Saturday, February 11, 2017

Ramblings about Power

I am power
Power means to control the consequences the result the future and
outcomes to feel secure and safe but all these crop up from my
survival instinct which makes me feel that there is a threat in the
next moment and the sooner i come to know about it the quicker i will
decipher a solution.

I do not blame my ancestors for my DNA has been coded through many
many long years but being the Powerful, limitless being that I am,
that which I have experienced through my inner eyes and wisdom I chose
to be Powerful in my own terms.

I chose to say i am Powerful Limitless being peaceful and love filled
I am not threatened by anyone anymore now, I am above and beyond the mindset of just survival.

My next moments are predictable
and they are predictable in a good way
they are predicted with safety & security
filled with food, livelihood, happiness, good relations
excellent and meaningful work
but more important than all of this is to remember that I am not mere body
I am definitely not the brain
and not the mind because i control my mind
then i am something beyond my mind
something that works quietly and yet controls everything openly
I am energy
a powerful energy that needs no assurance of conditions next moment
I am yet safe
I will be provided everything i need and more
My needs are not craving they may well be needs to sustain my body and my existence on earth
I am beyond
I am capable
I am competent
I am filled with infinite possibilities
Infinite abilities
I am in the present and I am in the now
I am alive and that is the only truth that I know exists
So as long as I am alive
I shall be in the present
I shall not be in past or future
I shall be here and now
I shall be in Power
I am the Power, Limitless being.

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Unknown said...

Dear Sreya,

do not hurry up to conclude that you are energy
in fact you are the source of energy.
energy is essentially a vibration,a circle which cannot be beyond mind
in fact your secret lies in the centre of that circle in the centre of which lies centre of all centres, the undefinable, ABSOLUTE ZERO-INFINITE
you are a genius observe it only as every secrets of creation and beyond creation lies there. In Upanishad it is called HRIDAYAKASH

Shreya said...

You are right Gautam. I probably should not hurry concluding this, but i guess absolute zero is so undefinable that words defy expression. I think it is too easy to conclude anything other than what we feel right this very second i.e the present moment and hence any attempt is thwarted.
Thank you for your comment on this post and sorry for replying late.
Keep visiting :)
Take care


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