Sunday, August 12, 2007

Is all Bitching True??

For little or no reason at times you find the very obvious fact to be true………..(thinking about what this girl is writing all about ??).
WOMEN they talk and at times talk lot( Please read 1st no offence intended, forgive me girls I know I am a part of the same tribe!!!) ....but more important thing is they talk for no reason ( as happened here). Well the fact is banal enough and I need no reasons to prove it.

I just have a small incidence to share with you after which I tried all my head to figure out WHY DID “THEY” TALK SO MUCH…….

Hmm…..well lets begin it this way ......all happened today morning during my visit to my parlor I’m with the owner and her maid.I’d call myself S, maid as M and owner as O…….(too much na to have like 3 FEMALES TOGETHER :D ).

Well sitting with M as she begins TALKING in absence of O.

M – pehli baar aayi ho yahan????

S (wondering where she was when I can here before did you hide behind the bushes in the garden n dint see me??)

S- nahi pehle bhi aa chuki hoon aunty(Mrs O) janti hai mujhe. (smiling uselessly )

M – ohh maine kabhi nahi dekha tumhe.

S- hmm( haan shayad main hoon hi itni kali ki dikhi nahi :-P )

Mrs O appearing from behind may be wondering what secrets her maid is sharing with me…

O ( in her weirdly loud voice) – shuru nahi ki abhi tak ????jaldi kar ghar me kitna kaam rehta hai….

Disappearing in the similar way as she appeared…

S (thinking she seems to hide all her weight behind her gown atleast as yet she has been successful with it.)

M – dekha kabhi khud kaam karti nahi aur hamesha customer ke samne hi mujhe kuch bolna rehta hai.

S- hmm…ab unko bhi tension hoga ki kaam khatam karna hai aur log aayenge.

M – Huh!! Unko aur tension aapko kya pata didi din bhar to main niptati hoon sabko phir bhi yahan kaam karne ke baad gali deti hai.

S (l’ll surprised with didi hey M is married why the hell does she call me didi ????
at the same time wondering if I should get involved into listening and reacting into their so called family fight but nah no option I would have to sit and listen if not react )

M – aapko pata hai unki ek dewrani hai .

S – (mujhe kaise pata hoga puri family ki history kisko jaani hai ..can u plz finish up the work I’m here for n lemme go )

S – hmm..nahi pata kyun kaun hai ? (Y did I have to ask kyun she would now begin with some story O hell !!! save me a small mistake like this cant grill me into the torture of some more miseries from her)

M – arey nahi pata ??…..yahan se do line peeche rehti hai unhi ke yahan inki saas rehti hai ..inme aur unme nahi banti bilkul………aur pata kyun??
Dono me se ye bahut jhagdalu hai.... saach kahoon to (lowering herself close to S)daayan hai …..

S – (daayan wishing …ab plz detail nahi batana …yeh kum nahi tha )

M – ab aap poochoge daayan kyun…

S- (maine nahi poocha plz mat batao)
S – hmm..

M – arey ye shadi karne ke baad se hi aapne saas sasur ko aapne paas nahi rakhna chahti thi wo to jaise hi dewrani aayi sara kaam uske saar pe saunp diya aur khud alag ghar me rehne ki zid karne lagi………bichare bhaiya (Mr O) wo bhi kya karte hai hi ye aaisi …so lena pada yahan ek ghar..

S- ( how damn as if the husband was too innocent to forget about his parents…. anyways I have nothing to do in the family feud Plz spare me lady )

M – uski dewrani to gai hai kitni sunder, sushil hai ( talking like the matrimonial columns now )….arey ghar basana hai to usse sikhna chahiye.

S – hmm..
(ab yehi baki tha lagta hai milwake bhi rahegi..........)

(may be she finally realized I wasn’t interested too much into this, so chose to stop)

M – (humming 'mere khwabon me jo aaya' ) …aap bengali ho???

S – haan

M – haan dekke hi laga ….ghar kolkata me hoga na………

S- haan relatives hain abhi bhi wahan .. ( as if meri shakal kehti hai ….ab I know why face is round gollu polu enough have I heard this)

M – arey aap ko nahi pata hoga mera sasural bhi wahin ka hai wo na mere pati kaam ke silsile yahan aa gaye aur phir yahin rehne lage….

S – hmm…(oh no another similarity I hope she doesn’t begin singing her woe’s again.........mujhe pata rehta to kabhi nahi bolti bengali hoon)

(half relieved ki she has finally done half her job even with her slow speed ……wondering when would she be done with her other half ..)

(only then Mrs O enters )

O – (talking to M) sun ja bahar Mrs.X kadhin hain unko attend kar main yahan ka dekhti hoon.

(As M trails her way out)

O – ye na bahut aalsi hai (doing her work and talking to me)

S- hmm..

O – subah se ek customer ko niptane me ghanta lagati hai..

S- (with her so much TALKING its obvious ..and I wonder you would be any fast ……..why are parlours meant for gossips ?????.....heaven sake spare me I am not interested into listening complaints)

S – aunty kitna time lagega kaam pe jana hai……..

O – aaj kahan jaogi aaj to Sunday hai …

S-(aap sabke prakop se bachne ghar daudungi pehle )
S- bus thoda kaam hai.

O – ohh (as if wondering where is this girl going to go Sunday morning huh!!! )

M – madam kaam ho gaya wo chali gayi …….

O - aacha

(M walked away without offering her help - her big crime of all times)

O – dekha kaise bina madat diye chali gayi …….aaj kal aaise hi kaam karti hai …….ek to mausam itna kharab hai dhang se kaam bhi nahi hota ek customer pe 1 ghanta lag jata hai.

( for those who don’t know- Rainy season is bad for parlors more awful is humidity )

S – (aapne help manga bhi to nahi)
S- hmmm…(wow finally all’s over I can go back home can stand this torment any more)

O – aacha chalo ho gaya…..ab kab aaogi.

S- dekhti hoon (ban pade to kabhi na aaun)

O- thik hai .

And I literally run away giving her , her share of money.

I could breath some relief only at home……and kept wondering if the world of women is filled with so much useless bitchiness ……..ahh na I guess these people really need some training ……they feel as if they are entertaining a part of their customer talking about the Gossip of who’s good and who’s bad without any reasoning of why the other person might have done so.

Anyways the debate here isn’t about the talk alone I wont go into lot of detail of how can you judge women when they keep on talk and talking with no reason……bz that can hardly be resolved ( and it might just be an upcoming topic in my blog ).

A part of me wanted to analyse this but then better felt like leaving it to my readers you can judge what you want to, I just felt to tired not with the physical atrocities that has to be faced there but the mental assault that I faced listening to them both and wondering “Why do they speak so bad of each other???”. The story was too long so now before you doze off before the screen I'll let you some relief.

Hope you had your share of laughter with this.
Adios till I think about something new.

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