds and images different from others which communicate to self and others certain facts. Images and sounds however flawed they were (which meant not very close to reality) became essential over the time as self explanatory words. Later words and then a whole language came into being. Crude and rustic it developed an essence of understanding within a singular community and it had now less to do with inter community exchange of information. This meant that over the time human race had grown over feelings and instincts and was mesmerized by the worlds of facts and knowledge. Thus tilting the balance of harmony towards one side.

This just doesn’t stop here. Over centuries man has developed languages over languages trying to express the truth of feeling in words, now in 21st century he has evolved the latest technologies which go beyond language to express and yet fall incomplete in terms of feelings and instincts. Today there are so many ways to communicate and yet there is so little we can communicate. We have so much information to share but so little on our feelings to share. We have evolved as highly intelligent beings we know what is good for us and nature yet we do what is worst for us and nature. We have generations staying together at one place yet we have what we call as “Generation Gap”. Today you have wonderful structure to communicate from lower to higher hierarchy working in companies yet no one works for the company. Today there are courses for personality, mannerism and value addition yet you would hardly find men or women of character and pride. Today you have counselors working for marriages and parenting yet we are struggling with these relations. Such an irony we live in.

Man could share for so long but he wasn’t exactly sure of what he is sharing. Truth can never be expressed it is the 1st rule of truth and false has no meaning being expressed because it is flawed. Truth has to be felt internally and thy can never be put to words alone. In fact my idea of a simplest thing (example religion) will have a different feeling for me and will create a completely different image and feeling for you. Thus truth being different for each of us and none being complete.

Animals know this, nature knows this and the trick is to keep feelings and instincts on a balance with words and wisdom. It does not matter how many languages you know, how hard or easy it s to talk in that, how wonderfully it is composed, how simple or complex it is. Language or for that matter anything that shares information will come under the umbrella of being a skill for humans as much a skill as cycling, driving , swimming . It does not help us create relations we don’t want to create from within. It will not help us mean what we have never felt. A smooth road (good skill) can help a driver to drive (communicate) smoothly but it is always a skilled driver who can reach his destination even when the road is bumpy. Communication between 2 living beings is often based on internal energy exchange that is made by us while knowing them and judging them these feelings need no words our body is intelligent enough to put that in front as it is, rustically known as “gestures”. It is the reason why sometimes you cannot understand relation between a pet and his master, it is the same reason why sometimes you see two different animals taking care of each other and it is the same reason why a mother can understand her child even before its birth. Thus we come back to the end of circle true feelings and emotions cannot be learnt. I still wonder about the cave men and the bees but here I need both words and instincts to explain to myself. I wish I could put more words but maybe I am skillfully hopeless and grammatically handicapped.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Diwali 2012 :)

Happy Diwali to all :) May you have a prosperous year ahead and love , happiness and peace surround you at all times. My regards to my elders and wishes to all my fellow readers.
Bring the essence of Diwali in your heart and it shall be enlightened always and forever in the light of Lord.

Some sharing at my home....

My home sweet home :)

my choti diwali rangoli and me clicking it :)

Rangoli at night :)

And that is Me on Diwali Day today :)

Have lots of fun and stay safe.
Take care

Friday, November 9, 2012

Consciousness in a lucid way


I know this topic is not for very light readers but I have faith in those who read my blog they will have the patience to read till the end to know what I am talking about.
Ever since I have become aware of the good inside me and am working on it. I got confused with this word, read “n” number of books , listen to wisdom filled people , ask questions or get answers one thing was common all spoke or said about something called “conciousness” like “lift your conciousness” or “free or conciousness” etc etc . Now as per my knowledge consciousness was to be aware of something even a dictionary would give you the same meaning i.e to be aware of something or someone example “I am conscious about him looking at me ” , how could you just lift that up or free it from something???  It took me many years to honestly simplify it thus sharing it with you.
Consciousness in a very regular perspective would mean nothing, but on the spiritual context would have multi fold meanings. Yes even there it would mean to be aware of something or someone but spiritually you’d understand it only when you get the answers to questions of “who someone?”.
To answer this we need a little introspection into our thinking or how we create thoughts.  

Please take a look at the above picture. Though it is self explanatory I would still elaborate it a bit.
The above diagram shows how a consciousness is created. And it is interesting to know that every second of the day we are all creating and growing in our consciousness because our mind from the time we were born has been only adding information and depositing them somewhere deep down so every second of the day we are only adding more to our consciousness. Simply view a library in which books of latest releases and prime importance/demand are kept in the front row while the one’s least used are always stored at the end or deep somewhere. Just that our mind is much sharper than any librarian if you really want to retrieve a file you can given the required time and self belief.
a)      Going by that we have a Consciousness at this very second (the next second we can have a different consciousness) which inspires us to look at a certain way at something. Step 1 NEW CONSCIOUSNESS that creates thoughts inside us.
b)      Next comes a sense of JUDGEMENT to know if the thought or idea or view created is right or wrong. Who decides right or wrong ? again the same consciousness based on past experiences , beliefs, knowledge etc.
c)       Thus comes the next part i.e decision is taken either ACCEPTED OR REJECTED by us.
d)      Once ACCEPTED as truth if will be brought into action sooner or later. Example- you created a thought XYZ is a liar – accepted as truth by your experience on something – stored in mind will be used as soon as you interact with XYZ later.
e)      If REJECTED as false. It becomes just another mundane information until and unless in some next moment you get some added information about the same thing to reverse your decision. Example – you hear gossip about somebody your mind rejects based on your experience until and unless some other time you get some added information and then you can say “oh I knew about it.”
f)       On the contrary if brought into action and repeated action it becomes your HABIT/BELIEF SYSTEM. Lets say once you get up late in the morning and justify that and then do it several times more, it becomes your habit. This creates an experience which interferes with experiences with others or simply involves others consciousness too.
g)      Once a new experience is added , it is simply that which we call as “DESTINY”. This Destiny becomes another added information to your EXTERNAL INFORMATION. Thus repeating the same loop after being absorbed by our senses again.
Now to prove this you can do an added experiment, which I have been successful with (like I said research is important).  In this you will have to intentionally inhibit a consciousness into yourself. After which I will ask you to just take a look at who so ever is around you (person) and quickly catch your 1st thought that arises about that person. In this experiment I’d like to prove that the consciousness that you intentionally feed into your mind has a direct relation to the thoughts that is created about different things. Which means you are more aware about the inhibited consciousness. So ready? Lets do it.
1.       For 5 minutes think about colours varied colors , deep and down try feel it. Remember every information you know about it and see them vividly in your mind try be absorbed in it. Then Relax again.
2.       Now slowly see any person around you.
3.       Remember the first information or thought that hits your mind and note that.
You can try the 5 minutes thinking about different things like religion hindu , muslim , sikh , christian etc or you can try think about good or bad virtues etc.

-----Read this after experiment----
The first thing has to be something related to what you deeply thought about in those 5 minutes. Like you thought about colors you would end up thinking red lips, black hair, blue dress etc just vaguely related to colors. The same goes for consciousness that adds with religions or good and bad virtues etc.
The idea is to show that such deep thoughts come on the floor of mind when you pay attention to them and they sit on your mind while you are interacting with other people. This eventually travels to other people and they presume you accordingly thus creating your destiny with those people.
In fact you can create personality even for non living things depending on your consciousness. Example cars , coins, mountains, rivers etc that is why you’d find some languages referring mountain as male, rivers as females and so on because at that time when those language were created their consciousness created a difference between man and woman thus their work showed its reflection. Interesting isn't it ?
So this answers our first question aware of "who someone"?? aware of our own thoughts or our mind. But how to be aware of something we cannot even see ? Not easy i agree so there is an alternate route. Since it is a loop we can always go a step back and see what else can be changed here it is the external information we feed it.
World wide web has greatly influenced our lives we cannot deny it but we all know that all information available in it is not useful, similarly everything we hear , see  or even feel might not be true so absorbing information and good information per say becomes vital. This is the only way to start breaking the chain that creates your Destiny. It definitely does not happen in a day but a gradual look at information from various sources would slowly give you a feeling of what is good and not so good for you. Every time you choose something as truth it is verified and brought into action. So choosing and filtering information lifts your consciousness.
Everything we are today this very scene that you are seeing and feeling is the result of deep rooted thoughts created in your consciousness. You choose what to feel the very next moment. Thus creating your Consciousness.
Finally your Consciousness is nothing more than what you choose to be. And that should always look up , up and up.
adios Friends :)
You can always comment and speak your mind.

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