Friday, January 16, 2009

Birthday - Poem from SSAPS

My friends wrote a poem for me and i wanna say them all a big thank you :) seriously SSAPS (sonia, sonia, aditi,purvi, shreya) Its been the biggest and brightest birthday ...Love you all this section dedicated to what you wrote for me :) .... Thank you all for making me feel like Princess

To Bind her, Chain is not enough,
To Shake her, Storm is not enough,

Coz she is small & soft but she is tough,
You Better be Calm & Polite or she can be Rough,

She is Fun, She is Bright, She is Full of Life,
She lets down her Hair,
She Sings and Dance,

When she passes with a Flare,
Guys wanna take a Chance,

She is ready to Advise,
Sometimes Sour sometimes Nice,
but she'll always be Wise,
Ask her once twice or Thrice,

With Brains like her , She's witty and clever,
With Attitude like her , She's Pretty as ever ,

If she likes you & you're there for her,
She has loads of Love & Care to Shower,

But once she starts Speaking, u can say whatever,
U wont be heard , be quiet its better ,

U cant Win from her Ever,
SO dont Mess with her Never!!

She's Bossy, She's Jazzy,
She's Trendy , She's Hot,
She Dazzel's , She Puzzels , She Sizzel's
But thats not all She's Got,

COz She's Small & Soft but She's tough,
You better be Calm and Polite or she can be Rough.
Love ma group thank you ...
adios :)


Anonymous said...

nice poem by ssaps.:) These creators definitely deserve some good prize (and praise) for this good poem. Though I wud even like to add some lines in a hurry.:)

time keeps on going,
its an unending process,
So for all birthdays to come,
I wish her good success.
To all happiness she might have access,
All good things in her life may be in excess,
And ofcourse she is not less,
then any PRINCESS :D.


Shreya said...

so sweet thnk u Coconut :) loved the added lines ... thx for posting these lines :)

:D keep visting n reading my blog..
adios c ya

NIA said...

hey..saw the post now :P
caught my eye suddenly..

u r still the same..awesome as ever
luv ya :)

Shreya said...

OMG !! i myself read the post after so long time yaar. Miss u all and miss those days we had so much fun writing those lines for each other. I cherish my college days as best.

Love u too yaar :)
Love ssaps :-*

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