Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ball of Failure

Failure is an intricate part of all our lives and irrespective of who we are and where we stand we all have experienced some or other kinds of failures or per say faced with a situation where we stood helpless and could not do what we should have. Personally i don't believe in failures or success that again takes a long route of believes and disbelieves that you may have about these but the point is that failures to an average man in indispensable.

Considering failure as a BALL, what comes after one has been through failure is the game to pass it to another person weak and helpless who keeps the ball and suffers through its pain. Sometimes amazingly the Ball is held by the same person and sometimes is passes through many people like chain.

This game is really interesting and the ball is super powerful it starts being unwanted and at the end of the chain is accepted willingly. It reminds me of a law of physics of electricity -- Electricity or electrical energy always flows through the path that provides lower resistance than compared to the path which provides it higher resistance (Please bend the words accordingly i by word do not remember the law it essence is important to me). This law of energy flow tells me how from a person who resists the idea of being the defaulter (higher resistance) passes the ball of failure to a person who meekly resists the same idea (lower resistance) , as it is no one wants to accept this ball but at the end of every chain there would be someone or the other meek and weak who without any actual responsibility would end up taking the charge of this ball and keep sulking through their life as "His Failure".

Take this small eg. Imagine a group of kids in school or a gang who dislike one particular kid who according to their standards achieves something special or some special attention he is not ought to. They sulk in their feeling of failure and then find a way to push their failure towards him tease him, hit him , hurt him , insult him and keep on trying these things till the other kid actually feels weak and accepts failure.

Ball of failure is a dangerous game for weak hearted it leads to anger , depression and even suicides. However everytime a ball of failure is started it swerves around strong minds. People who know that every act of failure is self created and actually honestly someone else's failure can never be thrust on anyone else. And when people like this accept this ball they end the game, they store the ball as their treasured object in their Armoire of Experiences. That is how the game ends.



Anonymous said...

Very well written shreya. but i think we are adepts in tossing the ball as we always want to play it safe only where failures are concerned. but when we succeed, we pat our back taking all the credit to ourself!

suruchi said...

what a brilliant analogy...and the sad truth that yes, the cycle does end with the soul who has no will left to struggle against it and adds to his misery n already brimming quota:(

like they say-it's a tough life n shit happens!

Shreya said...

Of course doing good adds to our feeling good feel that is why and most of us are scared of any real learning experiences we hate to think that we would have to fail and then learn. As kids we start with making mistakes and learn but as we grow old there is nobody to encourage us and gives us the space to correct ourselves and make a fresh start so when we make mistakes we are left with the sulking feeling alone. That is why we are in a rush to pass this ball away from us.

Btw anonymous i'd be happier if you take in some name(false names would also do :P ) it would just help me connect with all the comments you make :)

Thanks for reading my post :)

Shreya said...

@Suruchi... Seems like you have already seen delli belly :) ya S*** happens :) and we let it happen to be honest ... i mean there are so many time in a single day we feel bad because someone else tells us "all this has happened because of you" even if we are not really at fault and even if we dont want to believe this we eventually do because we are mentally weak to understand that we can never be responsible for someone else's failure or success. We start by sympathizing and end up being pulled in the same whirlpool.
That is sad and that is life. Well S*** happens :)

Nice to see you here :)

Nirmala said...

well shreya,i am Nirmala...This is my real name. I
am no longer anonymous :-)
just want to say, i feel good when
i visit your blog. it tickles my brain a bit. keep writing...

Shreya said...

@Nirmala.. hii dear :) such a sweet name and you wanted me to keep calling you anonymous huh!! Thanks dear it is always my pleasure to keep sharing interesting things i feel with readers like you. :)

Keep visiting :)

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