Monday, September 10, 2012

Thought Sharing 10'Sept12

Worry is a type of mental habit, which arises from the belief that it's good to worry. This belief gets acquired during our childhood. And then it keeps getting strengthened from our life experiences. We start from this belief. That attracts negative circumstances; as a result the belief gets strengthened further, because you think that with life full of so many negative circumstances, it's important to think of negative outcomes beforehand. You don't realize that these negative situations occurred in the first place largely due to this belief. When we are faced with a negative situation, again we worry because we hold that belief. Again it's the same result. In this way, we are caught in a vicious cycle.

How do we come out of this cycle?

By changing this belief to - 'it's not good to worry'. Once we do that, there is no guarantee that negative situations will completely stop arising in our life, because we have performed negative actions in the past (either in this birth or past births), but the extent of negative situations will be minimized. And even if they do come, they will bid goodbye sooner, if we have a worry-free consciousness.

Adios- Shreya


Nirmala said...

Short...but to the point shreya.
Yea. we think we are going to solve
everything by worrying. i am a
worrier actually. i also know it is
useless, but as you have said, it has become a habit.
i will definitely try to overcome
this. Thanks to your post.
keep writing.

Shreya said...

Thanks nirmala for reading the post. Someone has also asked me to explan this in detail so i guess i would explain it again, guess precise won't work. So do read the space for better understanding how to overcome worry article coming soon. :)
Thanks again.

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