Friday, October 31, 2008

Compromises !!! The KEY to Love

Compromise is to relationships as a sail is to a boat.
Without it, you have a relationship that goes nowhere.”

In any relationship, compromise means give and take, and it’s a part of daily life for all couples from small fights and teasing to loving each other,holding hands and caring for each other..everything speaks but sometimes you need to speak your love show you love show your sacrifice its important even though you are deep buried unexpressive person always know love and romance needs to be shown too after all we are al humans :) at the same time..........
You may want to spend your holidays on the golf course and while your partner by walking on the beach, but a bit of both is what makes a relationship work.
Compromise is allowing for things to get in the way of your ideal daily life for the sake of your relationship. What may seem like a disadvantage at first quickly changes into one of the greatest advantages of your life when you realize that from compromise comes the base of your relationship. It makes it stronger. Understanding how compromise works in any and every aspect of your life will give you and your relationship a better chance at going the distance.

What most often people dont get is that no one can have complete happiness ie two people on earth cannot be completely same you may have same traits same ideas but your wishes cannot really be same,honestly speaking compromise or sacrifice is something you do for your loved
one's because you dont feel the pain of doing so for them.Compromises doesnt mean that your partner is sad when he/she is doing them for you, it doesnt mean your relationship is incompatible or cant work beacause one of you is sadly or without will sacrificing NO please just means have a look at them and appreciate the efforts..

Compromises works where both partners are looking into same direction and walking together towards can often compromise about what you wanna eat where you wanna eat but you cant comprmise is there is a Fundemental Difference of opinion in both the partners.For
eg you can compromise about wat colour your room should be but what you cant compromise is when you wanna work while your partner doesnt agree so, you are far too outgoing wanna drink or smoke and your partner too shy avoid public glare, when both of you given same situation one judges it as right other as wrong..etc etc
While if you dont have fundemental difference.... Problems can also come when in the long run after your marriage or love you donot even realise your partner makes several compromises for you to keep you happy big or small he/she might be doing it for you to se you happy while you keep ignoring it in the long run without even realising that it pent's up deep agony no not anger agony or pain into your partner about being ignored.I can give you several examples of these -

lets take your housewife or mother of your kids after some 8 to 10 years down the line you dont even realize that your wife who has her own identity and personality has sacrificed all her wishes for your family and kids and bears responsibility of your kids alone while you find this as her regular job at pents up deep feeling of being a failure at home while you enjoy the outskirts of the world their praises being the money earner....when your partner waits for you at home,for your calls and you feel there's no need of doing that its useless....

its all care

and your partner wants you to recognise that you do
understand these small hints in life it makes up big time in

Communication between partners without fear or fight is a great boon essential to live your life and help fulfill your partners wishes genuine wishes(in terms of feelings and being loved) not alone material wishes.When you talk with your partner make sure that both have the will to talk and listen to each other, if either of them prior to the discuss bosses around about not recognising your feelings the communication is bound to be a failure there's no success when there's no will im sure you all know it.But there's something more to it :) well for all this your partner and you both need to have clarity of what you want as in terms of result like for eg you want more happiness? more peace? more time with each other? more excietment in relationship etc etc list goes endless ....

Make sure your partner is intelligent enough to talk about
all this and you can gain something out of it too as you
know NO ONE IS PERFECT so there's no harm learning how
you behave or what you do that hurts him/her...there's
always scope for better life when you want to grow with
your partner :)

Anywz to cut the long story short
Compromises are good only when both partners know and recognise that other one
is compromising for his/her love's sake , you need to handle
it really intelligently. And most importantly Compromise is a word that can add golden shades to other relationships also lk who knows even out there your best friend is doing some
compromises for you to be happy....keep a watch :)

Stay happy with your loved one's
(i would cover something about ego in relationships soon...)

adios for now :)

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