Friday, May 15, 2009

Birbal Explaination


The Emperor once saw a woman hugging and kissing a child who did not look particularly appealing. The Emperor expressed surprise that a woman could lavish so much love on such an unattractive child.

When asked Birbal he said "Thats because its her own child, to a mother her child is always beautiful."

But the Emperor was not satisfied with the explaination.

Birbal's Solution :

The next day Birbal called a guard and in the Emperor's presense asked him to bring in the most beautiful child to the palace.

The following day the guard came to the palace with a small boy with buck teeth,  hair that stood like porcupine quills and hesitantly pushed him in front of the Emperor.

"T- The most beautiful child, Your Majesty," he stammered.
"How do you know its beautiful?" asked the Emperor.
"My wife, his mother said so , " afraid replied the guard.

Moral :
There's no arguing with a Mother's love. It is consistent and unshakable;nothing can supress it - neither the child's looks nor others opinion about the child.
There's much to learn from this exemplary love - if we could be half as consistent in our relatioships, our dealings with our loved one's we could can be much more happier.
This story teaches us that each and everyone of us is special in some way or the other.

adios :)

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