Friday, November 30, 2007

You and only You in my Dreamy eyes

As I look at your picture I wish you were here
Those sweet words you whisper I can hear so clear.

When you say you love me and want to hold me tight
a Thrill runs down my spine ...
I dream of you holding me
I see together forever we are meant to be
The warmth of your body is still close to mine
As you and I are lost in time.

You reach out to touch me with your loving hand
I wish! this moment never comes to cease
when you say that you love me
I would say with you i will always be.

You hold a place within my life,
unusual and unique,
I picture what I think you are,
perhaps you picture me as well.
It is An intriguing game for both of us
for someone we havent yet seen....

So for this friendship
Perhaps the charm lies in the fact
that we havent yet met
So till we meet its only you in my dreamy eyes...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Walk Together

So, here's a complementary poem......
to what??

keep reading..

I am for adding adding a poem from my friends side ........................He wrote a poem and i couldnt resist putting it up here.

Just adding the flip side(other person's) view to the "Can we walk together" poem already put...................
Rest of the meaning is for you to find out :D

we started a walk
a walk together....
i could see clouds,heavens riding me......
elated..forgot the thrns of life....
hurt bt assured of tat soothing hand...

m bleeding...but cant find sumone...
a sound apart says m with u!!! move on!!!
i giv a thought bt m happy...moving on..

galores!!! m so happy....
i cld remember only her face...
jst want to hld her tight..
we bth shld be elated..

a sound apart....m happy ...move on!!!
m happy!!! i need to be!!! she's my love...
.i move on.........!!!

1m looking for her!!!n here she comes..
i tell her!!we walk together!????
she laughs...m thre always..
y r u so stupid!!!!

i feel stupid!!! n i move on...
i can see her njoying , laughing...
m happy for her.....
she is in pain....i wish
i cld takeit all on me...
xpecting her to look at me!!!....

i move on!!! walking together....
together wit a void.....
bt walking together....


Friday, November 23, 2007

BORN Again

I feel i need to live again,
the way the world is made makes me feel a stranger to itself.

I need to be born again ,
to enlighten my heart and soul again ,
which sped away so smoothly made me feel heartless and spiritless.

Hebetudinous through winds that blew me out,
I need to live again for the reason i was brought into life for.

Im born again

as i can see the sky enlightened
Elucidated i am now
Know what i want now..

Can see my aura dance around me,
Extricating me away from past.
I let myself flow,
Swift as i always was yet slack as i am now,
I can feel I am born again,
Reborn with the spirit of Love,
United with Myself,
I am in Love again,
Only this time its ME.

I can walk through as u can see,
Never away from you I will never be
If you can envisage me from this I would say what i have
always said you wud see.

It evolved from desire from dream to vision and now my need,
I need to Live again,
But this time its for ME..

I'm grown as you can educe,
Yet Hidden is the lacuna shrouded with my smile,
I wish i can keep peace with,
Bz I am born again to Live a Life given to do what i was
brought into Life for.

I am born again.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Can we Walk together???

Can we Walk together?

I wont ask you to be with me forever
but can we walk together today?

Forever is a matter of fate
something that is not withing my reach
what's with me today and now is You.

I wish to be with you
just this moment and now
can we walk together?

Am i so much a stranger to you?
or is it that you cannot face me now?
Did i hurt you?
or ARE you afraid that you will hurt me?

Love is too strange
and you can see what it has done to me.

We stand in here together dressed in pain
some part within me hurts me bad
so do i know something hurts you back.

We cant go back to where we begun from
but we can still walk ahead
can we walk together?

Stretch out your hand to me
I would always be here for you my love
I promise you would find me right here
can we walk together?

Hold my hand and close your Eyes
Let the pain of world slip away
Hold me on and hold me tight
I promise to hold your hand old and young
I promise i would never break free of the bond we share.
Walk ahead and Face the world
I will always be by your side
For you arent walking alone
Neither am i..

so Let me know
can we walk together??

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