Monday, July 25, 2016

Your true color

You know that nature supports many species who hide themselves by clinging closet to the color of their surrounding like chameleon, lizards,  frogs etc. They mend their ways and adapt to whatever it is in their life...  they fear for their lives,  their survival and thus develop means and ways that helps them hide take shelter in anonymity. 

Unlike big animals who stand out tall above the trees,  above the blades of grass who developed more ability to face their adversities and thus giving themselves more agility to engender a series special features that not only help them to survive but live and proliferate.

That is natures way of telling us that you can either hide anbe safe or you can be original and be exposed to danger.  You can either stand out and show your presence to the world,  to the predators,  to your enemies,  to your fears and in turn embrace the hard work that you have to do develop new ways to tackle those threats or die.  Or you can be like the chameleon who hides in cracks and fissures survives to stay safe and yet never live a day.

Today you need to ask yourself What is your true color?  Who are you the Lion or the Chameleon?


shaiwal said...

Anonymous New Reader..
[ Truly Thoughtful Blog]

A Lion is exposed and lives in the out; but it also needs stealth to survive. It hunts down its prey by keeping low and venturing out at the right moment.So even a lion needs to hide to win.

Chameleon has no true colour. It needs to find its true colour first before it gets exposed to its dangers.

Crux: In the formative years we need to be a chameleon to adapt and learn; find our true colours. It will bring out the true Lion in us; will ready us to take on our adversaries at the right moment.

Just a thought..

Shreya said...

Just a Thought and What a thought !!

True that in the formative years you need to be a chameleon and adapt and may be later become a lion and prey. That is one way of inference you can draw from my post. However my point was not exactly to talk about to hide and prey or to come up in open and prey. Instead what i wanted to say was you can survive many many years if you stay hidden and simply live a life of anonymity or you can face your fears and work on your strengths while eliminate your weakness.

See basically until and unless we know what our fears are, we shall never be ready to understand how to grow over it. My article simply stated that to have more share from Life you have to face more life.

Thank you for your comment @Shaiwal


shaiwal said...


Its more of a face the reality, get the hits and get stronger thought :).

Saw your blog, you have been writing since 2007-08.

Keep writing, I can say for sure that writing is good for health ( It nourishes our mind and stops it from getting dry from day to day rigours and routines.) Just a suggestion.

Thanks for you reply Shreya.

Shreya said...

Hi Shaiwal
Sorry for late reply your comment was on my moderator section that's why the delay and thank you for reading through my old posts.
You are right writing is good for mind, my mind was just getting drier so I picked up my pen aka my laptop and started penning my thoughts again. Posted a new blog again.

Glad to see your comments :)


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