Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME :)

Birthday is everyday as long as you keep growing,
It is just another time to remember no more mourning,
A time span went by to check who not to be,
Then why let go of the moment of saying "Happy Birthday to Me".
Yay !! I love myself Muaah!! :)

2012 was definitely not a great year for me but I will not let go of my spirit to be happy from my list  . And I wil fight back though not with my fist. 

I want to be in the loop of happiness forever
Determined to be who I am in a more definitive state of mind growing and learning
Happy Birthday to Me :)

Thank you everyone family , friends , lovely readers for being by my side for all your wishes and blessings and Yes keep showering them on me I need each one of your good will , I am happy to be on the receiving side of love anytime.

Take care
Thank you all :)


JaiMaaDurga said...

Happy Birthday! May Maa bless your 2013 with more reasons to smile than you can think of :)

Nirmala said...

A very very Happy Birthday dearest
Shreya!! Muah!!
May God shower you with all the good things which you richly deserve and use you and your gifts in the areas of His choice..
People like you are needed in these
troubled times.
Lots of love and prayers :)

Shreya said...

Thank you @JaiMaaDurga and @Nirmala. Thank you for your lovely wishes and thank you for being by my side in all my troubled times.

:) lotsa love to you too :)

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