Thursday, March 27, 2008


Each day brings so much promise.
Every dawn arrives with a breath of pure love.
Having your hand to hold in mine,sharing our deepest thoughts.
Memories of your sweetest kisses carry me through the times we are apart.

Can you remember our very first hug?
Tears of joy and happiness blending into one.
Remember the first kiss?
Seemed so fleeting,
yet,it continues to this day,
never to end.

Our first night brought such nervous laughter.
Curious hugs.
Passionate embraces.
Love finding love.
Lovers becoming lost.

Early morning coffee, sweetened with your kisses.
The morning paper being only something to peek over and around.
Winks and smiles crossing each other's path,on their way to the intended, as we pretended to be reading.

This love has indeed traveled such a wonderful journey.
We have seen so very much together.
Love allowing each other to see so much more than ever before.

Never forgetting just how much YOU mean to me.
Knowing YOU are so wonderful.
So happy YOU decided to take that chance.
So happy to be in love with you.
So happy to be feeling your love.

I dont know where to begin from but this poem is special for a person ...i did not write this poem but i know love had indeed travelled a long way in too short a time :) and Im happy it did ...Its might sound odd but I BELIEVE with love the rule of universe says like wait and see the things take shape themselves dont really be in a hurry to hold one catch one n force your dream on them bz dear everyone has their own dreams to live on and yes if it does match if will match forever you will really never have to go through crushes infatuations and hurt that most often we do like i believe simply let things shape up themselves TIME WILL ONLY STRENGTHEN THE BOND THAT MATES BE AFAR OR CLOSE .......THEY WONT CHANGE :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

TWO becomes ONE

The pic is small friends i cant help that but click on the link u wud get it full size may b u can read it then :) obv this isnt my creation so wonderfully written but just touched my heart so putting this on my blog for its really special :)

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