Monday, November 14, 2011

I almost had a bad day :( but I am happy now :)

Uff today morning i opened up my dashboard only to find my blog missing :( I got hell scared HEART ATTACK :P both my blogs GONE :O . In panic i changed my passwords i thought it got hacked and someone deleted all my accounts :(. Almost my whole world resides in here and that got deleted :O ... worst of it the solutions from blogger help wasn't helping :( it asked my to click on " show all " button which isn't there on my dashboard at all . I almost made my mind set to make a whole new blog all over again.
But Luck worked after many hits and trials just now when i relogged in :D I found my both blogs :) yay !! me happy happy again :)

(Update on request from Suruchi)
Just a note of steps I took while all this happened:

1) I didn't get any error. It was just when I opened my dashboard it displayed nothing it asked me to CREATE A BLOG as according to it I did not have a single blog.

2) I logged in logged out several times in different browsers firefox , chrome and internet explorer... to check if i had logged in with some other password or id or some different browser could help but to no avial. Then I went to google help which suggested articles like
"I can't find my blog "

No help again. I changed my password to make sure there has been no hacking.

3) Obviously I serached google for my problem and came to these links
mysteriously vanishing blogs and restore deleted blog
which asked me to click on "Show all" button on dashboard but as you can see in the below pic I couldn't locate a show all button ?? anywhere? So again no help there too.

4) Last I posted my query on "help forum" which received no answer :P.

5) Finally i made my mind to make up a whole new blog. I just felt may be either there has been a technical goof up or there must have been a hacker who deleted all my stuff and i logged out everything.

6) After about 30 mins when i tried opening my blog again ... Voila everything came back :D yipee it was like finding a lost one :P

So well this was it may be it was sheer bad luck or good luck later that everything got restored by itself :D.

If in case you have trouble try your luck like mine. :)


Suruchi said...

Blogger's been doing these weird things with many of us...thank god, yours was retrieved back:-)

although you must share your trail and error process that might come in handy for someone who gets into similar distress!

Shreya said...

Seriously Suruchi Thank god it was retrived back :D I am so happy :D

Though i did not do anything specific which helped me it just came back on its own. Yet I'd update the post with what steps i took after my panic came on hold :P

Nivedita said...

Hahahha, Shreya, it's a bit funny, but nevertheless, it's really scary.
Good you've got a good friend like Suruchi

Shreya said...

@Nivedita ...Yap it was indeed scary :O :P and Suruchi is definitely a sweet friend she suggested me to share with my readers what steps i took so that any one who has same trouble in future can make use of these few steps at least. :)

Deepika said...

Seriously i would have died of a heart attack if this had happened to me. Im glad everything turned out well in the end for you :)

Anonymous said...

OMG ..i can imagine..if it wud have happened with me,i wud've scared to the so painful to recreate the blog..the widgets,theme etc..

Shreya said...

@Deepika .. I almost had the same :P lol me too glad everything ended well :D

@allaboutladies ... seriously after much trial when my blog wasn't showing up i knew i had to recreate the blog :(.
Actually i was not upset about my articles or pain in doing widgets or theme ... i was upset about the n number of comments that I would loose even if i recreate it. That hurt me more.
All's well that ends well I am happy for now :)

Thank you for your lovely comments ladies :)
Glad you visited my blog :)

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Thank God you're blog is safe...
Good for you... Keep blogging...:)
Fashion Panache 100+ 100+ GIVEAWAY

Shreya said...

Thanks Mitr :) Yap it was indeed good for me :)

Anonymous said...

I do not even grasp how I arrived up here, however I thought this post is grand.I don't know your past yet undeniably you are gonna be a illustrious blogger if you aren't by now Salutations !

Before I go, let me thank you for your patience with my English as (I am sure you have figured this by now,), English is not my principal tongue hence I am utilizing Google Translate to shape out how to enter what I truly wish to state.

Shreya said...

@Anonymous ... 1st of all Thankyou for your compliment :) but trust me I ain't illustrious by any means, at least not yet :P

And you don't have to thank me for my patience , I have uber disastrous english :D in fact I have been several times criticized about my english right here on this blog. But I am shameless about that :) for i believe it is important to express through language than express only language. You communicated well what you wanted to so technicalities do not matter at all (at least in my blog).
Feel free to express yourself , you are most welcome here. :)

P.S btw I'd be happier if you chose some name over anonymous it gets easy to communicate. If you feel hesitant any random name would also do. Thanks.

sunaa said...

OMG it sounds lik a nightmare, i would go crazy if somethng happnd 2 me lyk tht..its a wise decision tht yo posted it so it would be useful info to fellow bloggers and yeah blogger acts weird at tyms=/

Shreya said...

@Sunaa .. yap it was indeed bad :( and i went half crazy myself thankfully everything got restored back full :)
and I am thankful to a fellow blogger friend Suruchi who suggested sharing the steps. :)
Blogger is weird I just hope it doesn't do the same thing again to me. :)
welcome to my blog ..

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