Saturday, July 23, 2011

TIME - My Healer ???

They say time is a self healer to many things. I sometimes sit back and think why does time has so much power to heal something and why do we have to wait for the time to cross by for our healing?
I never understood the exact meaning because i always thought each individual is different and has different needs depending on what they perceive the world to be, their healing periods can vary too from a few days to a few months to a few years or forever. Then how come people say each other time will heal everything. Let time pass by and everything will settle.

It is true that every action in nature is subject to certain laws which explains that its disturbance period will settle within a certain period of time. So yes partially true that every disturbance does settle after a certain time period. But the problem is to bring that time period within a human lifespan frame. For eg. disturbance caused by a pebble in water lasts for a few seconds , disturbance of a big boulder in water lasts up to few minutes , disturbances like volcanoes fire etc can last up to few days and disturbances in universe last up to many light years. All these are disturbances of different nature dependent on few laws which are explicable of time of settlement.

But human emotions ? they are not subjected to natural laws , they are subjected to treatment. Healing through any hurt, pain or sadness is through the memories of an individual. When an individual has nothing else to do than to repent on the same loss over and over again the period of healing extends, it is like RELIVING the same pain every time you think of it.

Time is nothing but a collection of memories over a human lifespan. Memories over one another overshadow older memories and bring live colours to the newer one's and that is how the healing process works faster. Time cannot be subjected to someone's healing untill the person is interested in overcoming the pain. Time cannot heal me, my thoughts will. The more i let my senses grasp things different from the older pain , more the healing time will reduce. May be that is why God has given us a living machine(body) for whose needs we need to keep working and keep forgetting our past.
Time is merely an ageing process physically but it cannot be my healer untill i want it to be.

So next time someone tells me Time will heal me ... I'd say no I WOULD.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Please call for Jan Lokpal Bill

Yesterday i got a message on cell :

"Ek zaroori suchna

Bharat Sarkar ne 1 sharat rakhi he ke 25 CRORES logo ka support ho to hi hum LOKPAL BILL pass karenge.

(And for this)

Please niche likhe no. pe CALL kare

022-61550789 (TOLL FREE)
call apne aap 1 ring ke baad kat jayega aur aapko thank you msg ayega.

1 Jagruk Bhartiya hone ka parichay de & friends ko 4rwd kare "

Honestly on 1st look i thought it was some hoax but when i searched on net and went to and saw that indeed the Lokpal bill needs support.

I did call the number and resgistered my support. It did not cost me anything. Also made my parents do the same even with landlines. And a Thank you message did come.

It is not a HOAX please support the mission. It could be your way of doing a bit for this and Being answerable to next generation.

Thank you

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ball of Failure

Failure is an intricate part of all our lives and irrespective of who we are and where we stand we all have experienced some or other kinds of failures or per say faced with a situation where we stood helpless and could not do what we should have. Personally i don't believe in failures or success that again takes a long route of believes and disbelieves that you may have about these but the point is that failures to an average man in indispensable.

Considering failure as a BALL, what comes after one has been through failure is the game to pass it to another person weak and helpless who keeps the ball and suffers through its pain. Sometimes amazingly the Ball is held by the same person and sometimes is passes through many people like chain.

This game is really interesting and the ball is super powerful it starts being unwanted and at the end of the chain is accepted willingly. It reminds me of a law of physics of electricity -- Electricity or electrical energy always flows through the path that provides lower resistance than compared to the path which provides it higher resistance (Please bend the words accordingly i by word do not remember the law it essence is important to me). This law of energy flow tells me how from a person who resists the idea of being the defaulter (higher resistance) passes the ball of failure to a person who meekly resists the same idea (lower resistance) , as it is no one wants to accept this ball but at the end of every chain there would be someone or the other meek and weak who without any actual responsibility would end up taking the charge of this ball and keep sulking through their life as "His Failure".

Take this small eg. Imagine a group of kids in school or a gang who dislike one particular kid who according to their standards achieves something special or some special attention he is not ought to. They sulk in their feeling of failure and then find a way to push their failure towards him tease him, hit him , hurt him , insult him and keep on trying these things till the other kid actually feels weak and accepts failure.

Ball of failure is a dangerous game for weak hearted it leads to anger , depression and even suicides. However everytime a ball of failure is started it swerves around strong minds. People who know that every act of failure is self created and actually honestly someone else's failure can never be thrust on anyone else. And when people like this accept this ball they end the game, they store the ball as their treasured object in their Armoire of Experiences. That is how the game ends.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You have a CHOICE

Life is a powerful journey an empowering journey that is woven around us by our choices. Every second when we do something (or don't do anything) is dictated by the choice we make. People make choices based on various things around them ask a little child what you want to be in 90% cases he chooses to do what his parents do and those 10% who choose to do something different also choose to strengthen themselves during their own adventurous journey. But the point is all Choose.

We have a choice. From birth ..a baby chooses his time of birth grows and pushes his way out, baby chooses to cry for his food, baby chooses to find a way to crawl and walk. I have encountered people who had the worst of situations from the time of their birth but they have chosen not to regret not to cry not to loose , it took them time and struggle ....their share of hardships but they overcame everything with their courage. Every time they chose courage over fear they radiated success.

Sometimes i wonder how to define success. Many home makers time and again create a fact for themselves that they are unsuccessful, they have failed in what they wanted to achieve that they have no identity for themselves. Once again it is matter of choice, when they were getting married they chose to coyly follow their husbands irrespective of the bad treatment meted to them so they chose fear. When they repeated the thoughts of hopelessness and unappreciated thoughts about self they chose negativeness and self deterioration now they question why am i not valued ??

Success should create and aura of happiness around yourself , make you feel appreciated valued and loved. Now if at every step we let others decide whether I am happy valued or loved or not would i be successful ? We made a choice again of giving every one the right to prove us wrong.
Our choices make every bit of life that we want to create for ourselves, over the time i have understood one thing the power of belief that every self guru author talks about is nothing but making a choice. Belief can never work wonders with anyone if only you thing and not make choices according to it.
Let us say you want everyone to love you. You work on the belief of it and create thoughts of every one being happy with you.But when you see yourself in front of mirror you ridicule your body, your face, your complexion etc . Which belief should work you think ? Can thoughts work if you do not put them to practice ?

Yes choices may go right or wrong. They can make us happy or upset us. But at the end of the day you know you have done the right thing and are ready to take the responsibility of your actions because it was your choice no one pushed you into it. Facing life or running away is again a choice in your life.

adios :)

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