Saturday, September 1, 2007

She,He and a LOVE STORY- worth 1read

It's a long story but I can assure you that it's worth reading.So, just chill out & enjoy!!!!

She, He... And a love story . Presume a backdrop of some metro city. And the ***** indicate after few days.

Friend: Happy birthday!

She : Haan...tha.. ....nk yo....u...was just getting up from the bed.

Friend : Oh! matlab I am the first to wish you!She : Naa! He has already wished me at 12 in the night.

Friend : Who???
She : Come on, who else, Raj.

Friend : Oh, ok. So, aaj kya plan hai????
She : Raj told me that he has a surprise gift for me for myBirthday.

Friend : Oh Ok…Hey!!!!You went to see Srk’s Charity show last night na????dint tell me huh!!....Sarika told me. .......You went alone????
She : Sorry yaar but it was a date. It was his idea. Raj tha na you think I’m crazy to go alone??who’s gonna drop me back home?


Friend : Hey you had an interview 2 days back na ?? went on till 8pm in thenight…. then?? You returned alone?? or was he there?

She : Haan wo office se mujhe lene aaya then Dropped me at my home ….he did not even have his dinner …..maine bola to wait n have dinner with me but he had his work pending at office.Poor Raj....

Friend : hmm…. So when are you going back home?Next week?
She : nahi tomorrow evening…Parents are missing me.

Friend : what about the reservation?main kuch karun???
She: nahi Raj said he would manage all.

************ ********* ********* *****

Friend : Then, what did you do on Sunday?
She : We had gone to see "Aashiyan". He doesn't see Hindi movies. Butmera mood off tha, so he took mefor movie. I was very happy, and he was very happy that I enjoyed the movie.And you know what we had dinner in Pizza hut. It was his belated B'daytreat!

Friend : And, tune kya Gift diya usko???
She : Gift!! Arey sahi bataoon to I was busy and tired with some work
so I slept before 12 n FORGOT his bday …it was only in eve jab uska miss call dekhkar yaad aaya its his bday never the less I gifted him a shirt. Pata what he isn’t very sure of the colour pink on him but phir bhi usne pehna.N he looked really cute in that.

She : Listen, I will call you later. Raj is calling bye.

************ ********* ********* *****

Friend : Hey! What happened? You seem to be very happy today.
She : Why not? You know today is one of the happiest days forme. Raj got an assignment in UK, for 6 months!!!! He had been waiting for this opportunity since long. He'll be leaving next month.

Friend : You will miss him.
She : Badly yaar . I guess bahut dependent ho gayi hoon uspe. I must Thank Sanju, through him only I got to know Raj. Bina Raj ke it would have been very difficult for me to stay in this alien city with nofriends, relatives and on top of all, no job. He has been so caringfriend all through my tough times in this city, he is so mature, sounderstanding, so trustworthy. …...a True friend.

Friend : He LOVES you yaar.
She : I know.

Friend : And you? Don't you love him?

Friend : Don't tell me. Tu bhi feel karti hai na uske liye?????What do you Mean Y-O-U DON’T WANT TO????

She : I know yaar. He has everything that I expect in my dream-life-partner. I know I can never get a true life partner like him. BUT I DON’T WANNA COMMIT.

Friend : What is STOPPING you? I really don't understand. Jab Miya-beevi are razi kya karega kazi?

She : Please...don' t say like that. MAINE USSE KAHBI NAHI KAHA I LOVE HIM………I like him really i can be with him all the time but yaar IT FEELS SO MUCH BURDEN TO KNOW KI HE LOVES ME

Friend : Is he a fool not to understand your feelings which are so CLEAR FROM OUTSIDE?????? Poor fellow, don't leave him alone.

She : I have told him everything about my family. He knows how orthodox my parents are. They can never expect me marrying a guyfrom a different caste. They trust me. Kuch bhi ho jaye, I will nothurt my parent's feelings. Infact I cant even think this way. They are already searching bride for me.

Friend : Hmm, I don't understand at all.

************ ********* ********* *****

She : This Saturday I have to go home, a guy is coming to see me.
Friend : Oh! wow? Good news yaar. Pehla interview!!!!All the best.

Friend : kaun hai yaar ??? how does he look???
She : Please yaar. I am least bothered and least interested.I have agreed to this just because of my parents.

************ ********* ********* *****

After the whole interview n meeting with the Arranged guy!!!!

Friend : What about the interview, ladka kaisa tha????
She : Nothing so special. I didn't like the guy's attitude. I toldmy parents clearly. Mujhe nahi pasand. My parents understand me. They wont go ahead with this.

Friend : Raj ….i mean usko kuch pata hai.
She : I shared my views with Raj. He had called me the next day. Kuch bola nahi. Na "yes"nor "no", he didn't preach what is right or what is wrong. But after talking to him I felt good that what I did was right.

Friend : Kal tera cell try kar rahi thi was engaged for so long ki I slept….around 11.
She : Yeah, I was talking to Raj. He is very much worried about my marriage. Kept saying if I would get a guy of my choice or not, whether I would be happy with him or not. Its very sad toknow this. But I am helpless. Maine samjhaya ki my parents would decide the best for me .But useless.

Friend : How would he feel after your marriage??Will he not beupset all the time?

She : TIME WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING( at times human beings cant be more sarcastic than this.............). He will start living again. Was he not leading a normal life before I came into his life????? Time sab thik kar dega yaar….ab I cannot help it and he understands (oh hell she still expects him to Understand???).
************ ********* ********* *****

Finally " She" got engaged with a guy of her parent's choice (withher "yes" of course). She is in touch with both Raj and thenew "him" regularly infact she expected him to attend her marriage (height hai yaar!!!!) why arey because he is her “True Friend”.

Finally " She" got happily married to "him", very soon convertingRaj into memories, but DELETING “her” from the Memories was SLOW AND PAINFUL for Raj.

************ ********* ********* *****

She needs him when she is new to the city.
She needs his help in finding out a PG or hostel for her.

She want him to wish her 1st on her bday even though she forgets his bday.

She wants him to accompany her when she visits some place just because she needs a guy around.

She wants him to do even her reservations.
She wants him to accompany her to Movies he doesn’t like.

She needs his help in identifying HER strengths and weakness!
She asks his opinions on importance of marriage.

She wants him to be a shoulder to cry when her parents force her formarriage.
She needs his help in preparing her mind for the first interviewwith an Arranged Guy.

She needs his help in deciding about the marriage proposal.
She loves to share her happiness with him when she gets engaged.
Infact she even expects him to attend her marriage…

About the Guy::::::::

The guy does all this honestly, without saying a single "No".He loves her.
He cares for her.
Even though nothing is visible to the girl.

He treats her as his life. She changed him.
It is only because of her, he is smiling.

He threw the cigarette in the dust-bin because of her.
He has cultivated a positive attitude towards Love,marriage and family because of her.
She is the perfect Indian woman he wants to be with.

He gives time to her dreams sacrificing his own desires.

************ ********* ********* *****

The girl depends on the guy as if she never lived and can never live without him. Guy behaves as if he believes she is her soul mate.
She treats him as a shoulder to cry. She loves to depend and he loves to take care, finally they fall in so called "LOVE", Ultimately ADDING TRAUMA TO THEIR LIFE.

The Girl wants a perfect life partner but does not want to hurt her parents' feelings, the Guy knows that he can't get her but still wants to care for her(because they want her to be happy wherever she is and with whoever she is ohh how filmy!!!!). Isn’t it so visible to her even when she herself has feelings for him and vice versa??? Even though she loved him she left him????

Great! Or shall I say crap! Or I think no need to be so serious about it.

She gets engaged, life goes on...

Long lasting phone calls become short and sweet, life goes on...
A heart which was used to "Good morning" SMSs learns to be happywith just the "Happy weekend" SMSs, life goes on...

He starts smoking again, life goes on...
He is still living in flashback, and knows there is no looking back for her, butlife goes on...

He gets promoted, he is a manager, she is mother of two kids, and life goes on...

He is in his late twenties, happily married to a beautiful,understanding, mature, caring, broad minded wife! Even though he hasnt forgotten her he believes he would do enough justice to his wife.Anyway life goes on...

And There are dumb spectators like " THE FRIENDS" like us who are puzzled to see the whole episode between "She" and “He” and just ask themselves " WHAT IT IS???" . Yes who would deny many of us have heard our friends narrating some very similar story. And we are the spectator “Friends”.

Rest....Leave you to realise which role are we playing ;)


Sumit said...

Hii devil...
i m very happy to know ki still dere r such Love Stories persisting in our life and i guess its a true one as suggested by ma frd...and as was asked in the last "which part u wish to play in da story" it would be the raj coz at times it resembles my life though nyone knew abt me still m declaring..and abt shreya she did a gr8 job describng dis story to all ..well finally i would like to wish Raj All da best for rest of his life wherever he is....

Shreya said...

wow....i cudnt hav received a more honest comment than this thx sumit thk u so much.....
For this comment means that my work was worth it i was atlst successful in representing "he and she" as one amongst us stories.
even though Raj is doing very gud in his life thr's something vacant in his life....wont go more into the details but to wrap it all up.
Thx n keep posting honest comments of urs
i really appreciate this.
tk cr

ashok said...

Definitely shreya is an excellent story writer provided she didn't copied it .....d way she represented he n she is a gr8 job .....
no doubt raj is strongest character to be played . i planned to read just few lines of story coz of lack of time bt as i moved on i cuoldn' stop myself upto end.......
finally congrats!!shreya 4 such a good job.......
waiting for another one.....

Shreya said...

hii ....thx for the nice comment i really appreciate it wen ppl say they dont hav time n end up reading wat i wrote :)
cant get better :P
ye sthe story is real n honestly true one.... :)
this is all i can say abt the authenticity abt the story .

Nevertheless i hope to write something better next time also.

thx take care

v said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
v said...

wow! superb story.. I was leaving my office, jus stumbled upon this blog.. thought will spare a minute or so n read this story and didn't knew how 15 mins flew by.. Really speaking I HAD EXPERIENCED it in real life.. I was Raj and almost exactly the same thing happened minus the thing that she asked for mental preparation for interviews etc. on the contrary she told only after her marriage was fixed and even told that this is the will of her parents and the boy is good, not handsome then me but definitely richer.. its 2 yrs. now to that incident, going by the sheer destiny, he was a software guy and I a mechanical engineer.. ofcourse future seemed bright with that guy for her. I was not angered by this move of her but very very sad.. Unlike Raj of this story, I cudn't control myself and didn't go to her marriage but started distancing myself from her.. Unlike this story our story ended there, no sms of weekends were exchanged.But as fate would want it, he was into job, I choose business and today I am earning much more than 'him' and recently (as we were from same caste as well) when in one community function we met. She was all out again speaking freely with me.. I don't know whether she is really happy or whether she really still loves me or is that money factor (for which I think she had opted against me in the first case.. atleast I think so). Unlike Raj I am still unmarried, not because I am not getting some good proposals but now I just think I can't love anyone:(.. After that meet recently, her phone calls have restarted, sms galore, mails are flooding my inbox.. not only that they contain things like her life is boring, her life sucks, he is not the kind of man she preffered and things like that.. but I know its not right, so I never return her calls or sms or mails except for the first mail in recent times, I had written not to mail me but it was of no avail.. Don't know why people make you feel that you are being loved and they will always be with you, when they really don't bother to do so.. It has been a long comment..Sorry for the 'bore' factor:) Gud work.. keep it up.. it refreshed my old sad memories

Shreya said...

Mr. V

On the 1st note sorry for the late reply i checked your comment just today.

Anyways when i wrote this story i had the vague idea about a similar story, the incidents were not the same but yes the mood was definitely the same. I realised how many people have gone through similar experiences while loving somebody. The credit does go to the stamina of those who have actually faced this ....a physical damage is still tolerable but a heart break is really bad.

I wish to respond to your comments in parts
Honestly i really really respect the fact that when your ex decided on something contrary to your wish you chose to give her way ....and that now you have refrained yourself from her bz you realize what has happened was past adding you also respect her present relation with her husband. If i can add more i would just say i Support what you did.

I dont really know you but YOur idea behind the very fact that May be she is back into your life for money could be true bz at the 1st glance it seems.

But i kind of dont agree to the decision of not marring, Since now you are working and busy in life n business you might not feel the need to have anybody arnd but the real need of a partner is felt (I feel) is after 40 when probably other needs fall fade.
Even though i do understand what 1st love is and why it is so tough to fall in love again.

Loving one's is never forgotten but keeping them away is possible thats righteous

BUt i would ask you something may be this can resolve ur dubiety -

Do you expect her to come back to your life?

If Yes (like you feel she might even if the slightest of feelings)only then you would feel like i dont wanna marry again.
Greet life with love im sure more than you its your family who should be worried about this.Better than that take the pain to share your life with ur wouldbe it sure would be easier to be Friends with her than Life partner :)

Now the ans to your last part why people make you feel you are loved and would be with you when they do not really mean this?

well my friend partly its fate and partly psychology (scientific terms ).....they make you feel close when they themselves are either lonely, dubious about their own requirements, or simply enjoying their so called effervescent life.
We are hurt bz we look fwd to appreciation in any relation as well ques like
why do u love me? whats so gud about me? etc etc a part of even our actions respond to requirement of praise associated with it.

anywz i wud better wrap it up in short :P (else i'd alwz have lots to talk :D )

Love your family i feel they need you more than that girl and feel complete within not JUST ENGROSSED IN WORK BUT ELATED WITHIN involve in activities that add LIFE to YOU.

and as i wrote in a poem of mine BE BORN AGAIN.
take care
hope u read and respond back MR.V


well, frst of all kudos 2 u shreya mam fr writing such an interesting story... it is one of those rare pieces which lingers in ur mind long aftr u read it.........
but i really wish to suggest sumthng to mr.v
mr.v u essentially appear to be a very dedicatd over emotional type of guy n i completely understand how you must have been devastated..... but plz dont give up d idea of marriage..
why?? coz as i see, a person like you who has such a capacity to love n care shudnt really waste his life... see if you stay unmarriaed then you are devoiding somebody of your love... any avg girl wud be more than happy to have a loving person like you in her life..
aap kisi ladki ki zindagi jannat bana sakte ho!!!! kam se kam apne liye nahin toh uski (tht unknown grl whom u'll marry ) khushi k liye fall into love again...
just involve urself in her... dont waste d emotions tht r there inside you ... so go find urself a grl ..
n think about ur parents... if u r not happy or content then they wont b happy either .....
waise bhi the gratest happiness in d world is to approach a closed door at d end of d day knowing tht sumbody on the other side of the door is waiting for the sound of u footsteps....
so go ahead live life to the full... us immature 'she' k kaaran apni life kharaab mat karo. its nt justified.. aaj kal waise bhi aapke jaise dedicated lovers dekhne ko nahin milte n mujhe wakai bahut dukh hoga yah sunkar ki aapki zindagi us 'she' k kaaran kharab hui toh.... waise bhi aap ab tak toh yeh samajh chuke honge ki 'she' aapke layak nahin thi..
plzzz start again... n hamein bataiyegaaa if u did start a new. we wud be really happy to hear frm u tht u struggled outta dis... iam a verbose.. i am not gud at xpressing my self but u got the feel naaa.. hope u find some kudi who'll rock ur world... our blessings go wid u......

n shreya mam aapki poem k baare mein likhn abhi baaki hai....

Shreya said...

Thanx amul ,

well Mr.V ka to patanahi but im impressed with ur comment thanx for sharing such a candid view :)

keep posting ur comments :)
take care

v said...

Hi Shreya, Mr. V idhar hi hai..:) and ab aapke blog mein regular aata hi rahega.. don't worry:) sorry friends was on business tour and 2 b frank, I never expected ne comments 2 my post..I mean it was just a spontaneous reaction of mine after reading that story, actually shreya 4 a moment I felt, that it was written by sum1 who knew me closely:) and do you know what was my instant reaction.. I juz penned down a comment stating.. "who r u.. do u know me??" and even posted it:). But then regained my senses:) and then deleted it.. above my comment in this same story u can see one tag like 'comment deleted by the author' arrey it was me only:).. then juz left my present comment 'coz I juz felt like commenting.. really I didn't know there are gud people like u and Amulji who took ur important time off to write a comment.. I am really thankful to both of you.. Amulji u had written like a friend, u may be a nice person Amulji.. I fully agree wit ur thoughts but Amulji for each n every thing there are two views, so u had told Amulji that may be I am devoiding somebody of my love.. but Amulji I view the same thing and think "Whether I'll be able to love her with the same intensity?." Then Amulji u had told that I shud fall in love again for that unknown girl:).. Amulji agar aise mein love mein pad sakta then baat ki kya thi:). Actually Amulji love can't be cultivated,woh toh ho jaata hai yaar, without even ur knowing it.. mujhe dukh iss baat ka nahi hai ki 'she' left me for sum1 else but iss baat ka hai that she didn't have the slightest remorse for it, neither did she think once ki what'll I go through, and if it had been one-sided affair like agar woh nahi jaanti hoti, then it was other thing, but she had herself told many times that she loved me more than nething else.. actually if she hadn't told such a thing then may be I wud have never even told her my feelings wic I had for her coz u guaged it right Amulji, I am very very emotional and shy character, my close friends, my family, my business is my entire world:).. but when u r contantly told that u r being loved then naturally u'll respond back.. but then to be ditched 4 practically no mistake of urs is really heart breaking.. but do u know friends I don't know what this feeling is but when she told that she was getting married and told that the boy is a software engineer working in so n so company.. I was not wild at her but instantly I felt that this was nothing against her wish or else she would have told me well before everything was fixed.. as v were in regular touch, so before ne marriage relation being fixed there are many formalities like the boy shud see the girl and all, and if it was really like what she says her parents wish.. then atleast she would have told me at the time of the first intimation she might have got from her parents.. had she told me at the first instance then may be I wud have told her to tell her parents that she wasn't ready for marriage right now atleast for an year, and I am sure they would have agreed coz at that time she was juz 23 yrs old and one year wait wouldn't have been much.. and within this one year I wud have established myself very soundly.. but I know she wanted to see which guy will be better for her:)like if he was someone who she considered not so good for her future then she would have told me that such a thing is happening and may be she would have told her parents too (who r actually good understanding people.. not those villian types:).. and more importantly they knew my parents too very well) so if she wanted she could have stopped the entire course of her wedding, and she was the only one who cud have stopped it, as mujhe toh pata hi nahi tha till everything was finalised and our parents didn't know about this thing.. but ok.. she may have felt that she would be more happy with 'him' then with me.. infact when she told me that he was a software proffessional this and that.. I knew instantly from her body language that she was happy.. and pagalpan ki hadd dekho yaaron, I was not sad but feeling happy for her, It was a mixed feeling, was happy that she is happy and found a good match, was sad and feeling left out for nothing, but I juz asked her that "Tu khush hai na.." she told that majboori hai khushi nahi.. but I knew her well she was not so obidient girl aferall:) ki parents ne bola aur yeh maan jaaye.. and I also felt friends that she was right in her decision.. afterall who was I in comparision to 'Him'.. Ofcourse I have a good personality and a good physique, solid biceps.. but this is no photo session but life session:) wherein these things don't have any place.. may be 'she' had felt infatuation to these things and was juz doing timepass with me.. and when she found someone who could provide her with stability in life then... may be she was wise (as she alwyz. considered herself) and made a clever decision and that too putting all the blame on her decent parents.. but all those things never mattered to me coz I juz wanted her to be happy.. coz there were many in college who were falling for me but I was sincere to 'she' as I had really really loved her.. I juz wanted her to be happy so thought that 'he' was indeed a better choice and may be she will be far more happier with him then me.. coz I am a person who feels delighted with small little things in life.. like baarish mein bheegna, cricket match, movies all these small small things but she was alwayz ambitious, beleived in materiastic things, alwayz was telling that so and so person had so and so things and a person who believed that for happiness, money and luxury were the key.. so I wud say to one extent yes but then after a particular point these things doesn't matter, like once u have the basic neccessities then its not a big thing to lead a decent life style.. v always argued on this matter but a friendly argument, some of her talks would bother me like she wud always say 'sabhie ko sabhi cheeze nahi milta life mein." then she used to often say "life mein compromises karne padte hai." Then she wud say "kuch paane ke liye, kuch khona padta hai." and I would always argue that "aise cheeze paaye hi kyoon, jisko paane ke liye kuch apna khaas cheez khona pade:).." so such conversations used to crop up.. so neways when she had already decided.. and was happy.. I had no objections what so ever.. I wished her gud luck.. And really stating friends who was I?? front of 'him'.. though he was a year older than me, not so handsome and didn't possess a great personality (ofcourse he was a decent chap) but he had many things which I didn't:(.. Like those days I was staying in a rented flat, while he had a double bedroom flat of his own, I had a hero honda cbz bike while he had a brand new ford ikon.. I was working in a local company.. while he was working in a world famous MNC, a company jiska naam sab jaante hai, I was drawing a salary of 20k per month while he was drawing a salary of 40k per month.. almost double:).. He was well placed in his firm and poised to be handled good positions in his future whereas I was already planning of quitting the job in which I was:).. cause it was not that satisfying and for me salary didn't matter and job satisfaction was main.. Newayz uska shaadi ho gaya.. and then I juz wanted to forget her.. all the way was thinking ok, she was happy, teek hai.. and 'he' was a good decent chap as we had some common friends and I knew that he was a good match for her.. Then life moved on yaar, and then its the present day.. last time when we met recently in that community function.. it was after 2 yrs. we met.. there was no xchange of ne mails or telephonic conversation or sms whatsoever between us all these time.. Then that day, v met again.. Nothing had changed physically or appearance-wise, we were all the same, but relations had changed, money wise things had changed, feeling wise things may have changed too:(.. I was feeling a bit uncomfortable as I didn't knew she was coming there or else I wudn't have gone there.. further the more disturbing factor was that she was talking to each and every of my relatives and old friends and I was sure she was taking my info. from the unsuspecting friends n relatives.. may be she too might have not expected me to be there.. neways I juz completed the formalities as I had announced a scholarship earlier in the year for students who are bright and intend to go abroad for further studies, so our community elders wanted me to myself give that award to those deserving candidates.. thatz y I was there n the first place or else I wudn't have even gone there.. as I generally never go to functions other than my close friends' or my business friends' functions.. Ironically that day when I left the hall to my house one of my old relative met me and I spent a few moments talking with that guy in the parking lot.. and while we were talking, 'she' and 'he' came out.. ironically his car didn't start that night, may be some minor problem but it willn't start.. So I offered to drop them which was readily accepted by both of them.. So then I took leave of my relative and we three, left on our way.. I was driving, 'he' besides me and she in the back seat.. I am sure she might have tracked down full details of my latest being in that function as almost all our community members and relatives were present and I know her very well.. she wud be very much curious to know abt ma present status n full details pata laga hi liya hoga.. strangely enough at that time we were moving down the same road where once she used to work.. the same streets where I used to pick her up frm her office n drop her to her house whenever time permitted because I juz didn't want her to stand in long q in the bus stand in scorching sun.. I remembered those days when she used 2 say, "tu jaldi se gaadi le le.. so that dhoop nahi lage while travelling".. n I wud tell, "sure ma'am ek din jarur drop karunga gaadi mein"... and see the irony friends I was indeed dropping her home in my own 'gaadi' travelling through the same streets.. but the situation was drastically different.. I remembered those things and juz cudn't help looking at her in the inside rear view mirror.. and she was there staring directly at me in the mirror, her eyes filled with tears.. usko bhi wohi baatein yaad aa rahi hogi shayad.. and 'he' unknowing of all these things was juz chatting away:).. and soon their house came, dropped them, both invited me to their apartment, but I refused and went away.. That day she might have compared us again as she had done two years back.. da comparision between 'him' n me.. Now 2 years down the lane, 'he' was promoted to a senior position but as one of my business friend says that "all things are good when seen individually but as soon as they are compared with something, then even the best of things seem small or bad if the things with which they are compared to are bigger or better than them.." its so true friends.. really true.. 2 yrs. back ofcourse I was not to the match of 'him' but it was enough to lead a decent life style with respect and dignity and ofcourse with a double graduate degree I wud naturally thrive for better future and in ne case it wudn't have been in the reverse path.. but alas as this friend of mine keeps saying, eventhough I was fine in my own way, I was not upto the mark of 'him':(.. but now the times have changed.. 'he' hadn't become small or belittled but he has done progress which he ought to do.. like he was promoted to a much higher post then he was while 2 yrs back.. but he was no match for me now friends as I had my own business which she knew.. She knew 'he' was earning 60k per month against the 40k. wic was 2 yrs bak but that day she came to know from my CA (who is also distantly related to her) that now I was now earning 7 digit figures every month wic 'he' could never match even if he is made the CEO of his firm.. 'He' was still owning the same ford ikon, while now I had dropped them in my honda accord with two more cars in my house making a grand total of three vehicles:).. They still lived in the same flat which 'he' had purchased 2 yrs. bak right b4 his wedding and I had since then upgraded and shifted 3 times and presently I was staying in my own posh n spacious 7 bedroom brand new bunglow to which I shifted juz a month ago.. all these things mit have created havoc in her mind.. for 2 days nothing happened then came her mail.. juz a casual one, enquiring why I hadn't married and how was everything going on and juz enquiring whether I had the tel. nos. of some of our old buddies.. I didn't want to tell her the real reason for not marrying juz. formally told that was too busy in all stuff and was now going to get married soon.. then a day later again her mails came and sms too inviting for chat.. I replied the sms that I was busy and told will reply back by mail.. that mail of hers was like full of complaints with her life.. she told that 60-65k salary of her husband was spent juz like that with nothing saved.. she said that his car, house and even furnitures and home appliances were financed.. further some personal loan liya tha ussne some time back for some stuff and so the emi's are big every month and still have a long way to go towards its completion.. so almost half of his salary goes on to it.. his family being an orthodox one, doesn't want her to work.. She said that his parents were not well and towards their medications too a big deal was spent everymonth. so all these personal things she was mailing.. I didn't know what to do.. I didn't even know what she wanted 4rm me.. May be after her marriage she had realised that she too loved me so may be she was feeling guilty.?? but then I thought that if she really loved me.. why did she not contact me from the past 2 yrs even to know how I was faring in my business, how was life etc.. juz for info.. infact I was enquiring thru sum common friedns of ours that whether she was fine or not, and was happy to know that she was fine n happy.. but she had never even bothered to enquire ne1 about my well beings.. eventhough one of my cousin sister lived in the same tower as hers and she knew it.. and suppose she didn't want to keep ne sorta formal relations after marriage, no friendship, no pehchaan nothing then ok its good but then why is she now doing so??? If she had so many problems then why is she saying her personal family matters to me.. what does she expect me to do.??? Soon I knew that I shud put brakes or else this is not something formal going on.. She would ring me 10 times a day, apart from mails and sms.. I was feeling very uncomfortable, socha ki uske hubby ko juz bol du but felt that by doing so I was putting their relationship into danger.. so juz was avoiding her phone calls and all.. Actually I had alwayz loved her.. may be I even luv her.. eventhough Amulji as told by u, I know she was never worth me.. may be not even worth 'him', who is fairly decent good chap.. but I still love her yaar:(.. don't know what is this thing called love.. is it the same case everywhere or kya sirf I am an emotional fool:(. And shreya to ur ques. asked I wud juz say that "No, I don't want her back in my life.." I wanna forget her but I can't, I wanna hate her but I can't.. I juz can't see her in tears:(.. I juz wanna see her happy yaar. I know there's sumtg. drastically wrong wit me.. but I can't help it friends.. but after she got married.. I was not like ne devdaas that juz to forget the grief I wud drown myself into alchohol or just commit sucide or sumtg. foolish like that.. coz I know that v live not just for ourselves but we have certain responsibilities towards others too.. My parents who had brought me up.. with so much care n love.. instilled good values, mujhe padaya likaya.. how can I let them down.. I had to live and thrive for them.. my friends who were alwayz there for me through thick n thin.. all these people were there who wanted to see me happy and vice friends I had just consoled myself that I wanted 'her' to be happy neways n now she was happy.. so it was allright.. but now... though I don't beleive her completely, I don't trust her nemore.. but I know presently she is not happy.. for whatever reason.. and this makes me feel very uncomfortable.. I told her once that these things are there in every family so she shoud adjust instead of complaining.. and even told her that I am an outsider, she shudn't discuss ne thing of her personal family life wit ne outsider whatever may be the reason.. but she asked so does she mean nothing to me now.?? Does it not matter to me whether she lives or dies.. has she become so indifferent to me:(.. I was sort of very sad on hearing this... samajh mein hi nahi aa raha tha ki kya bolu... so such things really hurts me but still I am holding strong in my stance.. just avoiding each and every telephonic calls. Last week she rang from one of her cousin's mobile, as she knew that I willn't receive her call if she gives a ring from her personal mobile or her residence land-line phone no. She gave a ring from her cousin's cell no... I answered the call but there was no voice on the other side.. then I cut the call.. it rang again and again and the same thing went on till a few times till I blankly scolded that whosoever is it is really mad.. and at that she said that yes she was mad two yrs. ago.. at that time I realized it was she.. I asked her what the hell was this thing.. she told that she just wanted to hear my voice and knew that I wud disconnect the call from her mobile.. And then she wept.. I cudn't juz cut the call like that while she wept, and was consoling her that its allright what happened and sort of thing.. as she was crying really badly.. To top it up, I was about to enter into a meeting within a few minutes.. but she kept on crying and my whole mind was sort of dull and I cudn't attend the meeting.. asked sorry and postponed it for the next day.. sat in my office cabin.. not a word was exchanged and she kept on crying for almost 20 mins.. and I was juz listening to it.. then she said sorry and I told its ok.. and the conversation ended.. So all these things drain me out.. I know what is right and what is wrong and I will never do nething which is wrong or which will make me feel guilty throughout my life, but at the same time, don't know till how long will I be able to stop myself from interfering in her life.. may be she herself is responsible for all that she is going through right now but still friends I juz don't know what to do.. agar malum nahi tha about all these things, then alag baat hota, but after knowing all these shud I juz be indifferent or shud I try to help and make her situation a bit nicer?. but again if I choose the second option then will it be fine to do such a thing, like interfering into sum1's family regarding ne thing.. if not then what is the next option??.. I juz don't know what to do and what not:(... But I know I have to act fast.. or else it will have an adverse effect in my business as well coz I can cope with ne type of pressures in business but these emotional turmoils from within juz keep me pinned down.. I can't concentrate on work.. So will have to do sumtg. really fast.. And Amulji its alwayz nice to have sum1 waiting for u while u come back home after a tiring day.. actually I am not against marrying ne1 juz feeling whether will I be able to do justice to her sincere love, sometimes thinking ki kahin woh bhi 'she' jaise toh nahi hogi na like she may be liking sum1 but due to one or the other reason she will be marrying me.. may be due to pressure of parents or nething like that.. kabhi lagta hai kahin mein khud anjaane mein kisi 'she' ke zindagi mein 'He.'ki tarah toh daakil nahi ho raha na and simply because of all that I have 2day koi apne pyaar ko tukra kar na aajaaye.. kabhi lagta hai ki may be I am outdated.. in this fast paced and mechanized world, where there is no place for emotions and feelings but only success and goals matters. Sumtimes Amulji I really ponder whether true love really exists or not:( or is it juz in books and films:(. I even know that my parents want to see me married and happy but its ok as I am well within the marrageable age, I can still remain 1-2 yrs. bachelor if I stretch it to the maxi.:) Recently mom had asked what u want in ur would be, if u have sum1 tell us v have no objections and if not we will find sum1 exactly like the one you wantt, 4 that I told that what qualities she wants in her would-be bahu.. bring a bride exactly like that.. and I'll have no objections coz I know their decisions will not be wrong as they wud always want me 2 b happy.. because friends I juz don't know to guage a person, who is true or just seeming so from outside but very different from within..:( this has been an awfully long post:).. but today I had just let myself free and had written everything in response to ur post or else generally I keep all things to me.. juz me.. I hope all these ends soon and peacefully enough.. btw Amulji u have expressed urself very well indeed:) jab koi sahi kudi milegi na aapko jarur batayenge:).. pucca without fail:)... Signing off now friends it was great to read your comments and all the concern u both had shown.. so Shreya and Amulji I thank you both from heart 4 making me feel real worthy.. Take care friends..

greymater said...

mr v...hats off yaar...unbeleivable is the way u hav expressed urself....
n indeed its rare to find sumone like u...who still so passionately beleives in love,,, & is ready to even think for a person ...who hav ditched u !!!made a mockery of ur love!!!!n still u want to think about her life!! kudos man!!
its a real awkward situation u r in,,,but i assume that its ur responsibility as a tell 'she' that now atleast she should act maturely n allow u to live ur life!!!.she is not only being bad to the person she has married but also to u ..whom she has hurt so bluntly...atleast now she should accept the person she has married to be her everything...n the materialistic things as per u tat she left u for doesnt matter, a person tat is 'he' might be blindfold loving her n she isnt realising that....
n for u,,it would be a wrong on ur love if u would try to get into a realtionship with tat girl u r just destroying 3 u well know now tat she isnt tat gal u loved!! n u wont ever get tat out of ur mind!! be practical n the best thing to do is to make her realise that she is so wrong!! tats ur responsibilty on ur part as a lover..
n about not marrying!! well i also say tat its really difficult to love anyone..once u hav loved sumone!!! but move on yaar..atleast try to interact with girls in tat positive sense ..who knows..the person whom u actually loved wasnt 'she'..she just appeared to be..but the person u may have been loving may be dere still waiting for u ...n u may end up geting her!!!
anyways chao man!!! u have faced some life!!! hats off!!!

Shreya said...

wow i cant really imagine we have such healthy minds acted together at my blog .........when i wrote the story all i knew was that its a real story . But so real that Mr. V it made you feel tat i know you God .your situation is really close to the story.
1st thank you Greymater :) for posting in your wonderfull comment For a penfriend of ours. I personally too agree to what you said.
He's right while saying that the girl you loved was DIFEERENT VERY VERY VERY DIFFERENT from the one who calls you and msgs you and wants you back in life for some materialistic satisfaction.

Sternly say her NO keep saying her NO for whether she calls you msgs you or mail you.Dont REACT. NOT EVEN OK. bz the more softer stand you take wid her the more she wud feel that she can have you back.Plz for your sake and for those loved ones who really really love you.KEEP SAYING NO TO HER.ONE DAY SHE WOULD BE EARSED OFF YOUR MIND AND FROM YOUR LIFE.

the 1st time you do this would take sometime and give some pain but its enough a time to get over it ....added this would give you courage to keep doing this

You are an honest man , did nothing wrong and have nothing to hide why would you hide away.

Honestly iss time pe kuch samjhane se kaam nahi chalega so just do what i have said above trust me once you do it would be able to cont your stand and after exactly 1 week you would overcome her completely.The fact is to FACE her even when you know it hurts her.
Understandingly some reaction and LOUD reaction (lk revenge that hurts other one)psychologically is necessary to OVERCOME.
You have had enough and you are very very mature enough to Understand YOU HAVE TO DO IT.DONT GO ON LISTENING TO EXPLAINATION OF YOUR SITUATION.YOU HAVE TO FACE WHAT HAS TO BE DONE.


THATS the ONly way to get over it.
Remember She never did anything FOR YOU...simply used you.

Mr.V friends are for sharing you are welcome to post whatever you feel .......... plz lemme know what happ n how things are going :)
im sure you can and you will overcome this problem of yours.

Till then adios and
Take Care of yourself and your parents :)

Anonymous said...

well indeed mr . v i can understand d intrigue ur going thru.... coz ppl who r introvert n super-sentimental like u cant just let go of d emotional attachment easily........
we d super-sentimental ppl usually tend to feel guilty to let go of our attachment... its a very gr8 quality coz ppl like u who r so very dedicated to a relationship make superb husbands.. coz i know tht if u marry a kudi then u wud nvr cheat on her or hurt her... ever....
so as amulji sez ki dont waste ur ability.... well i'll say find some kudi who'll just keep u busy....... who's vivacious n craves fr u... i really applaud d way u hv scaled up in ur business n stuff....
well u knw y being in luv wid sumbody is such a bliss??
dey say its bcoz when u luv sumbody u frgt alll abt urself n ur needs n ur problems....
all u think abt is d oder persons happiness n ur own problems seem petty to you...... so 'selfishness' d main root cause of all discontentment is eliminated thru luv....
n now imagine when u marry sumbody (sum rockin fulll of life grl) then u wont hv time to think about ur own problems n tht immature mundane 'she' n b4 u notice it u wud hv forgotten her... ur wife wont give u a chance to think abt her...... thts y i say find sumbody who's much more active ,mature n ambivert who'll just know hw to pamper u....
any traditional kudi will also marwaris n gujratis kudi's are as though moulded so tht they knw d tactics of leading a happy married life....
i'm sure u'll find many oF them...
n u r very right .. luv cannot be cultivated it just happens fr no reason at all.... n just meet dis kudi n ur loving heart wont b able to resist Falling fr her..
n harivansh-rai bachchan very welll said
n miss shreya ur story did indeed touch a nerve.... keep writing such stories.... kudos to u too mate...
n as i noticed evrywhr in ur blog d word 'adios' .. i percieve its used fr gud bye?? do tell me!

Shreya said...

Its so exciting to know that a simple story can steer up so many emotions.Thank You EUPHORIA for appreciating the article I Hope i can keep writing upto everybody's expectation :).

and well yes adios does mean Farewell you did percieve it right :)

Thank you again for helping a common friend of ours and sharing your view at this platform.

I just want to know it from all if you wish to start some kind of discussion on this blog reagarding anything.LiKe we had on a problm above ....
It would be nice to see everbody sharing their own views without the fright of being identified.
Lemme know the same...comment on this.

thank you again
take care

v said...

Hi Shreya and all other friends.. Returned today from Cyprus.. had gone on a business trip.. Actually friends, that particular job would have been handled well by any of my staffer and I could have sent anyone there.. but friends I wanted to go out of India, bahut dhoor, to have some time for myself to give a silent thinking, as anyhow here I was not being able to give 100% to my routine office work.. plus I wanted to be away from the mess I am going through at present. Apart from this my friends, I will have to admitt that GOD is generous, if he had not given me a true lover, HE had nicely compensated with some fine loyal friends and very caring parents. So they have this unique tendency of knowing of what I am going thru even if I don't divulge a thing:) so friends from the last few days actually I am just not being able to live my life yaaron.. but the bigger problem is that its now visible to others like mom was asking the other day that what problem are u going thru.. I told nothing as such but she told that she was thinking something was wrong.. actually shreya.. they guage things from some small stuff which I don't even notice:) Sabhie ke sabhi james bond aur sherlock homes se crash course lekar aaye honge.. I doubt:). Coz mom was saying that from the last few days I had not taken that extra cup of coffee:) Actually freinds, when its night here, its office time in california, my branch office is situated there and so some part of my night is into work.. either via net or phone or video conferencing.. So after dinner a couple of hours its juz hardcore work.. So when mom goes to sleep, she prepares a cup of coffee for me and then she goes to sleep after her daily dose of ekta kapoor serials:) But I always prepare one extra cup of coffee myself after a couple of hours.. as I like sipping strong hot coffee while working.. So from the last few days jab kaam pe hi dil nahi toh coffee kya piunga.. so juz was drinking the coffee prepared by mom so mom was asking is there something wrong with me @ work or ne problems as such.. similarly the other day I was driving with one of my friend sitting next to me.. Actually I drive very fast but its not rash driving but fast driving.. I love it.. so a few days back I was driving with my friend seated besides me.. he immdl. asked what is that problem which is bothering you.. I was surprised but controlled my astonishment and told no problems and asked why he thought so.. he replied that he had never seen me drive so slow.. My speedometer showed 40kmph, and I smiled and asked 'kahan slow hai.' but he told that for a person jiske liye 100kmph is juz moderate speed this is very slow.. Actually then I realized that generally I do drive very fast, I like tight overtakings, squeezing in and out of traffic etc.but for that, mind shud be clear, but at present my mind was pre-occupied and not at all clear and so it was like automatically I was driving slow because may be my defence mechanism had kicked in so internally I may be knowing that I will not be in a position to react fast in case of emergency or in a position to take fast decisions or something so even without my knowing I was driving real slow:). So all those who know me closely were picking by these signals being left my me unknowingly.:) and I knew that if I keep lingering on this problem soon everyone will know my state of mind.. So friends I decided to go on this tour myself.. So while in Cyprus had some quality time all for myself.. juz gave a silent thought.. Each and every word of advice, each and every small details of my life and the present situation was given a thought before deciding something;).. I didn't tell 'she' but wanted her to know that I was not in India so that she is informed that no need of doing such stupid things as I am not there anyway.. I didn't want to talk to her.. so before leaving, I rang her husband, juz a casual call and told him that I am going to Cyprus, sure enough she might have got the news.. Then once here I gave a careful thought and now I do have a plan in place thankfully. wic I think may work.. not sure though.. but definitely worth a try.. feeling good too.. after getting some 'space' for myself.. all these happened so fast and without warning that I myself was not realizing what was happening with me.. slowly I was being dragged into something which I didn't want to do or which I shudn't do... and if I had not temporarily taken a break, I wud have definitely taken some wrong move because it was so much fast and the whole matter was getting so entangled and upar se business ka hectic schedule toh hai hi.. and alongwith this, roj roj ka yeh emotional black mailing, yeh sentiments ke saath kilwaat.. It was a welcome respite from all these things:)..
So once detached from my normal routine, I was very very relaxed.. all sorts of things were moving in my mind.. I wanted to come back to India relaxed and as I was before prior to that recent community function.. Anywayz was feeling some calm and peace after many days.. infact I had not even taken a good holiday from the past 2 yrs. It was simply work.. work.. work.. so this proved a good holiday as well:).. a peaceful holiday with no shor sharaba as the work here was just a routine sort of work, not so hectic and not tough either.. it was just a secondary thing and the main thing being my thinking into my life.. past, present, future..:) Shreya to tell u the fact, mein bhi bilkul waise hi socha jaise tumne kaha hai.. I decided that I will say no 2 her sternly.. change my mobile no. and instruct my CA (her 'dhoor ka rishtedaar' not to give ne info. abt. me to her or my no. or nething) will tell the same things to my friends as well. Instruct my staff and secretary not to forward her call to me whenever she rings to my office and all sorts of things.. but Shreya.. I know her well.. she is very ambitious and sorta mad yaar.. she can go to any extent to prove that she is serious and she can do anything to get my attention.. to get noticed... Another factor is that just as I know her well, she knows me well too, she knows my nature, so she may be knowing very well, why I am distancing myself from her, she is very ambitious and very adamant, she just decides seeing her own convinience, doosro ka jazbaat uske liye shayad koi maayne nahi rakhte, so sumtimes I fear she may purposely walk out of her marriage blowing some small matter out of proportion jus to be single again.. further shreya she knows my emotional quotient so in the back of her mind she may be assured that whatever may be the thing, I can never see her suffer and this may prompt her to do something really stupid with herself, some harm to herself purposely juz to get noticed by me and then to say that if you r not going to talk then I will be doing this thing with myself (nething yaar.. like she may take 20-30 sleeping pills, cut her viens, drive like insane.. whatever) She can do it just to get noticed and to prompt me to acknowledge her as presently she was just asking why can't you even talk to me.. She may have never loved me but freinds she knows the level to which I loved her and now she may have even guaged why I haven't married and she may have even figured out whats the thing which makes me avoid her and so eliminating that factor due to which I may be avoiding her will be very much on her cards... she knows I willn't see her in pain.. and really friends I can't.. I can't see her in pain.. I know she is not worth it.. but somehow therz sumthing which I just can't ignore.. So shreya in ur last post in this same topic u had told that I shud first think what I want.. I mean whether I want her back or not.. sort of thing.. so I even pondered over like why inspite of all these things I am having this soft corner for her and what I wanted in exchange for that from her.. Bahut socha shreya and then an honest answer did creep up yaar... I wanted nothing from her and the soft corner in my heart for her was infact not love.. as after she had done so much, its just impossible to even think she is worthy of my love.. but friends, if u have ever loved someone, one thing is sure, try what may, you can never hate that person, or wish wrong for that person, u may know that you don't love that person nemore, you may wish never to meet that person, but you will never keep grudge over what had happened, you will never try to sort of seek revenge, you will never wish that ok such a person cheated you so someone should cheat her sort of thing.. and I realized thatz exactly what I was going through, I realized I didn't love her nemore and now I even knew her true self, which again as prashant said was never that 'she' whome I had loved.. but the soft corner which I have is just a result of those feelings which once I had for her, and I am sure that too will be weakened by time as now I knew her true self which I didn't when I loved her.. I cud never imagine that the girl whome I loved wud ditch me for such a small thing like these materialistic things in this world.. but then I never told her to love me.. it was she who would always say that she loved me.. and if she wanted something, some help then she could have just told and I would have helped as a friend, what was the need to feign that she loved me, just to get help or whatever or to just use me...
Yeah prashant you are right in saying that she had ditched me, she had made a mockery of love but not my love prashant.. she had made a mockery of her love, which she had said that she loved me.. and thats the same thing which had returned back with a bang and which is haunting her now.. making her cry every moment.. She doesn't have that substance in her yaar which can make a mockery of my love. It was true and is still standing tall in my view and in her view too now.. and now she is indeed knowing what true love is, she indeed knows what she had lost, she indeed knows what true love is all about and its powers.. but its too late now and yeah she didn't deserve it as well.. Right na.. Further yaar prashant, thanx for ur comments man.. Don't worry I am not that stuff who is easily swayed here n there.. ofcourse I willn't be into ne relationship wit 'she' and prashant if I really wanted that then I cud have done it uptil now as its almost a month now to that function while we met after a gap of full 2 yrs.. See Prashant, she is totally confused n ofcourse as I have already said that once I had really loved her (ofcourse not any more but its da memory of those days which creates a special place for her in ma heart..) and the thing is that beleive me that if sum1 had really loved a person, then that person cud never see the other person whome he had once loved in pain or grief and thatz what exactly going on with me.. See prashant Life had given me a gud opportunity to take revenge:) If I want na then its my chance now to 'use' her and juz dump her, its my time now to just 'make timepass' with her and then not only dump her but spill the newz myself and even destroy (spoil) her present life/married relation for which she had ditched me in the first place.. and then imagine her situation she will neither be here, nor there... thats the right punishment for such kind of a ditcher but then yaar 'conscience' naam ka cheez bhi hota hai na:) I still ponder sometimes, kya 'she' ka conscience kabhi hurt nahi kiya hoga usse, kya kabhi bhi usko bilkul bhi bura nahi laga hoga with what she had done, to juz ditch me like that.. neways yaar, past is past now.. and ofcourse not all people are same.. afterall there shud be some difference between 'she' and "V" :) so I will not pay back in the same coin.. and my principle in life is that he is always greater who pardons his wrong doers (when he has the capacity to totally devastate them) than him who punishes his wrong doers.. now suppose if a lean frame 5th. standard kid is roughed up by six 10th. standard bulkily built kids and if that kid decides to pardon then its not pardon but its his 'majboori' as he is in no position to punish his wrong doers.. but if its a different scenario, like a bulky 10th. standard kid being attacked by a lean frame 5th. standard kid, who can be easily flung across by the bulky kid, but if that bulky kid decides to pardon him then its true pardon as he has that capacity to destroy his wrong doer but still decides against it:). so in this case, its nebody's guess where I stand today and where 'she' stands.. So the good news is that I have a good plan in place now.. may be this is the first time that I had used my mind instead of heart in this issue:).. and its very elaborate and I am sure it will help me come out of this mess.. I mean its a very strategical plan, just like the one which I generally do in business:) like in business hota hai na.. first toh ek general outline, then an exact sketch, then the pre manufacturing issues, then the manufacturing part, then the post manufacturing issues uske baad export and then the project is complete..:) so in the same way this plan is phased into sections and in the coming days it will be generally implemented and everything will fall to place.. I am sure..:)
Then prashant u had told that I have to start interacting with other girls and may be I will find my true love..:) so sweet of you:) and thanks for your well wishings. but I really think that this world has stopped producing girls with emotions.. actually people are now not so emotional and sentimental.. may be thats the way of life.. may be I am outdated.. sometimes I feel that being emotional and sentimental is not a virtue but a handicap nowadays.. and of the girls you are talking, nowadays you can get girls having good looks, good family, good education, good degrees, good fashion sense, good general knowledge etc.. but someone who has that depth of understanding ones emotions is not to be seen yaar, such a girl who can understand and feel the emotions and can respond in a similar way can't be get ( or may be doesn't exist at all..) The only thing which I would like to see in my girl would be that true feelings and true emotions, all other things, like looks, education, figure, family, money, degree or whatever is just trivial.. but I get to know many girls having all other qualities except this one:)... so I think even after one year.. when I will have to bow down to the wish of my parents to marry:) I may be settling down just with any girl of my parents wish kyoonki mujhe toh nahi milegi shayad koi bhi mere type ki ladki:).. ab kya kare, mere thoughts aur vichaar shayad out-dated ho chuke hai.:) newayz it will not prompt me to change myself.. because its my biggest strength.. the only regret being that no one understands it, I mean in today's world, no one even gives a damn thought to these values like emotions, sentiments etc. etc. they just live like machine chasing a fixed target to acheive in whatever way.. common this is not a life of a human.. but some robotic life.. Atleast this is what I think..
Finally I wud like to thank you Shreya for enabling this posting and all.. and not to mention ur friendly advice shreya which is indeed very very convincing and really true indeed.. I really appreciate it.. and will value it too.

Shreya said...

Hi Mr.V i really hope u have enjoyed your trip apart from thinking let us know how cyprus is ..who knws I might visit it one day so need kw how it is..lolz..

jokes apart i really liked the 1st part of ur comment where you said that your family and ur friends understd things even when u dont divulge a thing to them....i can really really identify this with myself .........same happens with me my friends and family kw my face and actions EVEN MY VOICE so well that they can kw what happens to me when (though i still manage to keep things hiding from them ;) )
well i guess that is why loved ones are for you dont need to talk to them they know your Silence.

Well Now what i dont agree to your comment is the last part ...."YOU ARE WRITING IN MY BLOG AND SAYING GIRLS HAVE NO EMOTIONS ARE WE ROBOTS???"
hello im a girl too....i dont agree to this in that case even i can declare guys are insensitive .......its not true everyone has got emotions ....what i believe is that now girls are more ambitious and career oriented (that is kind of a revolution now) for this reason some may prioritise money or career over emotions or may b bz they have also been ditched by some guy b4 lk u have been by one "she"..

so lets not generalise the notion that girls have no emotions at all....else shayad sensitivity of mothers nahi hoti(bz aajkal ki gals bhi mom's banti hain n they love their kids lk a gen b4)

anywz fought enough ;) i hope u got what i meant happy for the fact that now u have simplfied your thots and kw what you wanna do.
I expect rather shd wish ki you try n think and believe that there are girls who r sensitive to what you feel im sure in that case FATE would get you to the door step of the girl exactly you want.

All the best
take care
(i might reply late for now my examz are on ....but keep posting your comments )

v said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
v said...

Arrey shreya.. sorry yaar, there's sum real confusion.. I never meant what u have interpreted:(. See Shreya read carefully, I never said in ur blog that Girls don't have emotions,I was just referring to the general masses.. I just meant that people in general have become so self centred and so busy in today's fast paced life,that they juz think about their own betterment, about their own profit and their own better future, they don't have time or interest to think about ne1 else or to care for things like emotions, sentiments, family values and all these abstract things,which can't be seen, which can't be taught but WIC CAN ONLY BE FELT.. but in 2day's fast paced world people value only those things which are visible and wic is universally valuable like money, power, materialistic stuff.. not only that shreya, therz no limit to these things, its juz a mad race going on where therz only one way... and that way is forward.. Rules are simple.. don't see nething, don't feel a thing, juz move forward, even by trampling the one ahead of you.. no need to waste time by trying to help someone who is fallen down or else there is a chance of the person who is behind you, overtaking you.. so people just keep running ahead.. This is a modern day life.. Don't you agree wit this.. Ofcourse not all are like that but the majority has become like that sadly.. and a few people are there who aren't like that but watching the others, they too are tempted to join into the mad rush.. and in this process those who r not like that too are sort of forced to tow the band wagon and the same stays true for relations as well, there may be various reasons and one of the reason is the one which you had stated that may be some girl may be ditched by some guy and therefore she may have lost trust.. sure its possible and it is happening everywhere yaar.. but again I didn't go into the reasons yaar, I juz told that this is the thing going on nowadays.. I never intended to hurt u shreya or infact I didn't want to hurt the feelings or sentiments of ne1, and if unknowingly I had done so then I sincerely apologize to one and all.. I wud never want to hurt ne1's sentiments or feelings.. SO PLZ. PLZ. PLZ. ACCEPT MY SINCERE APOLOGY.. SHREYA I NEVER MEANT TO HURT UR SENTIMENTS AND FEELINGS.. PLZ. PARDON ME.. IF U HAD FELT HURT.. And Shreya u r not like 'she' or the type of persons whome v were discussing in this blog of urs.. DEFINITELY NOT... If you really think that I considered you one amongst those type of persons, then do you think I wud have ever revisited your blog and shared my views.. if at all I felt that I am discussing my views with sum person who is one amongst the many 'she' roaming around in this planet.. NO SHREYA NO.. But infact Shreya the comments which you had posted clearly states the veiw point which you have.. which is very refined and entirely correct.. and beleive me there are very few people who can spare their time and really guide some unknown person yaar... And yeah Shreya u had fought enough:).. so now onwards no fight ok:).. All the best for ur exams.. I wish you excel in ur examinations and btw I too have an exam.. examination of life;).. bhagana hai na abhi 'she' ko:).. ilaj karna hai na uska abhi without ne side effects;) to ne1... Thankz Shreya for ur sincere wishings and I do hope juz as u had wished that FATE do lead me to da door steps of sum right person.

Take care Shreya,
Mr. V.:).
(U juz concentrate on ur exams, jab time mille u can reply, its completely a non-issue.. even if U don't it will do but plz. yaar ek baar dil se maaf kar dena.. it'll be more than enough;)... Once again Shreya all my best wishings r with you for ur examinations and I am sure u will excell in ur examinations..:).. take care.. BYE!!.)

Der Anfang.

Shreya said...


hey its ok i wasnt angry at all so maaf karne ki baat hi nahi aati.Waise bhi aap mujhse bade ho honge to very obviously you might have felt something genuine tabhi ye comment kiya hoga.I have no offense against you and plz dont keep any guilt within youself.
.....Thanx for the wishes again.

bbye take care

v said...

Thanx yaar.. actually u r right... was feelin very guilty and was even thinking of cancelling that post altogather..;) yeah I had felt something genuine and therefore I had left that comment bus baat itni si huvi ki mein ne kuch alag context mein usse likha tha aur aapne kuch alag context mein usko samajh liya:).. Actually it was also my fault that I was not so precise.. Ab har koi aap jaisa lekak toh nahi hai na:).. so clearly express nahi kar saka apne baat ko... Newayz am happy as now everything is fine na.. no misunderstandings nothing.. Right..:) And ek aur baat kehna chaunga that ofcourse I am elder than you by a few years.. but it doesn't give me the license to hurt ur feelings or infact ne person shudn't hurt ne1's feelings.. because they seldom heal.. and yeah aap se kuch saal baada hoon toh iska matlub yeh nahi ki mein galat nahi ho sakta... so plz. continue to comment whenever if u feel that my view point is wrong or if u think that I am making/heading towards a mistake.. because each and every point u make is very correct.. infact ur thoughts are too mature for a 19 yr. old(age as shown in ur profile) I hope its not sum typing error.. like 91 ke badle 19 type hogaya ho..;) he he :) newayz shreya take care, wishing you ALL THE BEST for your examinations. Make ur parents n friends proud.. Take care Shreya, will be signing off now.. bye..
alwayz keep smiling:)...

Shreya said...

Hey no u dont need to delete comments for any guilt forget it its a matter of past. And apart im not any gr8 just write what i feel times rather at some places even i fail to express myself so nothing to feel out of place :)
Its nice to see the funda ki nobody has the right to hurt others even if one is elder i agree to this but i even even say ki thr may b some ppl(ELDERS) who kw what is right better than we do and still arnt able to express or reason things out with at times we need t o give them the space of beings elders :)(thats what i feel for eg our parents)....would put up a detailed article abt all this may b soon :)

and well im a simple 19 yr old girl its not 91 ;) :D else what examz do u expect me to b giving huh!!! i would have been a techie grandma then hai na :) (Nice thought for future :D)
Nothing very mature with this some ppl think im mature some think im naive I just kw my thoughts have got some concrete nothing more to boast abt this its simple isnt it.
Thats y my blog id is simplyshreya
adios take care c u soon

greymater said...

well shreya ..wat do i need to comment...wel mr v is doing fine...n u r doing gr8....for mr v....u shoud always judge ur thoughts in respect to the amount of correctness u feel inside...i highly respect the einstien's idea of its so indeed applicable to any situation in life...u r thoughts are best judged realtive to someone's n if u keep doing refines u thoughts...shreya is very mature...n each n every individual has a relative point of u...if he or she is too relative to himself...his /her velocity of thoughts n deeds decreases..n if its relative to great increases let individuals decide on wre they wish to end up...u cannot blame all gals for just a she...n u cannot beleive everybdy to be gud if a particular person is gud...all it matters is how u feel inside..helping others n being nice..or being indifferent n s a choice..n no way can be said to be great...both hav advantages n falacies..well shreya has been wit some great thoughts...n hav made pple ponder she has been gud to herself relatively....
shreya keep rockin...

Shreya said...

I really liked the idea of relativity shows u r an engineering student :P

i did learn something from that :D
Honestly nobody can stretch too far be either gud or bad ..true its alwz relative.

Well rest is for people to take out varied meanings from the same.One word multiple meaning...

adios take care

AmulDotPdf said...

Ohh it is great reading this nice post and the lives and times of Mr V (again) after a gap of 4 years. Wow! I wonder what would have happened to Mr V's story! Mr V if you are there then we are still waiting for a happy ending like for the rest of us :) .
Feels great to think in so many different people's shoes :) It is like traveling back in time :)

Shreya said...

hello Amul ,
I dont know what exactly has happened with him but i pray whatever has happened has kept him happy for rest of his life :). If Mr. V comes back here again may be we can ask him to comment on this.
But if I can read in between lines i can read that there definitely has been a happy ending in your life .. tell me if I am wrong ? If yes then do share it here.

And ya reading these things makes us feel so nostalgic and reminds us of how we have all matured up :)
Thanks for your comment.

Arsh Mahajan said...

Shreya Jee...Aap kaisi hain.

First...A very happy holi to you.
Second ..Very sorry for taking so much time in reading your post and replying.
Third...That story you write 5-6 years ago and while reading, so many raj kept coming across my mind.
A beautiful illustration or i must say expression of true incidences in well connected manner.

I loved that story or collection of conversations and I am sure every He who will read it will end up connecting himself with it being a He or the Friend. And every She will too considering her the Friend.

And do you know Shreya jee, I end up reading all the lengthy comments or we can say another conversation. All the intelligent minds. Amul jee, greymater aur aap. Years have been passed and I hope Mr. V will be doing great now and had overcome all those emotions.

And last....Its always great to be a part of your post, because your post never ends with the post itself.


Simply Arsh.

Shreya said...

Thank you Arsh ji for placing your comment. :)
A very Happy Holi to you too :)

And please do not be sorry for replying late , i requested you and you obliged is my pleasure. Better late than never.

This story is though 5-6 years back but it still is the most cherished blog post on my blog. It is personally very dear to me.

And trust me i never make up a great post , really truly beautiful minds readers make my post beautiful.
I wish and may God bless that each one of them does best in their life.

I hope that truly your words always stay true for my blog .... "because your post never ends with the post itself."

Thank you for being a part of this cherished post and adding your beautiful mind here.


Arsh Mahajan said...

Yeh aapka badappan hai jo aap mujhe itna maan deti hai... Was busy in writing my new post. And would like to have your words about it. My new post is about someone you have already touched in your one of the blogs. My context is a bit different. Post is "The Fall of A Banyan Tree" and here is the link.
It would be an honor to have you amongst the readers.


Shreya said...

Mera koi badapan nahi hai Arsh ji :) everyone gets the respect they deserve...

I shall sure visit your blog in a day or two pardon my delay , i am just busy with lot of work at hand.
But sure i'd visit.

Have a good day and thank you for replying back.
adios :)

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