Friday, February 13, 2009

Flower Of LOVE - SunFlower

Sunflowers are my personal favourite flowers , I mean not that i hate any other flower but I have always had a strong urge for the bright and beautiful lovely Sunflowers ...... 

For I presume Sunflower is  "She" Bright and Confident, Soft and yet so Innocent young lady an
   Sun being the mightier Beloved is "He" and then begins their LOVE STORY ...this is Honestly the most romantic story for centuries, sometimes so visible and sometimes not, see it realize it and you would kw what it means...... 

               Just the other night i was out for a walk after dinner with my mom, and saw this beautiful Sunflower in my own garden gazing at the hallozen light on street and admiring its resemblence with its lover Sun. That made me wonder and realize "Why is Rose the flower tat represents love??"
bz at the end of the day Sunflower's passes every test of being the mark for a true beloved.

Admiration and Dedication when it looks at Sun for hours seeming so smiley and happy admiring every bit of Sun's warmth
Respect for it knows what value Sun is to her 
Sacrifice she gives up everything to be with her Sun stands erect in the most upright branch of her tree and gazes him tirelessly 
Trust bz she knows that Sun knows whats best for her having faith on him that he will chose the best of his warmth to shower on her 

                        Each of them so beautifully woven into Sunflower that it should honestly be the Flower of Love ...

In Today's world where values feelings  honesty  purity is missing and becoming meaningless in everybody's life Sunflower's are so bright an example to remind you and me of 
" what really love should be like "

and for them "Love is TRULY Life"
They Live (food based) on Sun ,For Sun and strongly Flaunt it off to the world seeming to say " look at me I am madly in love with my Sun "....... sounds childish ?? to me it sounds valid and Romantic :)

I wonder if people today really love their beloved in true sense i mean its not important to build Taj Mahal for them or something lavish to be done but do they mean whatever little they do ?? hmm dont kw...

what do Roses mean to you?? why is it that for Valentines Roses are always out for sale in large numbers ?? only bz they are attractive to eyes?? or bz they have beautiful smell and have the colour of Love so called " red " .........

Somebody told me that a relationship is most comfortable when two people are friends first and yet we ignore the bright and Happy colour like yellow for red ..... is romance the only thing that love needs ??? i dont really feel so definitely has space for romance but before that its essential that the most importance things already be present in relationships and that is what i feel Sunflowers represent ....
 So thats why i object when only Roses are said to be Flowers of love........ :)

For a person like me I should say i like Sunflower bz there's some added meaning to it. Giving and gifting  something meaningless or something that everyone gives is nothing creative and big time BORE ..... infact i say Sunflowers are a blessing in disguise for all lovers :) why so i have reasons for you lets see if after this you feel like rejecting Sunflowers 

- In days when you are about to propose somebody for the 1st time and you have butterflies in your stomach fear of rejection and you still just want even after a NO,  he/she still remains a friend then Gift Sunflowers - why so??   yellow is a very happy colour and ofcourse the colour of friendship so even if your hidden love says NO to you he / she will still be happy about your thoughfullness about Sunflowers and when you reveal its meaning will be something very impressive to him/her....why not give it a try?

- ahh now when these days every round the corner there's lot of moral policing may b carrying roses on V'day can make you get in some trouble so why not cheer up carring Sunflowers :) its not always about love Why not cheer up a friend or an elder of your's??  USE for good causes  :)

- ofcourse most important Sunflowers Fit in your budget and cheaper than roses :) you dont need to hunt for some good breed sunflowers just a few of them is enough to make someone feel good.

- and take this chance compliment a girl saying " you look as Bright and Happy as these Sunflowers " something new to compliment her and a compliment she can trust on, most girls dont buy compliments like you look as beautiful as a rose (why bz well they also kw the truth )  but looking bright and happy has no day and girls know they can look cute and happy like Sunflowers :)

I dont know what Flower you would chose this Valentines Day but one thing is for sure whatever it be your love should be expressed only when you mean it :) be it Roses or Sunflowers ...
So i wont let the beauties Fight but i still feel SUN AND SUNFLOWERS MAKE BEST COUPLE for today and for centuries coming.......

Happy Valentines Day enjoy :)

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