Saturday, March 7, 2009

What Men want from their Women

Some long days back when i wrote down the article about what girls want? One of my friends pressed me to write about what men want...and there after lot of girls felt the same.  So, so long i really dint get any time to implement her request but this time I’m putting down some quick perks on What Men

Want from their Women....


There's always some or other way to enhance a relationship and make sure it never goes dead keeping it alive is in our hands so just like girls have lotsss of expectation from their guys, guys too have some expectations from their girls. Now whatever points I could think of is actually a culmination to make happier relationships for those “ who wish not to be single anymore " , " in the making (gf n bf) " & " already made & settled (husband n wife) "....


Well I would go on and on in preaching. So Let's get the ball rolling ...


1) Dress Smart - "1st Look stage"


Looking is believing what you are. Its the 1st impression one would have for you. SO, See who you are before you chose to dress, Dress what you are most comfortable in DONT WEAR WHATS IN FASHION when YOU CANT HANDLE IT.... it shows in how you behave and handle that dress.

You need not wear a skirt if everybody is wearing it, if not comfortable make out a bold statement and wear what you feel good at. And ya make sure the Dress does not dangle out of your shape(if you are fat do not wear too skimpy dress) and chose colours according to occasion. When you do that reflects on your face makes you more confident.

For eg if you are not habituated of wearing salwaar kameez and you feel more comfti with a pair of jeans and T , wear that ....chosing to wear to suit and then getting disbalanced with your dupatta, catching it everytime when it falls off looks eye bustling. Anyways the same goes other way round so in

short WEAR SMART and what is comfortable. This way you stay on mark atleast if your Perfect Man Does not give you an A+ he will atleast begin noticing this New confident and different woman.


2) Talk Less But Dont Talk Stupid -  "hi hello beginning stage"

hmm , hunting for a perfect man? Then why not begin with being perfect yourself?? have you ever visualised YOUR so called PERFECT MAN talking stupid things giving silly opinions and reasonings talking hopelessly and uselessly when not required?? When uninvited?? Laughing Loud with grunts and hiccups? If No then why do the same ??


If you think you can do all this and an Intelligent Man will ignore this then you are wrong....

There's some basic sense and sensibility everybody desires from his or her partner , I mean you need not be a genious and know everything but you need not show everybody that. If you really honestly dont know about something accept that Don’t FAKE by talking stupid senseless things when you have no clue about what you are speaking. That way you lose the respect of a man in the 1st look itself and you seem to be like an attention crazy person then for Your Perfect Man you are a complete BIG NO NO….


3) Let Actions talk more than words - "Talks Begin"


 Till now we saw was what you could do to get that 1st look impression around your man, now comes the next step TALKING ... Like I said before dont show off, be original and just be yourself but ya dont be silly :)


See honesty shows on face and actions, for eg if you are not an animal lover but your perfect man is then please for heavens sake dont try and pretend " ohhh how much I love animals you know " its artificial and trust me you would be caught, If not today then later but you would be caught for sure.Let your actions talk, have basic etiquettes, talk softly and if you dont know something then listen, men appreciate when you yearn to listen to them, want to share what they have to talk about. So get these soft finess in you and you have the 1st ever attention moment from your Perfect man :)



4) Stick to Your Opinions - " Sharing views "


This is the stage where you begin talking and knowing each other, where two people eventually come to know about each others values thoughts ideas and opinions about different things. As much as I understand if you are a girl who keeps changing her opinion every now and then about anything, and keep changing them frequently without a solid reason logic and explaination  You would be termed as Unstable and not somebody who could be banked upon in terms of Sharing things.

 That doesn’t mean Don’t change opinions even when you feel like, its just that dont be adamant change opinions and thoughts when you have a reason to something that sounds valid , but keep some things firm and keep hold on your emotions dont see everything and anything and change your opinions according to whatever is on in front of you. That will make your Man respect you for what you are.



5) Trust - " Liking each other "


The witness to the entrance of a relationship is beginning to trust each other. But before you do that make sure your partner is worth being trusted, in this so so bad world where you just cannot trust up any tom dick or harry, its becomes even more important to know if your partner should be trusted for this most women believe in their gut feeling so slow down and put up a check test of your own to know how genuine he is, go ahead with a relationship ONLY AND ONLY when you are 100% sure of him.


 Once that is done dont keep doubting him all the time about his intentions his feelings etc etc because remember " YOU TESTED AND VERIFIED THE PERSON YOURSELF "  so its not his fault of how he is you have to and have to accept him as he is ....dont suspect him everytime he gets late for  a date or forgets to call you at night .... because when you have already verified the person and then doubt him, it makes him feel like " YOU ARE SO UNPREDICTABLE" and that he's not in a good relationship. Because always for a Man

it becomes very essential that EVEN IF THE WORLD DOESNT TRUST HIM AND DOESNT UNDERSTAND HIM HIS GIRL TRULY TRUSTS HIM....buddy you are supposed to be his strenght and esp. when you yourself have given his a 100% pass result there's no point doubting him now :) this is a Guru mantra girls it always touches a man's heart. And when you be with him through Good and Bad times trust me he too will be there for you at any time good or bad , day or night.. He will love you immensely.



6) No Guess game - " Smooth relationship time "


Men are really bad at guessing work :) and its true :) dont make him guess what’s on your mind ... even if you want him to guess keep the guessing period short rather very short :P Men do not understand the language that goes around beating the bush even if your man knows all your choices very very well, he will take time knowing what you are hinting him at. Its bad I know most women expect men to understand their hints and act according to that but that unfortunately doesnt happen they are rather frank and want you to act that way.

BUT MIND YOU there's difference between being mysterious and playing guess game.... I know many people would tell you to act mysterious so that men are interested in you but it need not mean that you have to ask your bf  " ok guess whats on my mind " ....

Being mysterious is attributed to Being Feminine for eg Cleopatra had an amazing aura around herself with her looks her actions she was so feminine that Men desired to know what she was how she felt about things etc its like arosing a feeling of curiosity .... playing the guess game is different its like you yourself are pressing your bf to the edge of frustration. A short time period of guessing will make you mysterious but a longer one will make you a BORE BORE WOMAN....


for eg Mysterious - is telling your bf  " I will wear something really sensuous for our date tonight "

 Guess Game - is telling him " Guess what i will wear tonight "

Got the difference ??



7) Be Honest But Not Blunt - " Keeping relationship stable "


How would you like if your Man comes to you and says " Yuk!! you look really bad in this dress " and how would the same thing with sweeter tone do " Why dont you try something in Pink suits you more than Green " thats chivalry ?? hmm i feel thats like handling a situation well.... Just like you even Men have feelings they like Women who talk straight but their want their sweeties to talk good too. Treat them as humans they too like being praised for what they do for you. Even if it is something as small as like holding your shopping bags :) and why shouldnt they ??

They want you to know that they do all this for you because they love you.... an act of appreciation never hurts .... even if you dont like something you have some disagreements talk it out in softer terms

DONT talk TOO much ONE single clear line is enough to tell him you dont agree with him .... always know that the number of times you repeat your argument THE PATIENCE OF A MAN DECREASES TO LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND YOU (inversely propotional) :) its a fact. So act accordingly.



8) Be Humourous and witty - " Increasing Bonding "


Dont always expect that Your Man will keep making you laugh and keep you happy even you can do the reverse it keeps the fun alive in the relationship. Sometimes even they feel dull and lifeless so go ahead do something different take his role and make him laugh without going serious you would see how your relationship takes a twist and reaches to a different level. Share some light and happy moments in company of each other.


 Men appreciate Women who have a tinge of funny bone in themselves makes you a  diverse personality something that separates you from other girls. Try it!!



9) Take a Break - " Sharing Space "


Just like you have Friends and you need some personal space to think and know about your career studies family etc he too needs that .... he has his time where he would simply want to hang out with his group of friends and might not really need you there. So understand and respect that, respect the fact that he's working and you shouldnt be disturbing him now, that he's out with his friends and they are his friends long before you became his gf and that sometimes he will just not wish to talk to you , it doesnt mean you have to get psyco and buzz him up every time and say " why you arent talking to me " " you dont have time for me these days " etc rather take a break and wrap up your work and tell him that there may be times that even you might feel like doing the same. He will Respect your decision. So you give him his space and he will give you your space :) So both happy.




I hope i have covered up every stage.You need to know at what stage you are in what situation you are in and act accordingly. Hope all these points have covered up whatever you wanted me to talk about. Even Men can let me know if I am right or wrong somewhere most welcome :) after all the analysis was about you guys ...


till then adios :)

c ya 


purvi said...

hats off Shreya!..i think ye sab baaten ek relation k liye bahut important hai!..

keep writing n share with everyone...bahut logo ko tips ki zarurat rehti hai.. :p

Love you Hamesha!

Shreya said...

Thank U purvi :)

worked hard for this post :P but saw no responses was feeling little let down :(
anyways thanks for appreciating this article :)

Love you too !!! :)

Sumit said...

Hi Shreya,

Nice article pls do let me know if u find any girl who can follow all the above...

Bye Sumit

Shreya said...

hmm... thats the toughest part. Do you think i would have written this article had all girls been aware of it??
May be they are partially aware but they too want the guy to do some things for them to be returned in the same coin try read this ....Would be of some help to search a girl with above qualities.

keep trying :)

A Neophyte said...

Man, that was really some indepth analysis. The things that you mentioned are really the things that a man would seek, though most of the time he may not realise it consciously(my personal opinion here).

I would really be interested to read what women want.

Shreya said...

hii Neophyte,

1st welcome to my blog its your 1st comment i believe ... thank you for reading and appreciating this it indeed took me lot of thinking for this post :)

and now you want to know what women want right then this article of mine should be of help

Thanks again :)

S@M said...

lol...too gud !! [:)]

Shreya said...

so you do agree on the points??

Thank You S@M for visiting and posting your comment...

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