Thursday, March 3, 2011

Can Love and Freedom co exist ?

When we think of love .. do we think of freedom? Yes we do. It is why today's generation has found various forms of loving that can help them preserve their freedom. But yet somewhere down the line they know when you are in a relationship be it live in or open or marriage or whatever you are bounded to an extend and your freedom is compromised and more so if you are really committed.

So Can love and freedom not co exist ? Yes. To reach this state in a relationship great wisdom is required. Most people love one another and tie one another down. Often when we look for love we see it as a means of self recognition of our inner values our belief system. This requirement motivates us to praise and appreciate the other person who comes close to the picture of perfection.
But we forget the other person is not perfect. :) He or she are also part of the same journey the same search as you are.

We all have an emotional need for love and we are afraid of being left unsatisfied. In our search to fill our need we compromise and deceive ourselves with unsuitable partners.
Many people allow the love of another person to define their personality to such a point that, if they are rejected, they lose any sense of who they are and of the purpose they have in life. Often the relationship is colored, through one of the partners or both, by fear.

To Free ourselves and to true make your love meaningful we need to overcome our fear or rejection. We need to have a strong heart, a selfless and self contented heart , a heart that love his ownself with a meaning, a heart that is capable of keeping his surroundings happy, a heart that can accept rejection. A heart that has given up old beliefs and negative thoughts, that has overcome bitterness of past , free from grudges , free from heart breaks ....... A heart that is at peace with itself let your heart feel light only then can you reap FAITH. And where Faith and Peace survive there's no place for fear. Your love and freedom will flourish in a stronger and happier heart.

adios :)


L.Goswami said...

nice blog :-)

Prashant Pillai said...

quite true!! in the end its all about understanding that makes love successfull!quite mutual n with willingness to accept!!

Prashant Pillai said...

hi kaisi hai!! :)

Shreya said...


thank you :)

Shreya said...


hey me great :) hru ?

Btw thanks for your comment i cudn't agree more :)

Saucy said...

Hi Tua,
Nice post and very apt third para.

Shreya said...


Thank you saucy :) 3rd para is so true na.

P.S tua :) my nick name sounds good huh!!

Ik said...

this is so true! I feel you put words so simply to such complicated thoughts! it was a very good read.. :)

bdw I'm holding a giveaway.. do join in at

Shreya said...


Hi ik :) thank you .. honestly i guess we all know that lots of things in life are simple but as we grow up we add lots of IFs and BUTs and then things get complicated :) hai na :)

i'd join you at your giveaway soon :)

tkcr adios :)

Ik said...

I totally agree, Shreya! infact there have been so many times I've wanted to talk it out either with people or just write it on my blog.. and the complications (that we generate) and the non explanatory effort that goes into it, keeps me out of it!:) I loved reading this and its so good that you could so simply speak your mind out!:) you seem very sorted!~:):)
and thankssss a tonne!:)

Shreya said...


:) thanks for the compliment dear :) i dont know if I am sorted or not but i have always visualized lots of things as interlinked with one another so whenever i see a situation i get out from the position of being "ME" and think from as many different angles and feelings as possible that way i probably get the idea of "Why someone does what they do"...
Trust me there are times when even i feel baffled how to explain myself. May be we have lost the ART OF SIMPLIFYING THINGS.

:) ** Crossing figures hoping to cont. Simplification :)

Ik said...

I sooo agree with you!I'm trying super hard since last year to simplify things... that such simple and easy things, come with such difficulty.. says a lot!!
:)thanks for dropping by Shreya! you totally qualify!! just follow the blog and leave a comment with your email id and what you would like of the gloves and the lipsticks!
and I like being called Ikky!!:) every single person I know calls me that! pronounced- eye-key. :P
thanks a tonne sweets!!:*

Shreya said...

Ok ikky if i do qualify..i'd join you on your blog :)

Thanks to you too for all your sweet comments :)

Flamante said...

hey shreya! thanks for dropping by my blog.....
ur absolutely rite...the text color and background color coordination is pathetic and difficult to read...
i will definitely change the text color...
any suggestions for it?

thanks for dropping by my blog.....

Shreya said...


hii.. you are welcome dear :) i wont suggest you exact colours but i guess i prefer lighter background and darker fonts its easier to read for spectacled people like me :D
that ways i feel even pictures come out better :)
Hope i could help..
tkcr :)

suruchi said...

hi shreya
so and freedom are very much like opposite poles and in very rare cases do they meet...even if one feels free in terms of the loved ones, some or the other scenario related to it ends up tying us down to limitations...
sad but true:/

and by the way beeeeeautiful display pic:-)

Shreya said...


this reminds me of you :) your love for seeya and your adjustments with your free bird days :)

:) btw thank you & thank you 1st thanks for posting your comment ans 2nd one for the DP pic compliment :) nothing in front of your lovely pics..


khaddu said...

hey am new 2 bloggin ...:D i found ur blog by accident ..and am glad i did ..haven gone thru many posts yet ..but lovin all of it ! its great :D

happy holi

Shreya said...


Thanks dear .. :) keep commenting and happy holi to you too :)

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