Sunday, August 26, 2007

Critics and Their PLOT

There’s no hiding the fact that the Indo – US nuclear deal has evoked fury all over India and critics are not letting it go easy so is the situation that The LEFT are continuously threatening Congress about the General Elections. Now each treaty is about Give and Take relationship it is what bilateral treaty all about. The best thing is that this time the Indian diplomats have struck the deal in a generous form or better than they could ever( that’s the Congress claims).Lets ur try an get a fact clean n clear in our head it is in Foreign policy of a country THERE ARE NO PERMANENT FRIENDS AND all depends in situation.Ofcourse you might not favour what US did in Iraq but right now our 1st priority is to get ourselves self sufficient in power by 2020 else there's no point being adamant and satiating our EGO that " wow we kept our word!!!".We cannot love the foreign policy of US but for that do we let go the best of wat we can get out of them.Count on how much you get from US from education to jobs to McDonalds to movies etc etc and the list goes on .......can u stop all that????And tell me something better is Indian sovereignty so fragile dont you have pride on your judgement??

The country politics is right now so downtrodden and disgraceful that even The PM is not even allowed to debate and present its point of view in the Lok Sabha( the Public house). With the BJP and the LEFT criticizing the deal it hard that the Government can get this deal before the March 2008 ( before the BUSH government expires ) because even US have critics who feel that the NEXT GOV in US should not be as generous as the Bush Gov has been to India this time.

So what am I speaking doesn’t it sound that our own political parties in opposition and so called “external support” speak the language of the US critics and the Chinese ?????
The question has some severe implications yet to be revealed lets look at how dubious their criticisms are.

The Left’s opposition to the deal is complete bizarre in my view since there is nothing very concrete. It says –

Criticism - Hyde Act is made by the US specially is to put India’s sovereignty and independence in danger.

Real reason
Government claims Hyde act is not at al mandatory. Ironically Left should be happy that Hyde act is again Nuclear explosion in India bz after all “ In 1998 the LEFT criticised the then Vajpayee Gov for its decision on Pokhran” why this double standard now???
Infact in 2004 general elections Party manifesto CPM promised to use nuclear energy for Civil projects and peaceful purposes. Now when the Gov wants to work on it they have Problem………this is outrageous.

Now our leading opposition party BJP

Criticism – It stresses that the US would take back its fuel, reactors and related technologies once India conducts a nuclear test.

Real reason -
On the contrary the BJP was about to sign the highly discriminatory treaty of CTBT(Comprehensive test and Ban treaty) in 1999. Under pressure by Clinton Gov which would have enslaved India to the fact that India if ever would have conducted Nuclear test It would do so by permission of US.
On the other hand Manmohan Singh’s Gov must be complimented for at the end of the day it extracted that US can back out only when India violates Hyde Act.

It’s beyond my understanding as to why when our diplomats have struck the best deal with least risk patterns involved our opposition always has to intervene just because they are opposition they should put up a healthy debate instead of that the Left puts up a DO OR DIE situation of breaking the coalition Gov. Left is in support of the Gov without responsibilities on its shoulders their support is EXTERNAL nevertheless they pretend to be running the Gov actively. The saga they are singing now makes me doubt their intentions. Infact the Chinese language Global Times newspaper quoted “ the objection to 123 deal voiced by Indian opposition and Left parties some of whom still regard Chinese brand of Marxism as the most suited political ideology ……”. The Indo US nuclear deal is a perfect example of mutual understanding bilateral deal struck by both countries and the Left and BJP should stop protesting just to earn a political mileage in upcoming elections.

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