Thursday, January 17, 2013

Personal update 18 January 2013

I know many of you are out there waiting for my post and I am sorry for delaying my posts. I really have loads to write and share but having a bad neck pain rising slightly from brainn to down on my shoulders making my hands a bit stiff. Nothing in panic situation i know i have these symptoms for long now, sorta spondalysis in neck region and my job at computer makes it worse :) [working even in wee hours] to top it all painkillers is what doctors give and they treat the pain only temporarily then hunt me later.

Anyways i want to write a lot and wish to talk and discuss again and I will soon be back give me some time period of 10 days or so. My writings are so long i wish i could write them down in pen and paper and they'd make their way to my blog ;-) that's way easier for me. My hands are hurting while I am typing this so would wrap up now. Don't worry its nothing big keeps happening to me after some or other time span. :) I ain't worried either.

Miss u all :)
And Thank you for being so loving towards my blog.

love ya :)
God bless

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