Sunday, July 29, 2007


Nice one to keep viewers into my Blog….no not a marketing strategy but genuinelyI thought of speaking about this.I was bugged up with what else to write I wont write here what food I like n clothes and patanahi what not you can see all that on orkut account…….here it has to be different!! And what better than ROMANCE.

Sorry to upset you but nothing interesting here I’m hopeless with this....seriously I can say I’m a bit romantic when dancing but that’s all a part of Job (all acting honestly bz I can be anything dance demands) … real life I can take out comedy punches when watching a romantic movie(that’s what even my cousins say)….I’m sure to have upset anybody who thinks can bring romance to me esp watching movies (Tip : buddy be more innovative).

Ok now when I say this some people question me if even TITANIC dint affect me. Ya it did infact the only romantic movie I felt like crying at the end but dear that wasn’t bz of the whole love etc I felt hydrophobic to an extend I felt “ BACHAO MAIN DOOB GAYI “ haha see even this made you laugh !! honestly I’m more comic than people imagine me to be.
So now you know what movies I like they are comedy and action not romance (hehe).


greymater said...

ohh really ... u r so unromantic...lemme guess....ya seeing the pple arnd.....u may scre mch better than manyy...hi hiii

Shreya said...

wow....i wont say i m happy bz others rnt atlst as romantic as its not really gud to think this way...rather wud some time invest some mind into HOW things can be appreciated i guess even that is a part of being romantic isnt it? :)

The Candles said...

The writings on romance is good to attract people...Latter I will read all your posts...I have some work now in the office...let me finish then I will come and read and tell u hows this. visit my other blog at:

Shreya said...

Well yes you can say so it does attract into ur blog nevertheless you can nvr force them to read it once they realise its not worth it.So as they say " Caption Captures audience" :)
anywz thx for the comment
keep posting
tk cr

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