Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trouble Sleeping

Insomnia is chronic sleeplessness is a continuous phenomenon....But most of us have trouble falling asleep; and even if we do, we have trouble getting quality sleep; again, even if we do get this, we have trouble waking up in the morning! Now can you identify with any of the situations? I am sure you do. 

There's this insight of Osho that i read somewhere so sharing this with you .......

Osho says, “The first thing in the day sets the trend, and the last thing in the night also sets the trend.”

1. Awareness – it takes a few moments for us to sleep. In those few moments and till the time you fall asleep, be very aware: of the silence around you, your body, its positioning and of the darkness.

I you continue with this to the last moment you will notice that the first thought in the morning will also be of awareness. (Your last thought before you go to sleep is the first thought when you wake up. That is why, often, when we have a question that needs answering to, we are advised to sleep over it.)

2. Watch - In the morning, when you wake up, don’t open your eyes immediately. Watch the life energies awakening inside you.

Then, stretch your body like a cat for 3 minutes with closed eyes. Look at the body from within. Feel the energy flowing. Make it 5 minutes if you enjoy it.

Then laugh out loud like a madman with closed eyes. (do not be afraid what others will say. Laugh and help them to laugh.)

(Make sure your eyes are closed throughout).

Sleep will leave you. You will wake up fresh, joyful. No spiraling and tumbling out of the bed. Instead, there will be a spring in your steps and a smile on your face.

Notice your new energy! Your days are going to be different! ‘You’ are going to be different!

adios :)
till then sleep like a baby ....


Saucy said...

Even I have a sleeping problem. I sleep too much and I love it. Im infamous in my hostel friends for it. My alarm wakes up my neighbors and then they knock me from slumber!
I wonder if ati-sleeping pills exist. I need them. :P

Shreya said...

Haha may b you are not the only one with this disease ;) many people have asked me the same after i posted this article .... now i guess i will have to write something about anti sleeping :P

anyways for now i can only help you if you wish to sleep more :)
Hope you liked the article ..
thanks for posting your comment :)


Pawan Singh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pawan Singh said...

My sleeping sessions usually took place during my college hours....
I just have those "microsleeps" where you nod off for a second, your head starts to flop over, and suddenly your neighbour make you aware where you are and what is the period going on .,,,,

During night hours I am as fresh as a daisy. dont know what to do with my nocturnal habbits......
probably I have to find a place where things are in reverse order...

Shreya said...

Your Habit is quite common as is with engineering students :P we all are nocturnal creatures in that sense...
Anyways most of us keep awake at nights bz of our long and odd thinking hours after all that is what we do in lazy hours...

That was the reason that i had picked up this article its a short article but the essense it speaks of that which HELPS US TO UNWIND AND RELAX at the end of the day and handle the thinking hours....
Its a long discussion to say needs a training for our minds so would cut it short saying..
Try whats said above for atleast 20 days i know its long but for a habit change its needed ....slowly you would notice a change in your sleeping pattern..

Hope its worth some use :)

adios ..

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