Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Imperfect World

" Imperfection is always unaccepted while in others "

I just came across this thought written by an anonymous
writter true i thought of it.We all live in a world clogged with thoughts of owning supremacy over another, thriving to survive, struggling to live all sounding so tough to deal with at the same time so depressing!! :(

So to say Imperfect world??
may b true because they do match atleast literally with the definition that the dictionary offers you :)
It is state of being defective or inadequate...
Easily broken or damaged or destroyed..
having deficiency mark or flaw..
all of them might be true to state but i believe there are two aspects of this depends in what context you sense the word imperfect....tangible goods ?? or we Humanbeings ???
sure to say tangible goods comply to these definitions but

what about WE??
ARe we imperfect ??DO we know what imperfection is with regards to human beings??Do we have the right to judge this imperfection??
In human context Perfection from ages has been equated with the capacity and caliber of Divine Beings or God's ...we arent they so why do we still thrive for this???interestingly there's another aspect to this....I would try and bring this to forefront as much as i can ...
Imperfection and Perfection has a very thin line and to most people who say they are perfectionist it means to deliver their best at what they are working(so thats related to work) to achieve a sure shot success....but rather I would define this as a thin line as a state of mind we all know we dont have an endless capacity or caliber like divine beings.....and yet after we burn our soul all day in work..back home lay down on bed still wondering if there could be a day so satisfactory that could make it perfect. So next day we push our capacity again to see if we could make this day perfect again we fail and then the cycle continues and detoriates our spirit for everything that in turn depresses us making us feel things can never be perfect with this not only do we find our work imperfect but suddenly we end up feeling even people are imperfect (with the way their behaviour is towards you) ....Ahhh a long but never ending cycle !!!!!!!!

I am not here to preach our brief you about depressed state of people because of this....but honestly We all have forgotten to lose up... Imperfection is a part of "US" "We" "ME" madness is necessity, letting go is requirement ....this just reminded me of the MiRANDA ad where it says " Pagalpan bhi zaroori hai " ;) true right !!

I am happy being Imperfect perfection doesnt rule me atleast never for others ...i would prefer to judge my capacity do them well than quiver about things going wrong.People around you might suggest tonnes of ways to relax or lose yourself give up the thought of being PERFECT In an IMPERFECT world but like all rivers flowing to ocean mantra is one
to strike BALANCE with calmness...(expand this cord
as and how you like)

SO buddy never again let the ImPerfect world rule you onLy then you would be PerFEct to and can truly say Im'PErfect ;)
Adios ....

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