Monday, June 30, 2008


A new study found that two thirds of the people surveyed, reported hearing their phone ring or feeling it vibrate when it had not actually rung.
The phenomenon has been termed "ringxiety."
The more frequently a person uses their phone, the more often they reported hearing a phantom ring, the study found.
These participants (67% of the people surveyed) had higher monthly charges, used more minutes, sent more text messages, and showed higher levels of impulsivity. They were also younger. (participants ranged in age from 18 to 86).
The study also shows that some people rely on their mobile phone to regulate moods and maintain social connectedness. Those people who prefer to use their phones for text messaging, rather than talking, evidence higher levels of loneliness, social anxiety, and problem phone use.

Interesting most of us would identify ourselves with this crowd less or more isnt main but most of us do some may be due to anxiety over some special calls while some may identify it as plain restlessness over every call.....but honestly a "human touch" to life is more admirable than "chip n dwell touch :) "

Just came across this new study found it worth sharing no wonder there are many more miracles that cell phones are leading to getting it restricted to professional level than personal is definetely appreciable for human relationships :)

adios :)

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