Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An Year withdraws....A New begins

New Year is around the corner and its a fresh new year 2011 to begin with :)

I am not keeping any resolutions for me new year is not a time for resolutions ...because i have always believed that an year is a long long time to renew and review yourself. For everytime you do an action the reactions are spontaneous then why wait for one whole year and bring new resolutions ?

For me New year is the time when i review what i have learned all through the year because only an year is a long time that gives you a broader view of smaller happenings. I personally prefer to go to bed every night with a small recap of my daily actions to know what and where i have been wrong, to recall when my action, when my words, when my intentions went wrong and what i could have done in its place. But at the end of the year i know God's vision is mightier than anything and everything.

A few learning that i have from this year:
  • I have learned that an hurried work is necessarily not perfect. And a perfect work is of no use if not done on time.
  • I have learned that every time what you desire for might not be the best for you even though it may look like the best at that moment.
  • I have learned that there has to be someone in your life who should know what you really need and who you really are, because we often forget about ourselves.
  • I have learned that distance is only physical, love is eternal and it has to be there forever.If souls connect everything else falls into place.
  • I have learned that relationships have a deeper meaning than what is seen superficially.
  • I have learned that work has greater meaning than money. Money can buy you everybody but it stays with nobody.
  • I have learned that life's charm is in the tiniest and the biggest things we do. Mediocre acts fall on neither side.
  • I have learned that my happiness is with my loved ones and i am incomplete without them.
  • I have learned that my anger is not really my anger its my care and to be true very people understand it.
  • I have learned that God knows what is best for me and he will hold my hand safely even if i act stubborn.
  • I have learned that my trust on God has increased several folds i find him the reason for everything.
  • I have learned that true friends do not really need to know everything, they just be there for everything.
  • I have learned that getting upset on anyone else other than self is nothing but folly. NO ONE no one other than your own self can give anyone a chance to make you upset.
  • I have learned that trusting the right ones is the most essential. Rest all can do without you.
  • I have learned that  i am happy only because i have a happy safe and smiling set of family and friends.
  • At the end of everything there is always a Happy beginning If you Really want it desperately want it. It will walk straight up to you.
Thank you God for being with me and guiding me every second. :)
Always be with me :) Come new year or not be with me....

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