Monday, March 21, 2011

Why we do things unknowingly

Sometimes quiet unaware we pick up traits of many things around us and keep pretending to act like that till long. Most often the trouble comes when we out trait hinders or hurts anyone else. I stumbled upon this topic because last week i had been watching too many of english movies and before i could realise i started saying "oh shit" and "what the f***" in everything almost every sentence and suddenly i was like why am i doing this ??

Everything around us affects us i mean everything. From words to wisdom , from cry to courage , from movies to motive and from love to lust. I know we dont chose everything that surrounds us but being human beings we do have the courage and understanding to control our minds that subconciously sets our behavioural pattern to adapting surroundings. Nature and behaviour of a man is set and defined by himself and himself only, sometimes we hear our inner voice saying "why am i doing this ..i know its wrong" but we dont stop.

Some people find it easier to categorise one behaviour as good and bad to prevent themselves from repeating the same like if you consider violence bad then you would prevent yourself from repeating the same but if you somewhere in your heart hold gallore for violence or the person who conducts violence you are bound to repeat it at some point or other... no matter what you do to stop it.

Even in a positive frame of mind one can sway away but it returns back to place when you know its wrong. I think there are a few traits a positive mind always follows and once you drift away from these you'd know something is not so correct inside you.

With +ve mindset...

• You are more creative.
• You think more clearly.
• You strengthen your ability to concentrate on quality thoughts that in turn produce good feelings.
• You acquire more self-respect and respect towards others.
• You generate the ability of self-control and strength in difficult situations.
• You overcome pressures and worries more easily.
• You experience peace, calm, serenity and happiness.

I have taken a break from movie watching for now and feeling better being back to myself. For next time i have decided to use an advice of a friend whenever you are tempted for something you know is wrong keep saying yourself "what is wrong is wrong".

I am not trying to decide for anyone else but me so i'd use this idea.

adios :)


Anonymous said...

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Shreya said...


Thank you for visiting and appreciating my blog :) keep reading and welcome to my blog.


anamika said...

ohh this is so me ..i feel as if the post is written for me :P

suruchi said...

hi shreya..
so, so true..that is why it matters a lot what we do and with whom or how we do it!

influences are natural, might as well open the doors for the more positive ones than otherwise:-)

wish u loads of positivity although u anyways have loads of it

Shreya said...


Ofcourse dear :) it is for each one of us to stay good in a corrupted world :) we all have connected souls :)

Shreya said...


hey Su :) so true na now you might be realizing it a bit more na as now you have to behave more for seeya than for yourself na.

and +ve wishes never go waste dear its lk charging a battery even though you are charged with every minute passing by charging reduces so +ve wishes are always required :) FEELS GOOD ..its always nice to see your comments dear :)

Shreya said...

:P oops too many na in the comment lol :)

sayani chatterjee said...

what a nice piece of thought!

Shreya said...

Thanks sayani :) visit korte theko :)

sayani chatterjee said...

I must say that I found your blog to be unique in its content.Will certainly read your articles.Bhalo Laglo pore...

Shreya said...

:) Thank you sayani :) porte theko :)

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