Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tagged post

Hii everyone :)
I have been tagged by this lovely person pavani :) , thank you dear it has been my pleasure to do this activity it was fun. Sorry everyone I was really late at this because I had been out at a holiday then back home had to rearrange lots of stuff. :)

So back to tag

The rules go like this -

Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.
Rule#2: Every person who is tagged in this activity should tell 11 things about themselves, then answer the questions asked by the person who tagged you, then tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.
Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.
Rule#4: Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.
Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others, don't go all ''if you want to take this tag''

Rule 1: done
Rule 2:

1. I am a firmly positive person , i wonder why but even in the toughest of situation i can think only positive. Negative thoughts hardly flash up.
2. I am scared of ghosts yes badly :P i hate watching horror movies :(. I know my mind would keep repeating all that at night.
3. My favorite drink is water, I really can drink 2-3 big bottles a day and i never get bored of it :P.
4. Well I am teetotaller i.e non smoker and non drinker. Not that i oppose any of these but some of my ideas are strange and in my perception I am happy this way.
5. Really and truely i don't enjoy chocolates and ice creams like other girls do. Weird but may be in childhood doctor kept me away from this so much that over the time I have never deveped a taste bud for this :).
6. I love listening to people , all their stories , rants , their good or bad day etc etc i love to sit back smile and listen to them.
7. Sunflowers are my flowers not roses . I have always been fascinated by how those tiny sunflowers are such ardent lovers of sun and so admiringly look at him al the time, while other flowers shy away from that harsh sun. It teaches me how you can turn the bad for the rest to your best. It is really worth admiring.
8. I have weird combinations while eating food. :) I eat paratha with sugar and pickle, i eat milk powder with sugar , mixture with sugar basically sugar mixed with most things :P i wonder what i'd do if i turn diabetic ever :D. God don't make me one please ever. :)
9. I am a bit dance fanatic. I have learnt kathak, jive in the past but most of my dances are bollywood inspired belly dancing is my latest fad. :) Its awesome trust me.
10. I find saree a very ravishing Indian dress infact the only reason I'd keep myself "thin" life long is to wear saree in a slender way. It is one dress that scores way higher than any other dress.
11. I have no list of buying or hardly any wishes. Once someone asked me to prepare a list of things I'd want and i got super confused :P i mean i have everything and I am so satisfied i don't feel like creating a list. And even if i do so it cannot be made in fluke , i am practical i need time to reasearch and get best value stuff.

(uff !! it was some real hard work to tell 11 things about me.)

Now Pavani's questions:
1. Do you love makeup?If yes why??
I don't have a hate or love relationship with it. It more depends on my needs. I feel if i want to glam myself up I should know how to use it but I also have the confidence of walking bare faced anywhere , i don't feel handicapped in its absence.

2. Your opinion on astrology and horoscope matching during indian weddings???
Partially yes because I have a perception that our seers and elders where somehow more sensible in science then than we are now. If you think of the time when girl and boy din't meet before hand some kind of classification was good it was mere probability of future . But I also feel that if you are in love and are confident to make something work no amount of future probability will stop you from that just hold faith in your heart and keep moving. :)

3. Your place of choice for settling India/U.S.A/other foreign country??why
ALWAYS INDIA. Honestly i can adjust anywhere and make it feel like home but come on in a country where I am born in is always 100's above any other ;).

4. Shoes/bags/clothes??why?
preference hmm.. clothes > shoes >bags. Arey pehle kapde pehan lo :P baki sabke bina bhi manage kiya ja sakta hai ;)

5. Your style mantra?
Just be confident what else? :) i don't worry about style a lot.

6. What do you like,love,lust the most in this world??
my loved ones... i am hopeless at making a wishlist yaar how can I point a single thing. :D Just my loved ones around me safe and sound and happy what else does one need.

7. One makeup tip/beauty tip you swear by??
make up tip: kajal :) and lip balm. Nothing is more attractive in make up than dark eyes and smooth kissable lips :)
beauty tip: keep your hands sanitised when ever you touch your face, it is the biggest reason of pimples of all kinds and rest becomes history.

8. Your choice of colour for your bridal saree/lehenga?why?
anything excepy sky blue or blue family I am open to colors, yes family would love to see me in rust red yellow gold etc :P that is another story.

9. do you have a budget for your makeup???
Nope i just make things a bit sensible, I mean just reasearch and buy good then it depends on your need and the quality of the product. If it is really imp and good I am ready to go beyond my budget but i know how sparingly i use make up so i don't invest heavily. Just being sensible helps.

10. Your favorite foundation,concealer,blush,bronzer,lipstick,lipgloss,kajal,mascara,brushes(did I forget something,no I guess hehe)
God ... I have hardly tried as many stuff as you have written.
Uptil now
Foundation Bourjois healthy mix 54
no concealer
i already have naturally blushing(with past pimple marks) cheeks i hardly need blush ;)
lotus herbals peach creme glams up my lips instantly
no lipgloss
maybelline collossal kajal
avon suer shock mascara fairly decent
Sigma flat top kabuki .. amazing finish.

11. Your heart jumps with joy for??aches when you???why

How can I be subjective with this ... hmm donno it has to be lots of things when my heart jumps with joy mostly events related to my family may be when they are happy and aches when again when they are in pain. Most often or at least these days i have learnt to be more stable in life so joy or aches have reduced and I stay relatively happy All the time :D. It is like a slow dose of happiness all the time 24x7 rather than sudden fluctuations. :)

My 11 questions: (Pardon me i am horrible at asking things )

1. When was the last time somebody said you thank you or you said thank you and felt extremely elated by that ?
2. Did you have a moment when you felt bad refusing some body for something? please share .
3. How do you judge people from first look to after few meets ? i mean based on clothes, style , gadgets, behavior , speech, sensibility, intelligence. How would you rate these adjectives(or more if you have) on the scale of 1 - 10. eg looks 6.5.
4. Do you remember a child teaching you something important in life that was long lost from your mind or you din't pay attention to ? (your answer could also be no , you never had any such incident)
5. How would you describe yourself in a painting ? Use your imagination and feel free to write adjectives and fill colors in them.
6. Do you believe in God , what is your spiritual concept about him?

Some quick ones:
7. Land or sea or sky which one and why?
8. Hugs or kisses which and why ?
9. Socialise or solitude which and why ?
10. Sun or moon which one and why?
11. Freedom or Fairy which one and why ?

Ok now i dont know who has been tagged so even if you have been tagged before do it again for me :) it is fun trust me :)

Here goes the list:
1. Sonia
2. Suruchi
3. Saucy
4. Ankit
5. Ani
6. Nivedita
7. Prashant
8. Soumyadeep
9. Lancy
10. D.Beena
11. Aman

(I wanted to tag all my readers it would have been lovely to know your thoughts but 1. there is restriction on number of people and 2. many of my readers don't have their blog so they cannot do a post about it. Can some one tell me if we tag people who don't own a blog how would they do this tagged post ? Can they do it on my blog ? as guest post ?----- If yes then i'd put up an update and tag many more lovely Souls :D :) )

Thankyou all. :)



Suruchi said...

I loved reading about you Shreya...I knew you are one of a kind and you prove it.

you don't like chocolates, you like listening to people rant and then the sunflower girl and no negative thoughts-I liked the way you are so apart from the rest:-)

May you continue to shine in this way forever and more:-)
Don't know about me doing the tag though, I am kinda off writing for now, the words just aren't flowing...thanks a ton though for thinking of me:-)

hugs n love

Shreya said...

@Suruchi... Thanks Su :) btw you are always on my mind when it comes to blog world :)
And it is ok if you cannot do the tag post now I am sure you'd be back with bang soon and then you'd do the post it would be more fun than ever. There is no time limit anyway do it when time permits. Also I am kind of in the same level words aren't flowing my side too :P

Lotsa love :)

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