Friday, October 17, 2008


I am sure life will hug me again I will fly again , will be happy again......
sitting at the close comfort of fire i think again ...
and sing the ballad of life again.....
certain from centuries is the truth of life thats lives and leaves you within
truth of life tells you its only you who knows you best a breath escapes and spells shadows on your life to know you are lonely again...
with lonely furrowed life you sing the ballad of life again...
Thousands of thunders have surpassed you,hundreds of
times you have been struck are hit once again
feel shattered and hopeless and you feel lk breaking it over

But you wake up to the sun again...
sing the ballad of life again ...
once again you live to prove your might again ... there's no end to the agony you feel in life but there's also no end to the joy you express with it..
you wake up again only to find that you can smile again..
you can live again...
you may have felt the pain
but sure it has bought in certain gain
so whatever has happened hasn't happened in vain
so forget the past and juz put it into the drain
and enjoy the present like a small kid enjoys rain :)
- adios :)


jcb excavator said...

very cool.

used skid loader said...

im your favorite reader here!

Shreya said...

thanks i dint kw i had lot of readers here ....but anywz thank u for reading and liking my blog ... :)
welcome to my blog
keep posting

Anonymous said...

I think this blogger has lots of brain,
By visiting this blog, surely I will gain,
The words in this blog are lucid and plain,
To understand which, v don't have to strain,
Though preaching and philosophy is not my domain,
but after reading this poem I juz can't refrain,
Life is challenging dear so the trick here is to sustain,
to face every challenge without any complain,
I just wish the writer that you excell in all terrain,
you have all the best qualities in you which you just have to maintain,
I know all these good qualities, you will alwayz retain,
With a Hope that only good things in life are the things which u r gonna obtain,
I am signing off for the day and dropping down the curtain.:)
By visiting this blog some nice feelings I attain,
Getting addicted to this blog as if its cocain,
So one thing is sure and as a fact it will remain,


Shreya said...

Wow Coconut im impressed you write really well :) and so wonderfully rhyming ..
why dont u open a blog u open a blog urself :) would be wonderful to see your personal collections in writing :)
If tats not you wanna do you are most welcome to put up your writings here Blog along wid me Together invite you to blog along with me with your name Coconut would really be nice to put up your writings at the front end rather than here at comments ....Think abt it
Rest your wish..
adios :)

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