Friday, February 10, 2012

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Hello everyone,

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adios :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Miracle of Silence

Silence is an amazing word. It holds various meanings at varied layers. While your tongue is only an organ helping you to talk it is most often your mind that disturbs the silence. In silence or quietness of anything you understand its natural flow. You become the observer and act detached to the environment. For eg. when you want to observe an animal habitat in some jungle you prefer to sit at a distance hold your binoculars and keep observing their(animal) see them , you listen to them but you do not judge them, you do not change anything and most important you do not interefere even when you see one animal hunting the other why because it is their natural self.

Unfortunately in our world we cannot sit at one place and let things happen, not because we do not get the opportunity to observe but because our mind never gives us a silent moment. Yes it has reasons to do so in the veil of creating a perfect world it is constantly busy changing and judging every one else but self. Since we cannot really run away we all need silence. Real true silence from the mind.

Silence from mind can help you stay composed even in the worst of commotion. You can be attentive even when the world is dancing around you. Think of a situation where you stand in the middle of a road on the divider close your eyes and listen ...the commotion of the heaviest of vehicles will give you silence of mind and suddenly you will have a flash of everything about you in thoughts. Though it won't last long but it is a good example to tell how silence would be like.

For silence to stay inside you and to observe its immense power.. thoughts need to be profound . For thoughts to be profound your mind has to adhere to a certain ideology. But ideals are hard to work at and difficult to stay at, because you work at ideals offered from outside like religions, teachers , parents etc . We have never developed our own logics and ideals and even when we do so our one ideology contradicts another ?? :( . All this because we are still an active part of the system. One can never be an observer when inolved in it. Eg. you cannot hunt an animal and yet wonder why am i hunting? At the same time... do it before to form an ideology or later as part of guilt.

Silence resides inside you, so do the answers inside silence. It is like a seed you need to water it , provide it sunlight and see how your own tree grows.

:) tkcr

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