Saturday, February 16, 2008


Just because no one has been
fortunate Enough to realize what a gold mine you are,
Doesn't mean you shine any less.

Just because no one has been smart enough To figure out that you can't be topped,
Doesn't Stop you from being THE BEST.

Just because no one has come along to share Your life,
Doesn't mean that day isn't coming.

Just because no one has made this race Worth while,
doesn't give you permission To stop running.

Just because no one has realized how much Of a woman you are,
Doesn't mean they can Affect your femininity.

Just because no one has come to take the Loneliness away,
Doesn't mean you have to Settle for a lower quality.

Just because no one has shown up who Can love you on your level,
Doesn't meanYou have to sink to theirs.

Just because you deserve the very best There is,
doesn't mean that life is always fair.

Just because God is still preparing your King,
doesn't mean that you're not already A QUEEN.

Just because your situation doesn't seem To be progressing right now,
doesn't mean You need to change a thing.

Keep shining,
Keep running,
Keep hoping,
Keep praying,

Keep being exactly what you are already -



v said...

Superb stuff.. actually this shows one thing.. that u may need coaching in CAT but u don't require coaching in the matters of life:).. coz u already know (as is clear from this parti. article) what u shud do right.. Ofcourse its the right way to go.. though some may have other opinions as the basic thing is that it depends on each one's thinking and outlook towards life.. bus shreya I think life is very simple and it generally becomes complicated for some by keeping changing their thoughts often as if what is right or wrong.. if they have chosen one stand and if someone else taking some other stand (and this may be in ne field like proffession, love life, personal life juz nething at all.) is gaining more than generally people will not try to work harder but simply will change his stand and follow the other person n this keeps on going and in the end everything is mixed up n confusing.. Juz keep a straightforward and simple attitude towards life and I am sure life is juz sweet, enjoyable and fulfilling.. Ofcourse it has its share of upsets and sadness too but ofcourse life would have been boring without all these upsets and infact that gives us a deep knowledge about the value of those things which or else we will never know.. Then its perception also which plays to a certain level.. like each situation will be viewed differently by people having different outlook towards life. Like in my case when 'she' went away from my life, (as already stated in your blog in some other article) I wud have reacted in many ways.. such situations aren't new.. ofcourse it was new to me but many such incidents keep on taking place n am sure many such things may be occuring even today.. so each one may react differently.. some may become 'devdaas' and juz drown in some kind of unwanted stuff out of extreme sadness like drinking, drugs or whatever and spend all the time juz thinking of the good old days.. some can juz go wild, forget everything and resort to some extreme steps like killing her n self too.. (and these types of people are on the rising).. some might juz forget it somehow n carryon with someone else as many do keep backup and for such guys its not a big deal.. some who are into the so called "mod culture" of today wic gets fuel by rapidly shrinking family with zero elders in house and juz only husband-wife in house n both working.. and in ne metro, a person may barely reach home juz intime for dinner.. all other time will be in office or commuting.. and here in this so called "mod culture" it doesn't matter if someone is married.. as I know a few people who say, marriage is juz an arragement between two families and not between two souls.. and they are free to live their lives as they want.. or as they were used to before.. ofcourse there is no point in arguing.. as each one is free to have his own outlook and its also equally true that you can juz tell a person what is right but you can't enforce that thing on ne1.. The final thing about what to do rests on the person themselves.. and they will act according to what they think is right.. In mycase I never had backup 'coz it was never my goal to have a gf or something.. I didn't even know how it all started and all.. and ofcourse I can't even think of sharing my emotions or luv with many..:) I really marvel at those guys/gals who do possess this skill and are good at it;)... When 'She' went away from ma life,I was not wild at her and neither angry coz my initial thought was not about WHAT she did.. but WHY she did so.. It was obvious "She" wanted not a secure future but a "more" secure feauture and at that point of time by the things which was visible n all.. it was sure that her life with the other guy would be more luxurious then with me:(.. but my instant reaction was its ok.. coz even I wanted to see her happy and if she is happy now then it didn't matter to me.. so I juz told her if she is happy (I had written in ur some previous article too) its ok.. Then I was not going to be a devdaas as well.. coz juz for one girl, and that too such a girl who didn't knew the value of love,who had juz seen happiness with me, who had spent only the good times with me, whome I knew from 4 years.. I was not going to let down my family, my friends and all who were with me through thick and thin of life,who had known me from 20 yrs, who had been there with me in good n even bad times as well, who had seen my laughter as well as my tears, who had smiled at my happiness n cried in my sorrows n who might have many hopes to see me in a good light and all.. So I juz decided to move forward with life.. I even had many points to keep me going.. like first of all I knew very well that 'she' was happy.. if it had been a wedding against her wish, then I swear I wud have not allowed it to happen.. I had that guts to go all out and do the needful n as usual I had my fiercely loyal friend circle ready with me to do whatever is required.. but this wedding was with 'she's' consent and 'she' was happy.. so I was feeling a bit calm.. I was happy coz I knew that 'he' was a nice guy, coz I knew him via some common friends of mine n knew that he would keep her happy.. Last point I knew that I was in no fault whatsoever, infact after letting her go, don't know what but there was a feeling, a strange sense of some goodness.. as if some good thing was done.. Having a mixed friend circle has its own benefits.. even I got that benefit in form of varied do's n don'ts:) ofcourse all my friends wanted the best for me and they were only telling what according to them was the best option for me.. but again I juz followed what I thought was right.. and I told them tat may be friends you r right and I am wrong.. but by doing what I feel is right one thing is sure, whether it'll be good for me or not but I will be alwayz at peace with myself and if I follow someone's else'z thoughts then may be I will alwayz be in conflict within myself.. and my strongest beleif till date is that person who is at war with the world but at peace with himself will alwayz be happy but that person who is at peace with the whole world, but at contant war or conflict with oneself from within will be devasted.. So I juz followed wit what I think was right.. Then u all know what happened next.. so now when I recollect, it dawns on me that everything might have happened for good.. I think that if 'he' might have not come then may be I wud have married 'she' and it would have been one great love story.. but IF SOME PERSON HAS ONLY THAT MUCH DEPTH OF LOVE, THEN WAS IT REALLY WORTH IT..???.. and the same would be the case if 'he' would have arrived a bit later when I had attained the position in which I am now, or if I had acheived this position a bit earlier.. but the bottom line is the same, by now seeing in totality the full unwrapping of events, I am sure, each one of us have come into this world with a unique pattern and we have to juz follow our mind in this journey.. U don't have control here over ne1.. the only person you can control fully is juz URSELF.. there is no actions of ne1 which you can control, but the only set of actions which you can control is of yourself.... So juz be yourself.. stick to your beleifs, have confident in your own self and mainly be persistant as one of my beleif is that juz as all rivers ultimately reach the sea.. so do all roads reach success eventually.. no matter which road you take will take you to success, some might take a bit longer than others but IT WILL EVENTUALLY MEET SUCCESS.. So the main thing is NOT IN CHOOSING THE ROAD BUT THE DETERMINATION IN BELEIVING IN YOURSELF AND CONTINUING THE JOURNEY.. IF YOU STOP THE JOURNEY MIDWAY THEN YOU ARE DEFEATED, IF U QUIT THEN TOO ITS THE END.. BUT IF U JUZ KEEP ON MOVING BELEIVING IN URSELF THEN U'LL EVENTUALLY SUCCEED.. Sorry! this has been a painfully long post;)... but the topic juz prompted me to write.... The bottom line is that juz be urself and stick to your mindset instead of following this maddening world.. JUZ BE U... if ne1 had the patience to read this entire post.. then really a big thanks for them;) for their patience n time.. Take care.. Will end this post here with an ancient chinese proverb:- "Be yourself, as there are enough other people.."

Shreya said...

1st I always have the patience to read whole of ur posts everytime I do try n each line of what u post .....but honestly this post was more an article of cultivative thoughts than just being a post well 1st thanx for posting it over here.

Now i wud better give an example to make you unerstd what im feeling you notice when each one of us 1st began typing on keyboard we had to look at each and everyletter and then type right then slowly after some time we began partially typing wothout seeing and now some of us can type really fast and wid unexemplified competence(im not one of those as yet!!)....all i want to draw attention is that when we become too much aware about life we kind of bcm cautious leading it and that makes us think of more right and wrong than living a simple happy life. Its same wid every situation too ...we shd let life flow and believe whatevr is in store is gng to make life gud for me ...there comes the concept of destiny and desire ....where we desire something to happen while destiny is ready with some other thing :)
in short all life is nice if we can acknowledge the simple things in it keep it simple !!

apart its was honestly nice to read this comment to an extend it pacified me over something recently in my life ....ya i do believe in myself but at times i cant help but contradict myself .....anywz all's well that ends well so i end well here this happy post :)

take care

Saucy said...

cudnt get this:

Just because you deserve the very best There is,
doesn't mean that life is always fair.


Saucy said...

Hey Shreya! You can publish a collection of all your composition. I really mean it.

You are not one of every second ppl who write poems.

Shreya said...

hii saucy thank u for the appreciation at 1st lk i shd publish my collection :) may b some day i will but yaah then i wont publish my poems but some concrete thoughts :) anywz i hope readers do think it sworth being read ;)

going ahead!!

Just because you deserve the very best There is,
doesn't mean that life is always fair.

this means well wen ever we all feel elated and feel that we deserve the every best we curse life saying it hasnt been fair to us ......i just wanted to say ki i agree we deserve the very best but keep in mind dont sour ur thoughts or feelings abt life thinking it hasnt been fair to me....try being elated without blame on anybdy :) it keeps u happy widout hard feelings :)

and rest apart readers can hav diff meanings lk i alwz say u r free do lemme kw if u infered anything else :D
sry for the late reply and thx for the best wishes same to u
keep posting :)
shreya :)

Saucy said...

I understood the same but was lil confused with the grammar. 'There is' seemed unfit to me here.
But finally grammar doesn't matter in poems.

Publishing the thoughts is nice thing but ur poems also contains thoughts itself. As Wordsworth defines - the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings from emotions recollected in tranquility.

BTW u hav wonderful observations on 'keeping urself happy'!

Shreya said...

thx saucy agn for posting :) true grammer isnt the concern esp in poems besides i shd admit im bad at grammer :D haha anywz im happy that u appreciate the thoughts in the poem beside abt how i keep myselg happy is simple formula i keep my loved ones happy :) rest world doesnt matter :) :)
so observations cum bz i realize how valuable they r im my life :)

k now sry for the delay in reply bz my pc had crashed n i dint access the net for long :(
next time i wud keep this in mind to reply you as soon as possible ...

tkcr keep posting :)

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