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How do You CRY? - Kind of criers

1st L ***Loud criers
Far too loud than expected they can cry anywhere.Seriously sick about crying and panicking. they panic about anything and everything from missing a book to missing a train like just anything from wrong icecreams to wrong dress just like panic with watever they have at hand....they are hard to tolerate them untill and unless they are cute lovely girls :P.
Well its very easy to deal with them IGNORE THEM seriously you cant deal with them :P to be honest haha :D . No i mean BUT if she's one of your gf's kind GIVE HER LOTS LOTS OF ATTENTION :D tats what they need ....they panic calm them and attend them ignoring them would make them cry louder for attention.

They arent real crier's not that they are truly hurt and tats y crying they just want people to know "Look at me something wrong has happened i feel helpless".... in short dont wry things wil calm down far too sooner than it looks lk :P :)

2nd L ***Lip biters crier's
hmm.. this one is tough to explain well they are nervous people kinda shy they dont know rather unsure if they should cry at public or should sob silently.Most often you would find them biting their lips on the verge of crying their face turns red n eyes watery lips being bitten due to nervousness overall they look cute to b sympathised.... Now they really need people with solutions bz these are people who dont kw what to do with the problems and far to unsure to kw that they can solve it themselves.... they dont trust themselves almost at all...

I have known people lk these esp when lemme say a girl loses something really costly she gets confused bz she doesnt kw wher to n how to solve the problems btw im not generalising it just that i have seen girl's lk this not sure guys face similar calming them down is 1st solution n next is to get them to some solution.

3rd L ***Lonely criers
these are a set of criers who cry when they are alone.
Most often they live in a shell that tells them you are too strong to cry in front of lots of people.They dont or cant blame anybody they feel there's always a practical aspect to everything and can come out of it and thats why its too hard to accept that you have lost something ...they rule out the fact that they can lose from anybody or can lose from life.

Its practically fine to be one of these kinda criers but what harms them it the built up pressure they consume their own energies expect too much from their ownselves and often end up building stress around themselves. Most men and high estimed women fall in this category they sob and sob lonely only to blame themselves at the end.

It is often made up of people who really mean when they cry because they cant cry in open they need space and lot of sensitiveness to be dealt with, they need friends and loved one's around who dont sympathise with them, Yes i mean not those who tell them life will move on forget this n that ...they dont need lectures nor do they need re-assurances in other words they dont want ANYBODY ELSE OTHER THAN THEIR OWNSELF to tell them what to do. They just wanna cry n want their loved one's to hold them Thats It!!
For wife's :: As most men fall in this category,leave husbands to cry for sometime if they feel lk they dont need ur sympathy just b with them. Dont lecture it makes things worse for them to deal with.

***Types of LEVELS
In all these crying i believe there are still levels of crying lk
level 1 - low
level 2 - medium
level 3 - HIGH

definetly most dangerous one is level 3 of loud criers im sure no one will stand to tolerate this its lk you have kept some bomb next to the person who is crying thats lk some firealarm lolz :P but trust me there are people lk this :)

truly and emotionally churning is level 3 of Lonely crier's as i said they add lotsa stress to themselves to hurt themselves more they listen to none even when they can have some real gud thing to listen they avoid as they start beliving themselves as ALL KNOWERS.

Level 1 and 2 of any of these 3 categories are actually bz at the end of they day intensity of each person to cry and react to a situation is different and levels along with the types can easily characterise them easily...I'm sure each one of us can fit into a category ....even when we dont accept it publically we all know some or the other time in life we did cry .....reasons and explainations might be different but its true that we do do cry and IF YOU DONT then you sure arnt human or else a liar :)

choice is your's
oops!!! btw im level 2 Lonely criers kind who's in my group???? :D

adios c ya


Pawan said...
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Pawan said...

I think people who are lone criers, are very mature and responsible because they remain firm and supportive when other people cry.
I appreciate as you are lone crier but I wish such a situation never happens so that you have to cry.

Regarding the levels I think the crier who cries from inside without physical tears is the most
emotional crier rather than who fake by shedding tears at any small or big incident.

Shreya said...

yap i agree that lone crier's are mature crier's bz they dont cry for attention or sympathy..but there's one problem with them they end up thinking that they are all knowers abt everything and will solve it.
So they stop sharing it wid ppl and keep adding burden on themselves... in due time they get stressed out.
I mean i have noted it down in my case donno abt others but then i hav slowly and steadily started sharing my things with my loved one's even if they cant solve all my problems i kw they wud b genuinely b listening to it and thats enough to calm you down n help think more logically abt anything...

anywz hp none of us hav to cry ever...

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