Monday, December 15, 2008

Luscious Lips

I dont really apply a lot of make up but today was a birthday of my friend sonia who unofficially yells at my blog :D ...something that i got curious about all girls there was how their lips looked like well obviously they all looked lovely but i was trying to focus lk whats on a face that steals the show i personally feel they are your eyes and your lips (esp when you talk people do unknowingly look at how you open your mouth tats in instinct notice when you see somebody talking or explaining something you would suddenly feel like concentrating on other person's lips patially though ..n thats natural bz you need to understand what the other one says) all in all i was chking out what lips should look like..

I came back home realised my lip balm is my best friend for my lips keeps it soft and adds a partial colour thats not like excess of glossy lipstick.
But thats for people like me who evade makeup ther are lots people who find it gud to put up lotsa glossy stuff on there lips ...
So i got back home and assigned myself some work sort to find out what kinda lips and what makeup or Lip Care do they need ... Think Angelina tonight ;) see this now

Full lips(God gifted !! ): Angelina Jolie style Lucky you! You have lips that some women would kill for. No lip plumpers needed your way as they're already full looking. If you have really full lips and want to play them down(for some proffessional look!! for what else on earth would you want to play them down ??), opt for darker colours, and when using lip liner, line just inside the lips.

Thin lips: Courteney Cox Arquette style Just as the name applies, these lips are thin on top and bottom. To avoid making your lips look too thin, stick with light to medium shades, and dot some gloss or iridescent powder on the middle of the bottom lip to make it look fuller.

Thin on top, full on bottom: Heidi Klum style You've got a little of both — think Angelina meets Courteney. If you want to make them appear more even, try lining just inside the bottom lip, and just outside the top lip. You can also try using a slightly darker lip shade on the bottom, and applying a little gloss to the top only.

Tip: using lip pencil to make your lips look bigger, or more even, is a common make-up trick. But note: it's only useful if wanting to alter the appearance of your lips slightly — colouring too far outside the lines can look fake. In short
" Love the Lips you are in, and let your lovely lips do all the talking....and be proud of them ;) that'll sure make you look sexier "

For the Eye wait next Time :)

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