Sunday, November 27, 2011

Self and Balance

Most often i agree with people who say there is no right or wrong. It is culmination of action and reactions , past and present. There cannot be a society where everything will turn perfect ....there cannot be because the very reason of creation of this universe is imperfectness and dynamism. Yet we human beings suffer from indispensable liking of perfectness and righteousness.

So if there is no right or wrong then given two choices how do you know what to choose ? Where does this righteousness come from and how do we know always what is right?

Before we answer this I want to you to ask yourself a simple question, given a relationship how do you what are the best qualities to keep it good for long run? Love affection ? Understanding ? Commitment ? etc did you answer these ... why not force , hatred, jealousy , anger ?

It came from inside, something inside you tells you that relations irrespective of them being with humans , animals , trees cannot run on negative values. How ? and who inside you tells you ?

It is an " Instinct " or your "Soul" or your "in groomed Sanskars/Values"? For ease now say I.

Let us decode before we learn more.
What is this I ? The 1st thought that comes to your mind or inborn stimuli that does not come from rational consciousness.

Ever wondered why this teaches you a more universal value over a personal one. How does this "I" know what to do?.To understand this on a personal level we need to 1st look at the larger picture Universally.

Do you know stars are formed through processes like nuclear fusion where hydrogen combines to form helium and helium combine to form carbon and the star keeps growing bigger and bigger. There comes a time when Iron starts forming due to same process but , suddenly Iron does something different from what other elements had been doing it starts absorbing energy . As soon as it starts doing that star is doomed to collapse.

Universally anything that absorbs energy for a long time is doomed to burst for eg. food is energy eat more than you require .. your body will throw it out through illness. Every energy needs balance a certain source for an input a certain for output. Too much absorption will push it out. Like Negativity is nothing but absorption of too much energy at a certain point that leaves everything else vacuum. Like darkness is absence of light.

Universe thrives on balance and it is best balanced as a "giver" than "taker". Because universal dis balance makes sure that when everyone is a giver then automatically a taker would be found to be nourished. But when everyone becomes a taker to nourish self no giver is found. Actions , decisions , choices intend to do the same. When too much is absorbed by I ego everyone stops giving you and you live in vacuum.

It is impossible to create a world where everything would survive on it own for full life time without being consumed but it is possible to survive minus the vacuum. Lets say plants , animals all know someone somewhere will consume them. Can you save them , can we say that their killing each other is a crime , can we ask them to survive without doing this consumption? So they consume only and hence they are innate towards growth civilization understanding and living for a higher meaning.
Why cannot human beings live like this ? ....Because human beings have a quality that echos universal values inside them and that is "Restrain" .

Human beings can make choices based on restrain, control. Hence over ages have preserved the inner voice inside us the "I". The more you restrain from consumption of energy for self gratification and self satisfaction the more this inner voice I will grow stronger. The more and better giver you become the more nourished taker universe will make you. It is like DNA you have a better I inside you because of hundreds of your forefathers who exercised this restrain and control over generations. It is this that is teaching you when to act as a giver and when be a taker, even in this from the most oldest universal value you know being the perfect giver is the best state. It is the stage of Self Renunciation. Since that is not possible by me and you we survive on a thin line called Balance.

The best teacher is The Self and the best friend to learn it with is Balance. Since there can never be the most perfect world it is only possible to strike balance with your inside out while survival.


P.S - Honestly I don't know how many of you could make some sense out of this but in short I can help you by saying that Soul is a combination of values we have earned through generations and when ever heard it never takes us on wrong way. I am leaving the topic half way because there is much to say and explain and everything cannot be put together in an article. To need and know more the greatest hunger of mankind must work i.e inquisitiveness.


pavani reddy said...

very nice article shreya!!!i really like ur style...

Shreya said...

Thank you Pavani :)

Anonymous said...

Quite wonderful how you used so many words to say nothing.

Shreya said...

@Bhii .. Sometimes it is important that people learn to simplify their own thoughts, so everything cannot be fed and conclusions cannot be pushed. :)
Thank you for visiting and posting your comment.

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