Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why Fear ?

Board exams have started and they sure are a stressed time for students they feel everything of their life would be decided in these few hours and partially the world has created a notion that it true. I sometimes wonder if each and everyone's life has changed completely after this one exam ? Rather it wasn't the first time we were told life depends on this or that, our lives changed several times it did not depend on only how we fared in the 12 th. Each of our action has the capacity of changing things around us few of them have been exaggerated by man kind and few of them have been demeaned.

What causes us the fear of some life changing experience is within us. Subconsciously feeded into our minds. Subconscious is a vague word for many so i would rather like to call it my " belief system ". It is easier and simpler to understand. My beliefs they tell me what i like ? what i hate ? from colours to charateristics, from tv to trauma & from life to love , my mind registers my likes and dislikes my reasons of why they are my likes and dislikes. Slowly and steadily as we grow up we stand to support and strengthen it as our belief.

Like I have a belief that i believe in souls. You might not , which means we have seperate "BELIEF SYSTEMS" one that works for you so you defend that and the one that works for me i defend that. Here comes the clash or difference or fear. Our Belief systems are our identity and when we over burden ourselves with it, it becomes our ego :)

Anyways I will always have lots to say. Here is where i felt Fear comes from :

  • The desire to be recognized, appreciated and valued.

  • Experiences of the past that have produced disappointment, insecurity, worry or emotional or mental exhaustion.

  • Attachments and dependencies generate fear.

  • The habit of seeing situations and people in a negative way.

  • Dishonesty - When you have done things that you know are not right, you know there will be negative after effects, and this provokes fear within.

  • The ego being afraid to 'die'. It justifies itself and resists. We wear masks that cover our true identity. We become selfish.

  • adios :)

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