Sunday, July 29, 2007

K serials shoots or shoots us ::

Dominating homes ……Tulsi, Parvati, Kumkum, Kusum etc etc

God knows how many in line ……Ekta kapoor has earned so much with her brilliant head which knows how to earn money in lakhs n crores(with TRP ratings as high as 10) for making viewers CRY for one reason for whole MONTH!! Damn that’s too much……..why the hell are we doing engg and mba????? Tele market is really large try use your head into it who knows you might be the next crorepati playing with viewers money….If possible I myself would some day seriously work on how they earn so much !!!!

No I have nothing against Ekta kapoor personally but she seems perverted at times ok not alone she some others like Vinita nanda too who belong to her breed of K TYPE SERIALS. Keep brooding over the same situation I’m not against women being good or being housewife or loving families or culture but when would they get practical??? Getting married twice thrice …taking away somebody’s property with just one signature, sit back at home and earn in lakhs ohh!! sorry crores again….. plzzzz explain them things aren’t that easy, To get divorced takes one year atleast even in mutual divorces and lotsa monetary and paper stuff are involved to transfer some 500 or 1000 crore industries that they own…………If India had been lucky enough to have industries like these(of some 1000 crore) in every nook and corner imagine how much progress we could have made by now esp with our GDP which would have by then reached some 11 point……….in that case I wish the dream comes true.

Nothing left to say other than tolerate them for ages of episodes, with each character’s blessed life of 100 yrs seems immortal (BA who has by now seen her 5th generation ..I’m sorry if I’m wrong who cares to count now how many generations?? ). Hope you remember my article the next time you see them….that’s it :)


greymater said...

boo boo boo....k serials or all its predecessrs n ancestrs.....keep away frm me....m dangerous:)

Shreya said...

ya i hope u really be a danger for them..if possible be one of those who can give us some good watchable stuff on TV in the coming years..

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