Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Letter to the PM published on The Viewspaper

This article was posted in a campaign to write to Prime Minister of India by The Viewspaper A voice of youth paper. I posted my blogpost of "How to bring truth in our lives" and that got posted there. So sharing the piece over here.


you can read many more letters to PM here:


Have a great day everyone.


Nirmala said...

I really appreciate you for taking this initiative dear Shreya.
I wish all of us wake up from our slumber and have the courage to face the truth, speak the truth, nothing but the truth.
Pls. pls. think of publishing all your articles in a book form. Each article addresses a different need or a different topic which is the need of the hour. pls. think shreya. All the best.

Shreya said...

Thank you somuch Nirmala :) but really right now i don't have the courage to put everything in a book. I wonder if people would read a book filled with articles :) I am still a bit skeptical.
But I am working on a concept in my life kind of experimenting everyday this concept that i plan to write a book about in near future that will be if this concept is successful in my life only then. I don't preach anything that's impossible so I am guinea pig of my own ideas. lol :)
Fair trial would come out in the form of a book i promise.

Love u for your comments dear :)

JaiMaaDurga said...

Not only your family, but your peers should be proud of you; not only unafraid to give much thought to the deeper issues of modern life, but unafraid to share these thoughts with the world- and what is quite refreshing, you are insisting on subjecting your ideas to the rigorous and practical test of real-world application, before proceeding further... if only those self-appointed "wise people" who cling to the delusion of an intellectual model's supremacy over the immediate reality that surrounds them, would recognize the basic necessity of this "reality check"! While it could be said Mahishasur ever seeks and craves sustenance and rulership within all of us under the name of "ego", I would say Maa is keeping Her foot planted firmly on that asura's chest in your case, giving Her blessing to your goal and efforts :-)
Jai Mata Di!

Shreya said...

@JaiMaaDurga ... OMG :) im flattered by your comment, you giving so much importance to my tiny winy effort is so wonderful. I must admit it is easier to stay on strong foot if one criticises you but it is so difficult not to have a butterfly feeling when someone appreciates you so much. :) I'm really smiling right now. Thank you so much.

I guess i always felt this way i cannot convince anyone if i haven't felt or believed deeply in what i do. So experimentation on self is very important to me. Thanks to Ma's blessing I am seeing some success in very recent times. So hopefully my concept will prove it metal in near future. Be by my side.
Thank you again

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