Wednesday, October 29, 2008

CrossRoads - Parting of a Friend

A tear comes to my eyes,

when I think of you,
And remember the time when our friendship was new.
A gentle smile that had centered on your face,
And I knew that then was the time and place,
I thought we'd be forever and never part,
But Now, now we have come to a fork in the road,
Where we must no longer carry each other's load,
Let the burden off our shoulders and please donot leave a Scar,
For the paths we are taking are very far apart.
Though I will always cherish forever the time we've spent together and miss the time light as dew.
But now is the time where I say GoodBye,GoodBye to all my memories with you.
So I Spend one last minute lost in tears in my eyes.
And welcome the new dawn for new ties.
adios :)
Happy journey for life.......


Anonymous said... heart touching...

Shreya said...

Thank you :) no one commented on this thanks for the inaugurating comment.

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