Sunday, July 29, 2007


Lots to name but the 1st one is my DANCE….I live for it and I can leave anybody for this I am so so so much in love with my dance that nothing can stand in front of it in short I worship Dance……I mean not that I say ki I dance all well and that’s why I love dancing …..I know people who are tremendous dancers tones of times better than me and have thousand times more passion for this than I have but the fact can be understood by those who really are in love with something…..could be your singing, dancing, painting, cricket, football etc . ……Its passion when you live it every moment you cannot just hold yourself when something related to it is happening around you, you get CRazy………and can overcome anything to be one with your passion.

For those who love dancing can hardly stand when any rhythm starts its like your body floats on it …….feels like you are flying high, restricted to nothing you can dance on and on and on ….Same here though I like softer songs personally for listening but even its (slow song’s) beats can move my feet on floor.

Ok I guess spoke too much on this b4 u say me shut up…..let me stop myself :D !!

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