Thursday, May 13, 2010

Romantic Poem

I feel your hands turn cold
When you try being bold

Under the star studded sky
You smile dry

I hold your hands
Look into your eyes
Trying to hold your tears for a while

I know it does not mean any end
But it is not a beginning trend

I gather my courage to say your words “what’s next”
And snuggle like mere birds in a nest

We breathe in and say together
“I will always love you may come what ever”

And then we smile again
Something is holding us avoiding us to drain
We feel the pain
Yet we know our love hasn’t gone vain

We have promised
Promised to stay happy and blessed

You rub your face against my face
And we realize we are now out of every race

A race that could have divided our contact
Has lost to our love that’s forever intact...

 - Forever Love
Adios :-)


Ankit said...

A very nice poem.. Some of the most beautiful literary work are those which convey the saddest emotions.. Hoping to see more such stuff..

Shreya said...

Thank you Ankit ...
Me too hoping to write a few more of these stuff :)

And about beautiful literary work being sad i guess its because when people get sad they have the calmness AND TIME to sit alone and let their emotions flow. While when one is happy no one bothers to write and lose happy moments :)
anyways thank you for posting your comment ..

Saucy said...

Reminds me of two quotes from 2 great poets: Wordsworth said that poetry "takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility".
PB Shelley said "Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thoughts".

Shreya said...

@saucy true i agree with the quotes :)

thanks for posting your comment..

AMAN BAHL said...

that was not that much sad in fact I saw a new ray of hope and romance too......

Shreya said...

@ Aman is a hope giving poem it is not exactly sad nor happy but much more than that.. no one is crying because the other might cry but no one can smile and be happy either...
there's just a ray of hope and that's because of the strength of love in between them :)

thanks for posting your comment ..

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