Friday, January 6, 2012

Your Mind and Ideas

Every day we keep doing things that would be capable of influencing people. The way we talk , walk, eat , pray , look etc i mean everything we do is to influence people not negatively but we do want people to take a note of us . Knowingly Unknowingly we follow the idea that has captured many minds. Lets for example take the fairness cream in Indian markets they sell their fairness creams based on the idea that most girls who want to get married want to be fair and they know it because most matrimonial come up with "wanted fair and beautiful bride" .

So today we will talk about ideas and how our mind plays with us with these ideas. So everyday we are bombarded with lakhs of ideas few of come from very obvious sources and come directly ( eg. "wow you can drive really fast" mind notes - ok i drive fast - liked - been noticed ) and few come from unobvious and indirect sources ( eg. advertisements in 10 seconds they make you imagine you can be as happy as the individual in the ad mind notes - ok if i get this i'd get happier).

Evereyday we accept a few ideas which we think come from valid sources mostly appreciation and we reject a few which we think come from invalid sources mostly criticism. Our mind is trained such that it wants to live with almost no change or with least change or it will change maximum only when it finds a large number of other people doing the same (it gives a sense of safety). Most often appreciation assures us we do not need to change while criticism pushes us to change alone , so we cheat a bit and follow the herd.

No matter how much we keep insisting we are different from others we all know our minds chose the easiest roads according to given situations. It is a very complex chain of ideas because from morning to evening, from night to day, from friends to family and from preachers to posters every individual every written, seen or felt thing offers you ideas whether they are true or false your mind has lot of work to do.

Interestingly our minds cheats and we let it cheat , instead of making our minds work harder to resolve so much data and find its own truth we push it to choose faster and follow. With this we have definitely won calculatingly but we have lost creatively. Individual creations , imaginations , inventions , out of the box ideas have turned so rare we are walking like zombies... same path , same money, same dress, same achievement everything same so much repetition????? . Only trying to succeed each other on the same worldly measurements. All of this because we have never trained our brain which ideas to accept and which to reject, we have never cleaned our minds , never chosen right above wrong...... never had the time to.

Now the trouble is ... your mind has turned into a dumping ground and it has clutters of years dumped into it and when you sit down to clean it your herd ideas contradict with your individual creative ideas and you see no guide to help you with this and you stop.
Impatient and frustrated you leave things mid way and your mind has cheated you again successfully.


(Don't trust me :-) might just be another idea , think about it ...

Sorry for being unavailable for long time I have been working on myself and cleaning my clutter and also was busy with little office work. )


pavani reddy said...

ur writing style keeps me interested it..

Saucy said...

Here is a set of 29 not-so-common ideas. Read the first 10 at least.

Btw Where do you work?

Shreya said...

@pavani .. And I love seeing your comments ...Thanks dear :)

@Saucy .. Hi hru ? me rushing to see the link you gave :)>>> shall let you know how it is.
I work for a US firm via cloud computing am in IT.

Suruchi said...

Brilliant, brilliant post...I buy your idea Shreya and you make me think...sharing this on my fb!

some of the lines are amazingly inspiring and quote worthy! keep thinking out of the box, we appreciate the effort:-)

Shreya said...

@Suruchi ... thank you dear :) coming from you the complement matters a lot :) I'd try keeping up with your expectations.

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