Friday, November 21, 2008

“He who tries to forget a woman, never loved her”

i dont kw who the author is but was deeply touched with his story so dedicating one on my 1st pictureless article to this person called "King Solomon"


So my assistant Julia had fallen in love with me deeply. On our China visit she had promised that she would be just a friend and control her love feelings for the sake of my deep attachment to my soulmate Catherine. Fortunately I have found a good assistant as well as good friend in Julia. Like typical British girls she had not surrendered to intense sexual urges of the young age - a trait that I admired.

She was quite normal for some time. She never tried to cross limit or violate her promise. Mostly we had working communication and occasional friendly chat. On 30th of last month I was not in the mood of celebrating my birthday, as it was not possible without Catherine. Julia insisted that she wanted a simple dinner at my home, without any cake or birthday celebration. I agreed.
My mother and sister like Julia very much and often force me to marry her and forget Catherine. I guess they advised Julia on the day of my birthday to talk to me to start a new life. Thus, after dinner, they left Julia and me alone in the drawing room. After telling me a funny story of world famous Russian writer Tolstoy she suddenly got serious. She said:
'King, I have promised not to offend you or cross the secret line of your love with Catherine. But I want to have a little discussion. I do not intend to break my promise.' Two drops of tears were forming in her sparkling eyes.

'Say whatever is there in your heart', I replied. She was like an innocent child and I wanted to listen to her.

'I think it is not practical to live alone in the memory of Catherine. It doesn't mean you should marry me or forget Catherine to respect my love. You can marry any other girl. I want you to re-think about your life.'

'Which another girl can be better than you in case I decide to spend my life with someone. But.....' I could not complete my sentence as Julia suddenly cut me short.

'Then why can't you marry me darling.... You promised Catherine that you would become a great businessman, a billionaire. But I have seen you a little bit deflated without her. She will not feel satisfied. She will be more than happy if we live together because I can take care of you, and help you reach your goals. Can a broken heart become a billionaire? I doubt.....' Julia spoke in the grip of intense love feelings.

Then she realised her blunder and left the room throwing the following words in the air: '.............Sorry King. I am really sorry.... I must respect your feelings...'
I saw her cleaning the tears rushing out of her lovely eyes.
My mobile drew my attention with its ring tone. Catherine was calling......

“He who tries to forget a woman, never loved her”. - quote Anonymous

Author: KingSolomin


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