Friday, November 23, 2007

BORN Again

I feel i need to live again,
the way the world is made makes me feel a stranger to itself.

I need to be born again ,
to enlighten my heart and soul again ,
which sped away so smoothly made me feel heartless and spiritless.

Hebetudinous through winds that blew me out,
I need to live again for the reason i was brought into life for.

Im born again

as i can see the sky enlightened
Elucidated i am now
Know what i want now..

Can see my aura dance around me,
Extricating me away from past.
I let myself flow,
Swift as i always was yet slack as i am now,
I can feel I am born again,
Reborn with the spirit of Love,
United with Myself,
I am in Love again,
Only this time its ME.

I can walk through as u can see,
Never away from you I will never be
If you can envisage me from this I would say what i have
always said you wud see.

It evolved from desire from dream to vision and now my need,
I need to Live again,
But this time its for ME..

I'm grown as you can educe,
Yet Hidden is the lacuna shrouded with my smile,
I wish i can keep peace with,
Bz I am born again to Live a Life given to do what i was
brought into Life for.

I am born again.


v said...

nice one yaar.. really touching one too... 2 gud.

Shreya said...

hey hii Mr.V gud to see u repling at my blog :)

i hope u liked replies at "He and She" :)
anywz thankyou for the appreciation
take care
keep posting comments
shreya :)

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