Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fantasy DANCE

Swinging to the music n enjoying my solo dance,

lost in my own world.. eyes closed in a trance colors weaving delicate patterns,

loud beats gave a high,
Living life in quick stanzas,
I sank into the night.

As I slightly opened my eyes,
I saw you again
my excitement was hard to contain such well crafted persona,
and face so youthful
your passionate eyes held me close and made me feel so beautiful.

Your admiring gaze touched me,
caressing my very soul,
shivering with the attention,
I was conceding you could see,
before I knew.. you had taken control.

I donno when I landed in your arms,
your hand on my waist n we forgot the steps,
I swirled like a doll in your hands,
dancing in your eternal depths,
I fell for your charms.

Love lost measure of time,
I kept feeling your breath under mine,
numb feet were not yet dead,
for with you and without words,
I had drifted miles ahead.

Something in the way ,
you looked at me tonight,
ignited flames of passion but,
before I came back to senses.

You had kissed me good-night..........

Lots to write after i post this but in complete dearth of words.............

So 1st as obvious the poem isnt written by me( for i can hardly put things in such a FABULOUS way).......but its special in its own way its got a beautiful combination of passionate Dancing and Emotions( esp the feelings of girl dancing with her "so called" Dream man )
(so i can now expect my friends esp girls to comment on this.....the Poem sure is for U )

BUT truly Its a delight to read this poem.

From my side - Recently done with my jive classes it makes me wonder how " A Dance" (a couple dance to be more specific) can be so really need be with a Very Special person to make this all happening and then Words dont make sense......... all's Magical the song, Dance and of course you and your partner. Sort of a mystical experience that nobody wishes to end............

ok then Leave you to Go on WIth Your FAntasy Dance on on and on......................


Sumit said...

well well...i read my very sweet lil angel cum devil saying that she couldn't write such FANTABULOUS words and phrases but m sure she could.
But still collecting such information and making it available to all of her frds makes it her own poem and also shows her interest in a good night KISS from her "so called" DREAM MAN.....hehehee lolzzzzzz

Shreya said...

hmm....tats very sweet of U to think that i can be half that poetic.
Infact to be honest thr's No DREAM Man in my thots else i wudnt hav written "so called" :)....n now the feelings in the poem really elates you romantically Nobdy can deny tat...
n what's bad in keeping optimistic view abt the future and "so called" Dream Man :P

thx for reading the blog n keep commenting :)

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